News Archive: October 1998

Buildings and Links Update

Posted on October 31, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

See the cool pages of buildings that Pengo has added and updated for us. Curious about the links? Well, has was having a slow day so he decided to do an overhaul on those as well. See who’s up and who’s down in the Links section.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Cool Updates Ahead

Posted on October 31, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

I hope that by now everyone was able to view and listen to the David Lester interview we put up a few days ago. I received several queries regarding its accessibility. Seems that all your good selves decided to slam dance at Allgames at the same time and there were some initial problems handling it. What can I say, CIII is da Game! I have been checking access to the interview the past couple of days and you shouldn’t have any problems seeing it now.

So, despite Halloween you still made it here! The forum is completely quickened with activity. Numbers are levitating themselves to 600–could it be witchcraft on this scariest of all days of the year? Well, judge for yourself and stay tuned for lots of Pengo updates a little later in the day. Now those are scary! :p

Amazing Breaking News from David Lester!

Posted on October 29, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Newsflash: David Lester can be heard in an interview conducted through chattv at allgames or, probably more correctly, Pseudo. He has some exciting things to say about the game in general and scenario editing and new units in particular! Click here to get the RealPlayer window with the interview as shown in the image. The interview starts at about 10 minutes and some of the most interesting things about the game’s future can be heard from about 30 minutes for about 5 minutes. You can also just listen to the soundtrack or you can download the entire interview. Be warned though, it’s about 30 megs!

No Less than 7 New Scenarios!

Posted on October 29, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Newsflash: Angel SpineMan has added more new scenarios to the Download section the layout of which has been changed. The lovely set of large insulae here are part of the fabulous scenario that EyeClaudius has provided for us. You really should take a few moments to read the description he has provided in the Scenario subsection of the Downloads. Here’s a good reason why: “Okay, that’s enough yapping. I hope this map helps you lay the foundation for your own thriving successful cities. Watch this space for the next version of the city! Hail Caesar!!” Now I know that will make at least one lady who sent me an e-mail asking for more examples of how to build good cities quite happy.

CIII FAQs Aplenty!

Posted on October 28, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Drastic Draco of Delphi has extended his list of frequently asked questions so much, the Game Info section containing them is supersaturated! Be warned, some of the answers given can run up to treatise length. But what a fabulously useful content. Find answers to questions like: why do those pesky market women always complain and never seem to deliver on time? What is the quickest route to good housing and how the hay does trade work anyway. Trust me, if you read through those questions and well-considered answers, you will be a more successful player and you will enjoy the experience of playing the game so much more.

Catch this latest review of CIII by Computer Games Online. A little excerpt: “Within the city there are several features that ease play and/or increase player engagement. An excellent feature is the ability to right click for information on almost any citizen or structure. This is often a key source which can assist players in either staving off problems or improving the situation. Advisors are also improved from earlier versions. The labor advisor permits setting priorities, thus putting off the dreaded cry of “more plebes needed,” at least in key areas. Trade and manufacturing can be manipulated in a similar way, and hills have been added, which adds another dimension to city planning.” Even though the review does dwell on the negative aspects of the game, a resounding four out of five stars was nevertheless the outcome.

The Links section has once again been updated. Amazing how many new sites are being opened. Cherub Pengo takes a very critical look at the new additions and leaves you in no doubt about how they are faring. But even he is willing to concede that it is early days yet and that really all the sites show promise.

CIII CHEATS and FAQs Now Available!

Posted on October 27, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

We have listened to you, our gentle visitors, and have come to know that what half the fan mail and the Forum postings are about is: CHEATS! And so you shall have them. Dash over to the Downloads section and get them at the Miscellaneous subsection that has not only been so kind as to post what is more rightly called a ‘trainer’ but has also succumbed to the new CIII look. Many thanks are owed to Angel SpineMan your very own download demon extraordinaire, sans parallel!

More action is available in the entertaining FAQs page, yet another guide to this wonderfully challenging game created by Draco of Delphi himself. You can find regular additions to his pages right here at CIII’s Game Info.

Last but by no means least two sites have been added to the Links section by our very sharp-eyed Cherub Pengo and the Buildings have received a small update as well. Oh, and of course our art master general couldn’t leave us unattended for more than 2 days and gave us a new Senate image. It would have been here much earlier if it were not for some very complicated technical hazards that I had to overcome. Thanks Angel b:real it’s been real!

Win a Copy of CIII!

Posted on October 26, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Our GODS site is giving you a chance to win Caesar III and an ATI All In Wonder Pro in its Seven Wonders Contest. All you have to do is name the third wonder, not of the ancient world, but of the PC Gaming World. Lightening strike over to the GODS for the details.

The last section at CIII has finally received content: UNITS. Eight of the most essential unit types are shown along with witty descriptions of their tasks, benefits and disadvantages. Brought to you by Cherub JB. Thanks for getting the section up and flying JB!

Cherub Pengo has been very busy expanding the Buildings section. A wonderfully designed table leads you through the most important ins and outs of the administration buildings in an excellent overview. Look for rapid expansion of this extensive and informative section regularly.

It has come to my attention that some of our Angels manage to scrape together enough minutes to actually play Caesar III. Take for example this beautiful riverside town nurtured to fruition by our very own Angel Omnivac Seraph of Age of Kings Heaven. What caught my attention was the name he gave to this image when he sent it to me: beforeciiiwentcrazy. You guessed it, this town bit the dust quick time soon after. Well Omni, that’s what happens when you play a thinking man’s strategy game. 🙂

Of course the news would not be complete if I didn’t have to thank Angel b:real for something new about the site. The watermarks have now been reduced to such an extent that they no longer hinder the text written over them. Yes folks it would seem that for the time being, b:real has finalized the new layout and is now eligible for an extra 2 months’ rest to recoup from the pains of artistic creation. Don’t worry Mr. b, I was only joking.

CIII Layout and Archives

Posted on October 25, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

As if the total transformation of the site wasn’t enough Angel b:real felt the need to revamp the CIII logo on the main page… again. Not that I want to bias you, but I am rather proud of the results. B:real strikes again!

Archives have been added for the news items on this page as it was getting quite full and long. To access news older than 3 days, simply click the CIII News Archives button at the bottom of this page and you are reading history.

New Look and Feel at CIII

Posted on October 24/25, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

You may just have noticed that site design has been ‘fluctuating’ a bit over the weekend. Well, just in time for our 15,000th visitor, here it is: the new CIII look complete with redone logos, navigation bar and authentic watermark. It was a bit like building a colosseum and of course it couldn’t have taken place without the help of our man in Scotland: Angel b:real. Despite the calls of footballers, pubs and lasses, this man preferred to stay indoors hunched over his computer labouriously implementing minute changes to all ten of the drafts I made him go through. Here’s to your patience and skill lad.

Please do tell us what you think of the layout, especially if we still managed to pass over something after all those drafts.

The rest of the action this weekend is to be enjoyed in the forum which is proving such a fabulous source of gaming information that we will soon be harnessing it and refurbishing it for you in the Game Info section. Let me just point you in the direction of Draco’s post which contains lots of info on entertainment value straight from Impressions itself. I believe that if you visit one Heaven site it counts towards your overall entertainment value. 🙂 Also, some of you have been so kind as to submit points of strategy and they will be appearing quite soon to.

Believe it or not, Heaven’s Gaming Sites is opening up yet another new site. This time it is Settlers 3! Yes, we have the betas and the shots for you at this fabulous new site. The Seraph running the site Angel Inferno himself. Also, I do believe a man who makes the very GODS speak had no small part in this. Rush over and see all the game info over there for yourself.

Full Careers now Possible!

Posted on October 23, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The Career subsection of the Downloads section is now complete! Angel SpineMan has been working overtime to bring you the top of the Empirical ladder: Caesar. That’s the Massillia map that you are looking at next door here. Look at that tiny road to Rome! Well, now you know which direction Caesar will be coming from. You didn’t think he was going to take this lying down, did you? When you play this map you get to saunter over to ole Jules, look him square in the eye and say: “this empire aint big enough for the both of us.” (Or you can use the erudite variant: “The coincidence of our presence is mutually exclusive.” No matter the path chosen, I do believe his stock reply runs something along the lines of: “Go on punk, make my day!” Click on the map, save it to file and have fun!

Furthermore Cherub Sphinx has added 2 cities to the Scenarios subsection that are really worth your while.

Yet another star twinkles brightly in this part of the Heavens. May I present our latest addition to Caesar III Heaven: Cherub JB. JB will start to fill the Units section with some goodies fairly soon and will eventually move on to other duties as they occur. Welcome JB!

Game Info Section Open!

Posted on October 22, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

This time it’s the Game Info section’s turn to be opened. It gets off to a raging start with great comments and tips about playing Caesar III from none other than David Lester, the game’s designer!

It shouldn’t be too long before the last section, Units, opens for business. Caesar III Heaven will then be complete. Of course we will continue to give you daily updates in the sections as soon as our dedicated staff have them ready.

For those of you living in the Netherlands: heads up! Stores will have CIII in stock today (Friday in the CET time zone)! I suspect that most European countries will follow suit if they have not done so already.

Full Career Opportunities and My Kingdom for a Palace!

Posted on October 22, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The Downloads section is the place to be today. There are no less than 3 new cities to download in the Scenarios subsection: “the most notable being by Postapokalyptic who has created a city with contains housing of the highest form, a Luxury Palace. Don’t miss this fabulous download.

They are here! The kiewlest career jumps in a game that is as much fun as it is challenging. Now you can climb the Empire’s ladder all the way to Praetor! They come to you through the genius of Angel SpineMan, Cherub Sphinx and…Yourselves! We love it when a site comes together!

Hurry to the downloads section to see all the newly updated subsections. But that’s not all. See what’s in store for tomorrow! Caesar III Heaven, the site that never sleeps.

Lethargic Industries

Posted on October 21, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

One aspect of CIII that can really be vexing is slow production. Turn to the feisty forum and see what can be done about pumping out more units. Our forum Cherub can help you out in many more areas as well, such as likely points of enemy attacks.

Once again we would like to thank you, our visitors, for your kind comments in the Guest Book. Andre hailing from California felt prompted to say: “I just bought this great game and I decided to surf the web for some fan sites. Yours is definitely the best I’ve come across. Lots of content is here which is very nice, and it’s nicely designed to boot. I really really liked the scenarios section. I hope more people upload their Caesar 3 maps!!

Tall Tale of the Perfect Prefect!

Posted on October 20, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

One of our forum contributors delights with a gripping tale of unrivaled heroship. Gordon Farrells’ ‘A Cool War Story’ posting is well worth the read. Find out how prefects can actually make a difference in a desperate, pitched battle. Gordon starts out fairly safely: “Unlike others here, I do not engage the enemy in the field. I build my forts close to my city and I wait for the enemy to close. Why? So the sentries, ballistas and prefects can contribute to the defense. Of course, due to city sprawl, I’ve got a lot of fishing villages out there, unprotected, along with warehouses, a granary, etc — things I’d rather not lose.”

Sounds like a good strategy, right? Well it doesn’t help much against this onslaught: “Then my worst nightmare comes true. The elephants have one open square between the coastal forest and the wall defending my nearest fishing villages. That’s it. No way I can stop them now –.” Turn quickly to the forum posting for the rest of this exciting story.

See the Mighty Romans Rise!

Posted on October 19, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Romans rule at all the sites today and at GameStats in particular. Download this wonderful movie of Roman conquest here.

There would also seem to be an amazing piece of information coming from the Dark Angel him/herself. Sierra might just be contemplating expanding the game of all games even more. Stay tuned for more news on this item as it develops.

As if today isn’t amazing enough, it is Caesar III Heaven’s great pleasure to announce yet another CIII cherub: Cherub Sphinx. I am sure you will recognize his name if you are a regular in the forum section. Sphinx will continue to educate and delight all forum posters and will also be showing us the ups and downs of 8000 population towns soon.

Last but by no means least: Cherub Pengo has modified, updated and expanded his informative series of articles on general gaming strategy with regard to building and maintaining your town. Check it out for some kiewl new insights in the Strategy section.

Downloads Section open!

Posted on October 18, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Yet another new section opens in Caesar III Heaven: Downloads. Want to download a pre-fab city like the little jewel displayed here to play with? Go to the scenarios at this new section and simply download it. Need to see what career opportunities there are for you? Or would you just like to wave goodbye to same .wav files? Angel SpineMan’s Downloads section has it all.

It’s also the place to come to if you would like to do some new electronic wallpapering. We at CIII Heaven would like to thank Postapokolyptic, Peter Soon and Brian Idoks for sending in material for various pages of the section. If you have some outstanding scenario which you would like to share, send it to SpineMan.

Tomorrow we will be expanding the strategy guide written by Cherub Pengo, well worth a little wait from what I’ve seen.

Links Section open!

Posted on October 17, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

A new section opens in Caesar III Heaven: Links. Find out how Cherub Pengo has categorized the links to (semi-)fan sites. He has been a little strict here and there but there is still plenty of time to advance in the section that has all the links.

Forum fever has struck at CIII heaven. There are over 100 postings already. Have a surf through the various topics for excellent tips and solutions to problems encountered. It just might be that the sphinx, and quite a number of others, are kind enough to help along the newbies like you and me. One discussion ongoing is whether the Gods should have the ‘power’ they do. My vote is yes: in those days people tended to be pretty fanatical about their Gods and, arguably, this devotion/fear had tangible consequences. A good modern-day equivalent would be people believing that the economy is declining. They act on their beliefs by selling stock and, guess what? The economy declines. A belief has become reality.

Gamestats Exclusive Video

Posted on October 16, 1998 by Angel SpineMan and Angel Alexander I

Just a quick hit of Gamestats news today. Look for lots and lots of great news in the coming days as many of our sections are filling up with content and we are hiring some more help for the site!

Everyone loves a good movie, don’t they? Well we have a great one premiering at Gamestats on Monday. It’s a sordid tale of battle and deceit, heroism and cowardice. Yes, it’s the 5meg avi of the Rise of Rome and it’s an exclusive to Gamestats! It will be ready for download on Monday. While you’re over there downloading a sure Academy Award winner, why don’t you check out the Rise of Rome Preview by Gamestats very own Imperious Rex.

Caesar III Heaven Gets off to a Good Start!

Posted on October 15, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Impressions have made some changes to their site that includes this shot off the front of the box. I actually have the box sitting on my cabinet folded open so that all can enjoy the wonderful artwork.

Our Guest Book is starting to fill up. Psychaos, one of our Canadian visitors, had this to say: “You’re reading the words of a future C3 owner!” And Walter from Brazil pointed out: “…congratulations! nice job! certainly the first of many visits… .” Thank you for the words of support and appreciation.

The General Discussion forum has a quite amazing thread with Sphinx being the main catalyst there. The man has an informed opinion on just about everything. For example: “Never build walls with towers right on the edge of the map. If the enemy comes from that side they will destroy the towers before they make a shot. Er…sphinx, about those screen shots I made and posted…you know, with long walls along the edges of the map? Well, that is just an old Dutchman trying to conserve what little space he has in a tiny, overcrowded country…really.

CIII Free Give Away!

Posted on October 14, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Still haven’t bought a copy of Caesar III? Well, maybe you can win one if you follow this link. Computer Games Online Magazine and Sierra have teamed up to give away no less than 12 copies of the game. You have till November 10th to enter and the contest is of the straight entry type requiring only registration. Please note that only 2 entries per household per day will be accepted and that the winners will be announced November 12th. Apparently the offer is only valid in the USA. Click the link above for more details and to enter. Good luck!

A Preview from the other Side!

Posted on October 14, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

A wonderfully loose and up-close-and-personal review has been posted at GODS. Here is a little sample of what I mean: “Anybody wanna smack those annoying little kids running around? If I didn’t have to educate these dummies I wouldn’t build schools. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to those brats. Just why do I have to build all those schools, libraries, and academies? Obviously, my citizens have no use for them. And then to top it off they want entertainment? Why waste good money on theaters? These people are entertaining enough themselves.” The only thing I hesitate to endorse in the review is the opinion shared by some that there is no wargame element. If that were true, then what is it that keeps kicking my six? Well, besides the GODS and the economy that is. Head on over and enjoy the full review.

Cherub Pengo has been busy indeed measuring lots and plotting gardens to get just the right combination of snooty citizenry. Did you know that patricians don’t work? Now we know what caused Rome’s downfall.


Posted on October 13, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The first screenshots of Caesar 3 have been added to the Gallery section. For those of you who haven’t found out already, they represent a lesson in how things can look so right but yet go so wrong very quickly.

Later today we will be posting game information for your reading pleasure. Some information which I can share with you now is that in the first weekend of its release, Caesar 3 sold over 4,000 units from a single national outlet. Now that is an impressive vital statistic for a game just out.

Caesar 3 Heaven has gone Live!

Posted on October 12, 1998 by Angel SpineMan and Angel Alexander I

Welcome to Caesar 3 Heaven! The site that keeps you updated on all the latest news being generated about this amazing game. This site is still under massive construction as we try to play through this challenging game ourselves, so please bear with us.

We do have a couple areas open for business, however. If you haven’t tried out Caesar 3 yet and are wondering why we are doing a Heaven site for it, first, read the great preview in our Strategy section, and then head over to our Download area. Download the fab demo and see for yourself how much fun it is to rule an ancient Roman city.

While you are visiting the Download area, read what our download expert, Angel SpineMan has in store for the future of the Caesar 3 download section.

Our Buildings area has a quick and dirty spreadsheet style information table that is basically a reorganization of the manual’s appendix. The page has the buildings arranged by what civic service they perform so you can see more easily the interactions between the various buildings. Look for some pictures of the buildings to be up soon.

While you are here, don’t forget to visit the forum where you can chat with other Caesar 3 players, give input on the game or tell us what you would like to see us do with Caesar 3 Heaven to make it a better place.

Finally, if you are having some trouble with the demo or the full game, drop by the Strategy section to read Angel Alexander I’s excellent strategy article on how to complete the demo. The article contains some great tips that apply to Caesar 3 as a whole and not just the demo.

Please also welcome Cherub Pengo to the site. Among other things, he will be assisting Alexander I with the news and SpineMan. with the downloads.

If you have some good strategies and good writing skills, we would welcome your contributions to our strategy section. We would love to fill in that area with quality contributions from our visitors. Feel free to write us!