News Archive: September 1999

New News Dude at Caesar’s Doorstep!

Posted on September 30th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

Yes indeed, after more time than I can remember I have been given Caesar’s leave to present you faithful fans with the news. I would just like to wish Angel Reckless Rodent a most pleasant trip and to thank him for all the hard work he has done at HGS. Take a long, well-deserved break my friend.

For some time good ole Angel Jayhawk and I will be swapping news duty at CIIIH and Pharaoh Heaven. I was just wondering what ‘disguise’ Jayhawkenemen will be in as I pass him in-between the news items. 🙂 I’ll try not to wander off into the haunted sands of Pharaoh.

The game help forum has a new post from one of the fans in Turkey who has been to Ephesus and has pictures to share with you! Click for more info here.

2 more nights before the party begins

Posted on September 30th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Just a short message from Wendoolicus.
Two more nights. The party starts at midnight on the dateline, so be there in time…

…or maybe not

Posted on September 29th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Yesterday was supposed to be my last update, but I couldn’t resist having another go when I saw this great news in my inbox this morning:

I couldn’t let MM think that he was beating me. A whopping 33 cities uploaded today! Sorry for the delay! My mailbox is EMPTY!!
Angel Draco

So, that’s another downloads section update. 2 in a week is pretty good going 🙂 .

ARR, definitely signing off now.

Last one from me…

Posted on September 28th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

This is my last update here (or anywhere, for that matter) for a little while. Just how long I don’t know – it could be days (unlikely), weeks (possible) or months (also unlikely). I’m off to Germany on Thursday morning (very early), and so will leave updating here in the more than capable hands of Angels Alexander I and Jayhawk. Alexander I should carry on this week, and then switch over to Pharaoh Heaven for next week.

4 days to go until Wendoolicus’s Reunion party. That should be something worth taking a look in at. We also have Cherub Et Flavius’s “Where in the world” thread going from strength to strength – it’s now reached its 8th incarnation. I think it’s safe to say without a doubt that’s a new forum record! If you haven’t been following it, then don’t worry – the questions are re-posted regularly, so why not try out your general knowledge and have a go?

ARR signing off.

Downloads update

Posted on September 27th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

My favourite type of news update. Cut and paste here we come…First off, we have AMM from the downloads section:

So I dropped out of the loop for a little while!!!! However, I’m back now, and I’ve just finished posting ten new scenarios! Get crunching on some more new ones – my in box is empty again!
Angel Monty’s Monkey

You heard the man:). Second today, we have this from Tim the Great in the forum:

I requested an interview with nowadays Seraph Jayhawk about his promo to Seraph. He accepted and I new need some question ideas.

Find out more here.

Six more days to the Caesar 3 Reunion Party

Posted on September 26th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

It’s true people. Six more days until the Reunion hosted by Wendoolicus is ready to rock and roll. It’s beginning to get really exciting. I just had a peek at the roll call and just look at all those familiar names…

Thanh’s Time Walk has reached it’s third thread and continues asking questions. The current batch seems to be very US of A oriented. Could somebody be working on his grades? :p

Continuing the theme of the 2×2 housing, you might want to have a look here. The discussion is about how to use a 9×9 block in the desert.
There are a lot of new questions posted in the Game Help forum, so if you feel generous, you might want to help these people out.

Your favourite movie

Posted on September 25th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Fiona has started on a new project. After the lukewarm response to the TV Moments poll, she’s not going to to throw in the towel. Currently she’s collecting everybody’s ten favourite movies to put into a grand overview of the Caesar 3 Movie Awards.
So if you haven’t sent in you top ten, do so now, or I might just sick Angel Alexander I on you… 😉

Seven more days to go until the Reunion Party. Maybe Angel Reckless Rodent will help Wendoolicus with a countdown?

I think there are several thread by now in the Game Help forum by people that wonder how to force those pesky settlers to move into 2×2 blocks instead of 1×1 blocks…here’s the latest.

Ain’t no stopping the Where in the World competition

Posted on September 24th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Cherub ET Flavius’ Where in the World competition is ready to burst out of it’s fifth thread. Only a few days ago it got more than 100 posts in a single day! Currently it has a new feature called Pop Questions. 3 One word clues are all you get, but is it all you need? Here are two of the currently unsolved ones.

1) sparkles, colors, pilots
2) flowers, songs, just a year

There’s a new bunch of questions in today, including a few from Angel Zen.

Designer clothes for mice

Posted on September 23th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

The Community forum is hosting a kind of fashion show annex contest. Cherub Mouse, a.k.a. Cherub NeferMouse, is so happy with her Egyptian outfit, that she opened a fashion show for mice. So here is your chance at showing off your creative juices.

The Game Help forum has moved to a topic previously only seen in the Technical forum. What might that be I hear you wondering, well, it’s fishing. Apart from that there’s a discussion going on on whether or not you can actually use the Empire Map to see where the enemy will attack. You can find it here.

Oh, well, nobody seems to be ready for another equinox party, so I might as well go to bed…

One more day until Autumn

Posted on September 22th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Contrary to my statement in the September Birthday thread, Autumn will only start tomorrow. I might even suggest that leaves us time enough for a small party….

We are still seeing new (and returning old) faces in the forum. If you are out there and playing, don’t be scared and say “Hello” to this great bunch of people in the Community forum, or post a question in the Game Help forum.

It seems we have two new forum moderators. Cherub mouse has taken over the moderation of the Test forum and Cherub ET Flavius is now moderating the Technical forum (there’s a surprise 🙂 ).
Allow me to take this opportunity to wish them a peaceful moderatorship.

New Download Statistics

Posted on September 21th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

These are the statistics for last week. If you want to have a look at the total download list, just click here.

Scenarios downloaded between 1999.09.12 – 1999.09.19


Number of scenarios downloaded: 4176

Number of different scenarios downloaded: 317

Sierra has done some reorganising lately. You can read up on the details in the Adrenaline Vault News.

Forums busier than ever

Posted on September 20th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

There seems to be half a dozen stories going on in the Community forum. Some are old favourites brought to life others are vibrant new creations.

Cherub Ish manages to visit us all the way from Down Under and says “Hi” to all of us in various threads.

Where in the World and the Time Walk…hmmm, flash back: “Let’s do the Time Warp agai-in!”…are still going strong. Both threads are heading for a new incarnation as the 150 post boundary comes close.

The Test forum is again a hotbed of ideas. Currently the people down there are experimenting with Cascading Styles and even video.

Party time!

Posted on September 19th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Over to Wendoolicus for today’s update:


As an honored and much revered member and guest of


You are hereby cordially invited to attend the


on October 2, 1999 AD

We are gathering at the


to –

THANK – our beloved Angels for their patience, endurance, wisdom and tenacity in making this the most successful forum on the web

COMMEMORATE – past and present would-be Caesars, who spent hours / days / weeks / months and years trying to figure out the best solution to those cities and scenarios

CELEBRATE – the coming of the mighty Pharoah game, which will hopefully provide us with as much enjoyment, heartache, pleasure, tears, distraction and puzzlement as C3 has given us all.

and last, but certainly not least, just to

SAY HELLO – to all our friends and comrades-in-arms who we’ve come to know and love so well at the forum.

At our party ……


– will be played by Armed Hourglass……

– is performing AMAZING ACROBATIC FEATS in Proconsul Dania’s magnificent hippodrome…..

We’ll also have


– of Pharaoh……(get into the Egyptian mood, amongst other things)

– lambada, twist, jitterbug, stomp, hula, funky chicken, whatever you want……

– for those of you who definitely need ’em……

and much, much more.

So come one, come all and join with us in our day/s of celebration.

RSVP here

I most probably won’t be there, owing to the fact I probably won’t have a Net connection then (I’ll have just arrived in Germany and will still be sorting myself out), but I’m sure that won’t put you off. Click here to let Wendoolicus know you’ll be there (and also to see the full HTML version of the invitation above).

On a similar note, I’m pleased to announce the promotion of Angel Jayhawk to co-Seraph (co-webmaster with me and Angel Alexander I) of Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven. He’ll be looking after things here and there while I’m getting myself sorted out in Germany, and will carry on should I (heaven forbid) encounter problems with getting a Net connection there. Congratulations Jayhawk!

Trouble in Tarsus

Posted on September 18th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Tarsus is causing problems in the Game Help forum at the moment. There are currently at least 3 threads about it. Consulesse Reginius posted this thread first asking for some general help on it, and then posted the following here:

First, let me say, you guys are fantastic to help people like me out!!!! As per suggested, I checked the “Road to Rome” and there are no problems there. (In any case, wouldn’t the housing or zoning have disappeared in a short time if there was no access?) I have already devolved the housing and had decided that in the career mode NOBODY gets wine unless it is needed to meet the objectives. I will get rid of the colloseum, too, if I didn’t already, to free up more workforce. Could a lack of people moving in have anything to do with the fact that we’re always borderline on food production? I see many mistakes I have made in laying this city out and food distribution is only one of those. I don’t usually lose evolution to lack of market access, but it is not being distributed as efficiently as it could be.

That’s what the forums are for;). The same chap has since posted another thread with some general observations in it, which are worth reading.

Tripping through time

Posted on September 17th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Following on from Cherub Et Flavius’s where in the world? thread, Thanh2002 has decided that the time is right to take a saunter through history. Here’s what it’s all about, straight from Thanh himself:

I have seen how popular ET FLAVIUS “Where in the World…” is. So, I’m going to do something a little different, but similar to ET FLAVIUS.

As ET FLAVIUS test the world and it location, I’m going to test the time and empire/civilization and rulers of the past. If you have a question to submit, please e-mail me and submit your question and answer to me, then you will have to post your question here so that player can see it.


The first person that give me the correct answer earn 100 points for the first try, 50 points for the 2nd try, and 25 point for the 3rd try. You can’t answer the same question 3 time. Only one person can get the credit of answering the question.

Have Fun.


Meanwhile, don’t forget Fiona’s TV Moments

Age of Kings has gone gold!

Posted on September 16th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

While not C3-related, the news that Age of Empires II: Age of Kings finally went gold yesterday (meaning that it’s been sent off to be mass-produced ready for sale around the world) has caused quite a stir here in C3H. It seems to be because one of our sister sites, Age of Kings Heaven, is the top AOK fansite out there, and their excitement has filtered down to us. So why not pop over there and say hi to Angels Omnivac and Washizu, who are doing a great job bringing us all of the news all of the time.

Back to Rome then…In the Community forum, there’s mourning for a lost thread which went AWOL during the most recent forum upgrade. We also have Brugle wondering about very large cities:

There are some very large cities in the Downloads. Even though I don’t plan to build an “extreme” city soon, I’d enjoy reading opinions on two questions:

1) What would be the most interesting extreme? The highest population? The most luxury palaces? A combination including high Prosperity and/or Culture? Something else?

2) What would be the most interesting base map? (A) One of the standard career or CCK cities, probably Valentia or Londinium? (B) A custom scenario designed for an extreme city? If (B): would you try one, have you tried one, do you recommend one?

He’d love to hear your opinions about this, so go ahead and tell him what you think.

Follow-up to yesterday

Posted on September 14th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Jayhawk has been busy again. This time, he’s taken the list of maps and scenarios that I mentioned yesterday and put them into some web pages for you to browse at your pleasure. Even better, the files are linked to, so that you can download them directly from the list.

There are two versions. First off, we have the top 10 (which I showed you yesterday) and then the full list of all 356 different downloads.

Good work Jayhawk!

Top 10 downloads of last week

Posted on September 13th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Today we see the start of a new feature which, depending on the feedback we get, may become a regular thing on a Monday. Thanks to Angels Zen and Jayhawk, we can present you the top 10 downloads of the past week.

In total, 356 different things were downloaded, and there was a total of 2835 downloads. Here’s the top 10:

No. of downloadsFile name

There you go. If you want to find out about these files or perhaps to download some more, then you can do so, as always, at the largest archive of C3 files on the net…you all know the name…it’s the

Caesar III Heaven Download Section

Greatest TV Moments

Posted on September 12th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Fiona has started a poll in the Community forum looking for the greatest TV moment. Here’s what she’s asking us:

I’ve just watched a program covering supposedly the 100 greatest TV moments ever. It got me to wondering what everyone here would consider to be their top TV moments? I thought if anyone who was interested would like to mail me their (say) three suggestions, and I’ll add em up and do a sort of top-ten type thing once the suggestions slow down? If no-one seems interested, then I’ll give up and anyone who wants can post them for all to see instead.
What does anyone think??

Angel Reckless Rodent started a thread close to my and it seems many other’s hearts. It’s all about our favourite music.

Sir Dumbicus treats us to a short review of the Stringbags campaign in the Review forum.

Yet another forum update

Posted on September 11th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel Zen has been busy this week, after all the changes done so far he’s added a few more. You can now set your preferences to open thread in a new window, or have you’re replies open up in a new browser window.
I played around with it for a while and ended up with 20 open browser windows…I must be doing something wrong.

Besides these changes we’ve moved to displaying 15 posts per thread page

We have a few more birthdays to celebrate, so don’t forget to drop by and say: Congratulations!

Ready for the weekend?

Posted on September 10th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

It’s rather quiet here…

The Game Help forum is back to discussing….you guessed it, housing blocks.

The Community forum is still getting used to all the changes to the forums. The one I’m most happy with is the appearance of the navigation bar on top of the thread and not just at the bottom. It just makes it so much more easy to go where you want.
Apart from that an old time friend has returned to the bosom of the forum, so you might as well tell her how she’s been missed.
The Where in the World game now has an official score list. You can find it here.

Markets Hate Me

Posted on September 9th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Claudia Gallica post a thread in the Game Help forum that comes straight from the heart: Markets Hate Me. Several people have already told her it is not her fault <G> The thread also offers some interesting insights on how granaries fill up.

Everything you always wanted to know about computer TLAs and more can be found in the Technical forum. ET is still looking for the question he can not answer. If you have a question…just post it here

Okay, I admit it, I’ve spent way too much time in the test forum…but it was fun!

Are you part of the Elite?

Posted on September 8th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

So there I was, checking a thread and…I thought I messed up my code and managed to print stuff in the margin. A second, closer look revealed there was text below my name. It said:

HGS Angel
Forum Elite (> 900 posts)

Next time I looked it told me:

HGS Angel
Forum Elite (>900 Posts) since 12-02-98

Seems like some of the UBB Angels have decided to put some changes into our forum.
So what else is happening there? Well, I’ll give a few highlights.

The Test Forum is still the place to go to see what you can do to your posts.

Another huge party is currently in the planning stages on the Community forum. Wendoolicus, our own forum priestess, is planning a reunion party for October. The other party, started last Saturday, is still carrying on…

The Game Help forum is featuring a thread that might help both novices and old hands. It concerns the value of careful planning

More Links on the Menu

Posted on September 7th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

You may have noticed the posts on the Technical forum, but if you haven’t, here’s what it was all about. Our fellow angel Mack has added all the Heaven Gaming Sites to the forum popup menu. It’s so neat, now you can go everywhere you’d ever want, with only a single mouse-click.

The General forum is awash with discussions. Topics ranging from drinks all the way to the meaning of the word Caesar.

There’s just not enough hours in a day. Twenty-four is just too few, even with night added to that…
More news tomorrow

Where in the World is…

Posted on September 6th, 1999 by Angel Jayhawk

Cherub ET’s Where in the World competition is going strong and rapidly approaching the 100 posts mark. No prizes other than even more fame within this forum.

If you’re still not playing Caesar 3, or want to get a copy for a friend, check out the Value of the Week section on Gone Gold this week. At a price like that, you can’t afford not to go and have a look.

Got to go and kill some ogres…

Rome v Memphis

Posted on September 5th , 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

It seems like Pharaoh-related stuff is seeping slowly into the Community forum at the moment – there’s an in teresting debate about whether Rome or Egypt was the better Empire. Personally, I think that such a thing is hard to quantify. But don’t listen to me, have your say!

We also have another birthday-related thread. Post your birthday wishes here.

Going for a record

Posted on September 4th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Ever eager to spice the Community forum up a wee bit, Thanh2002 has started a thread which he hopes will set a new record for fast posting. He’s trying to get 100 replies in a day, and I think that’s a goal which is certainly achievable. If you want to help out, then you can do so here.

Speaking of Thanh2002, he’s getting players ready for another of his legendary campaigns – this time, it’s to celebrate Halloween. These campaigns are always worth participating in, so why not make his day and sign up here.

And guess what? There’s a celebration in Community as well. What’s this one all about? Find out here.

Pharaoh Heaven comes up with the goods again!

Posted on September 3rd, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Earlier on today, I popped into Central London to interview Alex Rodberg, the Brand Manager of Impressions (otherwise known as the Marketing Weasel). The result was the most in-depth interview yet posted on the web. For more info, check out the new Interviews section of Pharaoh Heaven.

Not all the info he revealed is in the interview – we had a bit of a chat beforehand and I took a few notes. I might well write up a preview of Pharaoh at some time in the near future (depending on other things I’m doing right now), so keep a look out for that.


Posted on September 2nd, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Sorry about the lack of an update yesterday – my Net connection went pear-shaped and I couldn’t connect to the server. Still, here I am today:).

In the Community forum, there are a few threads worth of a mention. First off we have Tim the Great asking which is your dream chariot (read: car). Then, we have Thanh2002, the unsung hero of the recent story threads (Summer Campaign 1 and 2), doing a sort of “Where in the Roman Empire is Carmen Sandiego?“. Finally, we have Cherub Et Flavius doing his own little bit to liven the place up, asking us to name that country.

Tomorrow, I’ll be having my interview with Alex Rodberg of Impressions, so there’s just time to get your question in over at Pharaoh Heaven. I’ll be collating all the submitted questions at around 10pm BST (that’s 5pm EST), so make sure you’re in by then if you want to have your questions put directly to one of the Impressions chaps.