News Archive: November 1998

Porker Proof and Tech Troubles

Posted on November 30th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

If you tried to access the site earlier today, you might have had some trouble. We’ve been able to sort out the problems and we apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.

It’s final, proof of pigs has been given by ‘Mr. Hayler’, Epic and by ‘Flyingbuzz’ (buzzster? try zipping the pic or cutting out the porkers and just sending that).

Plenty of Porkers and Political Correctness

Posted on November 28/29th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Action is to be found in the forums again. This time mud-loving mammals who, unlike earlier reports, are to be found just about everywhere in the game, find a safe haven with Silly Sulla who vows to protect all manner of beast in CIII by advocating a strict vegetarian diet.

But what about vegetable rights? Do their silent screams go unheard as they are reaped in the fields and boiled for hours? Does only one webmaster care about their plight?

Don’t worry folks, it’s just a thanksgiving thing. If you want to have your ‘humorous’ tickled, just dash over to Silly’s post at the top of the General Forum.

Pigs in CIII!

Posted on November 27th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Two visitors immediately pointed out that there are porkers in CIII. Mr. Hayler and Bbelchak state that bacon farms are available on peaceful level 4. Anyone got a snapshot to prove it, or is this going to be another ‘Roswell/level 51’ sighting (that pig didn’t fly here from another dimension and explode, it’s just a weather balloon gone bad? πŸ™‚

Some of you may have been experiencing trouble trying to get to this site or any of the other HGS sites, this was due to what our hosts refer to as an ‘upstream’ problem. Meaning we couldn’t do much about it except complain. Some updates have also been delayed as a result and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Visitor Response

Posted on November 26th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

It’s good to know that you, our visitors, are so pleased with the content of this site that you even take the time to sign the guestbook. Some of you, like Anthony in Texas, have decided to nestle in for the duration: “For the last couple of months, I love Caesar III Heaven so much, I go there about twice a day. I practically live there!” The individual sections of the site seem to be pretty popular too like with Alex Lau: “Nice scenarios and cities.” David of Sioux Falls who states: “Your FAQ has really helped my game.” And Austin of New Orleans who felt prompted to share: “Love the site! Great info on Caesar 3. The best out there!

Of course on occasion the Guest Book does receive messages that has us scratching behind our ears, like Californian Cliff who seems rather absorbed by the question of whether or not there are any pig farms in CIII. I’ll let you know the first oink I hear! Actually, if you do have any questions about any aspect of the game, try posting them in one of the site’s three forums. We have quite a lot of staff dedicated to them and you are sure to get a quick grouping of answers from the CIII team and visitors from which you can usually distill the correct answer. Famous guests from Impressions have been known to jump in the fray and, who knows, you may just find your question and its answer featured in the next FAQs.

In any case, thank you all for responding to the site as well as you have, it’s really greatly appreciated!

Rome can be Destroyed in one Day

Posted on November 25th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Today a number of new units have been added to the Units section. I’m afraid that they are all bad news. Also, it seems that Cherub JB was out with a bad cold for a while but he was able to post these units with the aid of Desert_Rider. Thanks DR and get well soon JB.

Meanwhile, back at the Downloads Section…

Posted on November 24th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The Downloads section is overloaded again with your contributions. I do believe one of them comes from our own Cherub Reckless Rodent! The scenarios subsection has 15 new scenarios made with the new map editor and six new sizzling cities have been added as well! Thank you for all those submissions and keep ’em comin’.

Please take note of Angel SpineMan’s requests regarding scenario descriptions and attaching screen shots.

Caesar’s Demographics

Posted on November 23rd, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Looks like we have another potential record at CIII. A folder in the General forum boasts no less than 100 posts! It’s the Age of CIII Players topic that so far has the youngest player at 5 (I know he only gives pointers but I’m counting him in as he will be the next new Cherub :-)) and the oldest at…well about as old as Beowulf himself, right? πŸ™‚ One of the last posts totes up the demographics but has missed out a few at the lower end of the scale. I still can’t help but be amazed at CIII’s wide appeal…that’s gotta be some kind of record too!

In the Scenario/Map editing forum Cherub Stef has posed some interesting questions for you designers so why give some interesting replies.

Name Game

Posted on November 21/22nd, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Origin of names is a hot topic in the General Forum today. Did you know that Reck doesn’t really know where his name comes from? I’m sure there is someone out there who can help him to examine his nomenclature. πŸ™‚ As for my handle…well, it can mean a number of things and that’s just the way I like it.

Gallery Update

Posted on November 20th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Finally a new screen shot in the Gallery, Cherub JB‘s haunt. That really is my idea of a fortress Roma! Thanks for the shot Joe D! If you have cool screen shots that you would like to share with us, send them on in to JB!

GODS have been able to maintain a deluge of gaming information despite being the only site in the world granted permission to portray TZAR.

Settlers 3 has some amazing announcements, including a demo and the game being spotted!

Majesty has some news of its own that should make the weekend quite interesting.

Of Gods and Boons

Posted on November 19th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The General Discussion forum has an interesting post (Blessings from the Gods) about whether the gods are wrathful or helpful. One of the main points to come out of the debate so far is that Mars only ‘blesses’ you once, no matter what you do to honour him. Well, here is my little contribution to the discussion: I think every god does you a favour at least twice in the game, including Mars: once when they are good to your town and once when they refrain from letting lose a plague on it!

Focus on FAQs

Posted on November 18th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Cherub JB has polished up the Gallery nicely and I do believe that he will be replacing some of those screen shots soon. Nothing like a little pressure to get things rolling. πŸ™‚

Well, I see that you have all taken to the new forums like fish to water, keep em comin’! Now is a good time to thank all of your for your kind words in the Guest Book and in all the e-mails we receive. For example, here is Brett expressing his gratitude about Draco:

“Thought I’d overload your doubtless already groaning in tray with a fairly pointless thanks message for compiling the outstanding (and heavily publicised) Caesar III FAQ – my game manual now props up the wobbly leg of the desk this document resides on. You’ve summarised a number of issues many players would never have the patience to work out for themselves … . Thanks again.” Now I have it on pretty good authority that we will be seeing a new look for the FAQs…so keep watching this spot.

ForumS Mania at CIII Heaven!

Posted on November 17th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Hail great Caesar Angel Mack! Mackster came, saw and divided. We are proud to announce 3 forums, one for each of the III in Caesar! Dash over and spout poetic on Career Path Strategies, scream for attention/aid at the General Wishes and Help Desk and/or lend us your ‘ears’pertise at the Scenario/Map Editing forum. But whatever you do, make sure you have fun!

Two more Cherubs join Caesar III and: TZAR!

Posted on November 16th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow me to introduce one lady and one gentleman. Cherub Stef has decided to join our Dream Team here at CIII Heaven to give us the benefit of her technical expertise. She and Gentleman Cherub Monty’s Monkey will also be bolstering our besieged strategy and forums staff. Of course, you realize that these new Cherubs were getting along so well in the forum that it didn’t feel right to split them up. A welcome to both of you Stef and MM! If you look carefully at the image, you can see that all the team at CIII H is ready to race into the future of the site for this wonderful game.

Our Downloads Guru has been busy making changes to the subsections once again. You will now be able to download the save game files from the Cities subsection…40 of them at the last count. Angel SpineMan, the Download Dude, also points out that he will be posting the latest batch of scenarios that you have kindly submitted a soon as he has a spare moment. Speaking of which, to make Spiney’s job a lot easier please use the submission template when you send in your scenario with description and screen shot. Thanks once again for the wonderful contributions.

Last, but by no stretch of the Imperial imagination least, CIII announces the emergence of a royal cousin: TZAR! Hyperlink over to this innovative new game being portrayed exclusively at GODS. Why cousins? Well because TZAR is the Cyrillic equivalent of …CAESAR (as indeed is the German title Keizer)! Say hello to Caesar’s Russian cousin and tell ’em Alex sent ya.

Relative Quiet at Caesar III Heaven

Posted on November 14/15th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

A quiet weekend at the site. I guess it must be because everybody is out editing maps. Enjoy! You just might want to stroll over to the forum to see just what age groups play CIII and frequent the site…there are some surprises there for you. Also, check out Draco’s post on how recruiting for Heaven’s Gaming Sites works. Don’t miss the posts on the new game editor.

As if the 19 cities added to the scenarios subsection of the Downloads wasn’t enough, Angel SpineMan added another 3. I do believe one or two of them are from the skilled hand of Angel Draco. He probably managed to put in dragons and lawyers and heaven knows what else. πŸ™‚

I’ll just be adding news items here as they occur over the weekend.

Hot News Flash just in!

Posted on November 13th, 10:30 P.M., 1998 by Angel Alexander I

We had heard the veiled hints about it and the many requests for it, well, now it’s here: a full-fledged map editor for CIII! Reed of Sierra was kind enough to point out to me that Gamespot has the download of the Caesar III Assignment Editor right here. “The Caesar III Assignment Editor makes it possible to customize your own maps. Form a concept for your province, decide how large the province will be, create terrain, set invasion points, herd points, fishing points, and much more.” Wonderful news…dash over to download it and let us know what you think.


Posted on November 13th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

One more great addition has been made to the CIII team: CherubToonamicus! She showed me this rendering of the Baths Lady, proving once and for all that Roman women are natural blondes, and I just had to invite her to provide us with the toon version of CIII characters. So, in addition to renderings of the servants of the ‘great unwashed’, expect toons and lines like: “Funny thing happened on the way to the fire today… .” Please give talented Toonamicus a hearty welcome!

After many requests were made about the FAQs list, we posted a downloadable version ready for printing for you in the FAQs and in the Miscellaneous subsection of the Downloads. It has of course been expanded greatly in Draco’s trademark chatty, informative style. In addition good ol’ SpineMan has added another 3 new cities and even a collection of replacement sounds files!

A new Cherub and some Forum Stutter

Posted on November 12th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Again our attempts to upgrade the forum have caused a temporary automatic doubling of all new posts. We are feverishly investigating how this can be combated. We apologize for any double vision that this may have caused.

Once more we sing the praises of yet another Cherub added to the Dream Team at CIII Heaven: Cherub EyeClaudius joins us as another forum veteran. Of course he will be gradually involved in some of the many other activities at CIII. Please welcome EyeClaudius and wish him luck!

We have no less than 19 more scenarios submitted to and posted by Angel SpineMan for your downloading and playing pleasure in the scenarios subsection of the Downloads. And the Gallery has been modified with the typical style of Cherub JB. He will be adding more content to that section a little later.

Forum Reshuffle and VIP postings!

Posted on November 11th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Some of you may have noticed that the forum suddenly seems a lot smaller. Not to worry, when you enter the forum, all the posts are still there. The resetting of the number is due to maintenance preceding a forum split which we hope to be announcing soon.

Speaking of the forum, check out the “Have you encountered this with Towers” topic which greatly benefits from a lively discussion between Reed, who is none other than webmaster at Impressions, and our very own Angel Draco. Thanks for joining in the discussion Reed and lending us your excellent insights.

HGS’ GODS site has an update a minute for you as amazing things have been happening all day. Just to mention a few: Krondor and Jane’s W.W.II gone gold and more quick takes than a monkey in a banana cage.

Settlers 3 has gone GOLD! Rush over to another young and rising HGS site to find out just when it is expected to hit the shelves!

Our site full of Majesty is showing equal promise as yet another recent addition to HGS and has hired yet another hand!

Caesar III Heaven grows again

Posted on November 10th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Despite the valiant efforts of no less than two Angels in the hot, heavy, happening CIII forum, your contributions have made it necessary to entice yet another forum ferret to the ambrosia that is Caesar III Heaven. The CIII team is proud to present Cherub Rational Rodenture…sorry, I meant Cherub Reckless Rodent, known by one and all as one of the forum stalkers. RR will also be working at other tasks at CIII Heaven as they present themselves. Everyone please welcome RR! Glad to have you on board!

All about FAQs ‘n Forums and a Unit or Two

Posted on November 9th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Priceless forum frolicking all the time now! Hardly any posts on good, riveting stuff like pottery restoration techniques and how to get those grimy stains out of the baths! CIII and trains do NOT mix! I am the Prefect of this site and I say it has to stop! [Sound of tree falling down with a resounding thwack on the Prefect’s head and a small clicking sound as the AI recalibrates itself to instruct all other Prefects to ignore it and put out imaginary fires well away from the scene].

Boy, glad we got rid of that bore! If you do nothing else at this site, you simply must check out the CIII on the Train posting which is almost becoming a forum in its own right. It contains some very clever ways of avoiding conflict with those who love to hate CIII by some very talented and humorous writers. While you are there, Help out ol’ Draco in coming up with the most humorous little descriptions for the FAQs categories in the How do you want the FAQs organized string. Brought to you by our very own Angel “Proconsul” Draco (you can just tell he’s hot).

Now where do you suppose she hails from? Is that Monica Seles toweling off her racket just before she is going to give her poor opponent a thrashing? Find out in JB’s humorous and informative Units section!

I’m Flashing again and Sheep Solution is here!

Posted on November 8, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Well aren’t we having an entertaining weekend with CIII and its lovers everywhere! TC of Mediaphiles has taken the trouble to tell me they do not rest during the weekend and sent me this beauty of a scoop. It’s about 2 minutes of a CIII quick take viewable through RealPlayer. It even has some good tips for beginners and is quite open about this challenging game. Check it out here. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of this type of reporting on the gaming industry. I can’t wait to get the developers on screen in riveting interviews and stellar announcements like new expansions and releases!

Those pesky sheep bugging you? According to our CIII Heaven visitor Jon, you can now export them. Apparently, if conditions are right, you can herd them onto a surfboard and they head out to where the grass is greener. He’s wondering whether this is a feature, a bug or just good fun. Let’s talk about that in the forum (no peace for Sphinx and Draco this weekend either).

News Flash and all Roads Lead to CIII Heaven!

Posted on November 7, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Yet another review of CIII is up at Game Pen. It is the most balanced review I have seen and it is well worth the read. Seems like the reviewer started out not really liking the game (imagine that!) but in the end this is what he has to say: “…the game is a supremely addictive, insanely deep, yet manageable and vivid re-creation of Roman life.” Sounds like a converted soul to me. Check out the final story and the rating.

Draco Dude is using his ‘noggin’ this morning and is asking you frequenters of the forum to tell him how you would like the rapidly expanding FAQs section organized. Well, that should make us hit 2000 forum posts before the weekend’s over. You are also invited to share your thoughts on how you would like map tips in the Downloads section set up. Little bit of visitor/site interaction there for you. Speak out an ye shall be heard by going to Draco’s post in the Forum and telling us what you think!

And just because we think the design process should be fun too, keep contributions like the following commin’: “I brought C3 to the office, and now my boss has poor access to labor.” Courtesy of QuintusArius, humourist quintessential. And remember folks, don’t try this at home…or on trains for that matter.

The Dangers of Playing CIII in Public

Posted on November 6, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Forum rules at CIII! It not only provides you with masses of information, and keeps two of our Cherubs quite busy, it is extremely entertaining too as Chris’ ‘Caesar on the Train’ post proves. Seems that ole Chris here thought he could get in a bit of CIII gaming on his way in to the office. This is a little piece of the conversation with a very excited passenger that ensued:

” ‘What’s that person?”
a market lady
“What do they do?”
they bring food to my houses
“What’s that building?”
the senate
“What does it do?”
it helps collect taxes.
“Ooh!~ That house is on fire!”
the prefect will take care of it.
“The what?”
the prefect, right there, he’s like a soldier.
“Why don’t the people help that soldier put the fire out?’ “

Oh yeah, CIII can be so confusing! I think she actually raises a good point here. Dash over to the forums to read the rest of this very funny post and the huge response it has elicited so far.

As you may have noticed, maintenance of the CIII pages is still ongoing and we would like to inform you that we are also looking into the best way to present the forum to you. We’ll keep you informed of developments.

Polish and Innovation

Posted on November 5, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The two Angels have been busy today. Angel SpineMan has been systematically updating pages with the new site layout and some very advanced HTML code. However, the busiest of the two has been Angel Pengo. He has updated Pengo’s Guide in the Strategy Section and has made it ever so much more navigable.

To top it off, the links section has been totally redone both with regard to content and layout. Here you can quite literally get a very good picture of what the other sites have on offer due to an ingenious and innovative use of displays. Well done Pengo!

Prosperous Times in the Forum

Posted on November 4, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Thanks to you, our visitors, the forum posts now number 1000! Many new posts are added every day. Today, for example, there is information from Draco on how to calculate your prosperity (I always wonder about that too) the possibility of more than one Academy and Xena and Hercules. Poor Draco will have to work hard to keep up with so much bustling activity. CIII, the site where all roads lead to the forum.

More Units!

Posted on November 3, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

This time Cherub JB has provided two more units and an update of three existing units. Have a peek in the Units sections and enjoy JB’s humorous descriptions.

It seems that our Settlers 3 site is announcing the advent of a demo. Rush over there to get the details of this marvelous news.

The majestic mystery continues at our Majesty site although some of its characters are totally lacking in grace.

Whatever else you do, make sure you check out the new railroad baron over at our central news and games info site: GODS

Layout and Navigation Bar Changes for FAQs

Posted on November 2, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Yes indeed Cherub Draco came, saw and conquered those 1000 forum entries! Most people would find it a daunting task to cull all the useful and kiewl information from the exchanges posted there. But not ole drastic Draco! He just whipped up another 20 FAQs. So we all agreed with you, our visitors, that it was high time to give this guy his own section. Ladies and Gentlemen, behold the FAQs section. The info section is a little sparse right now but it won’t be for long.

Also, there is yet another review of Caesar III from Gamesmania that gives the game a very solid 8 out of 10 marks. You can tell the reviewer really enjoyed the game but had his share of troubles: “In essence, I found Caesar III to be a really fun game. Maybe ‘addicting’ is more the word. Whatever the case may be, I just couldn’t seem to tear myself away from my little plebs and prefects. The difficulty of maintaining my city’s profit while still growing was enough to keep me in a sweat, but not impossibly so.”

As Angel b:real was working on it anyway, he decided to spruce up the navigation bar too. Let us know what you think of the new Black Chancery font used.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to other Heaven’s Gaming Sites recently set up: Settlers 3 Heaven and Majesty Heaven, both sites that offer a great deal of information on these games including lively forums and marvelous eye candy.

New Cherub and A Promotion

Posted on November 1, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Allow me to introduce our latest addition to the wonderful CIII team: Cherub Draco. Yes, that’s right, the same man who gave us the informative FAQs list. Draco tells me his name derives from that Athenian politician of ancient times who was wont to advocate Draconian measures. Well, the only Draconian part of our Draco is the length of his FAQs. they really take no prisoners. πŸ˜›

As there is some room at the top of CIII, I also decided to make Pengo’s Halloween an extra happy one, if they do that sort of barbaric thing down under: he will henceforth be known as Angel Pengo! Although he will be second in command at the CIII site, he will of course continue to provide material for the Buildings and Links sections and the one and only Pengo guide.

Congrats to both of you gentlemen. Please join me in giving these guys a well-deserved hand.