News Archive: May 2000

Strategies for the Warriors..

Posted on May 31, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Olivia Chillia has started a discussion in Game Help to collect comments on the kinds of military stategies you employ against those Celts and Nubians and whoever else arrives to make your life unpleasant.

She leads off with her terrain based strategy for those Carthaginians:

Rather than build my walls right out at the far end of the ravines, I build them at the river side of the near end. The town is protected on one side by the river, on another by the Roman Road (I figured the enemy probably wouldn’t come from there), and intermittently by hills and forest on another.

Its a good read, you can check it out here.

Download Statistics 2000.05.20 — 2000.05.27

Posted on May 29, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, it’s been a while, but life continuous to be hectic, so after presenting this weeks statistics, I’ll submerge again

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.05.20 – 2000.05.27
Number of scenarios downloaded: 6069
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 545

Hope to see you soon on the forums.
And an appreciative “Thank you” to Angel Gustavia

Start-ups and Sacrifices for a Sunday…

Posted on May 28, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Just a little bit of news today, Real Life is pretty demanding and so a quick cruise around discovered some new folks asking about Starting on a Fresh Map. How do you begin a new city? Stop by and offer your best advice on how to get it up and running.

And dont forget to check the new Zeus forums today. We have moved speculation to the possibilities of Sacrifices?. hmmm.. maybe that is what we will do with the Naked Sheep?

Wealth and … welcome home

Posted on May 26, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our governors are still discussing denari and how to get more of it in And the money came rolling in.. from where?

And our fave female forumer, the incomparable Incontinentia, has returned to Rome and paid a surprise visit to the medieval story thread, the Quest for the Cloak of Zal with her pal Tusky in tow. Drop by the Community Forum and add your best wishes to Welcome home, Incon.

Roman Research Results

Posted on May 24, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

The news we have been waiting for, Brutus Forci, with incredible patience and fortitude has brought his Tarraco into the new Millenium, or 2017 AD to be exact. Be sure to check out his methods and results in the quest for immortality in the Roman Empire.

I used a resolution of 600×480 and when unattended turned on the Trouble overlay (no animation on the screen at all usually) even so each year took around 3 to 4 minutes (Celeron 333- 32 Mb 100MHz SDRAM).

The experiment has spawned some very interesting side-line research and commentary. Lazarus, like all good investigators, is attempting to duplicate his results with Tingis in the year 3000 and even Jimhotep has carried the concept to Egypt to find out if mistreatment of his citizens can force the immortals to leave in You are universally loathed.

Great job, guys 😉

Download statistics 2000.05.13 — 2000.05.20

Posted on May 22, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Yes, it’s that time of the week again. The Caesar 3 Download Top 10

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.05.13 – 2000.05.20
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3794
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 497

Londinium is still on top, but most of the other files seem to be user created scenarios. It just goes to show, how much fun you can have after you finished the career.

What is it with these sheep?

Posted on May 21, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

If you arent too busy speculating on the role of the Naked Sheep in the up-and-coming Zeus game, check out what our warriors are up to. They are conducting slightly scientific tests to determine which enemies are the toughest/weakest.

And governor Jeff has some questions about making a scenario that begins with an existing city. His map editing question is in the Scenario Forum.

Zeus Forum Is Go!

Posted on May 19, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

A new forum has found its way onto the boards here at C3H. Here, you can discuss and share your thoughts and ideas for the upcoming Zeus: Master of Olympus, the latest city building sim by those guys at Impressions.

Fire-fighting and Fishing..

Posted on May 19, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

The spontaneous combustible Miletus is the topic of the day in Game help. Oh, the horror.. of watching your city burst into flames.. Get some advice on how to layout your city so fish and fire are both under control in How do you Survive Miletus from those who have been there before.

And Cherub Marcus Lindicus has caught up that high-flying Angel Draco for an interview with pictures! Find out what our handsome Legal Angel has to say about those early days of Caesar Heaven and and leave your comments. Great job, Cherub ML.

Oddities and Old Olympics…

Posted on May 18, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Well, it only seems like the twilight zone in Rome.. Mysteries abound! Governor schwa wants to know Why do balistas come and go in the Game Help Forum.

And, for those of you new to Caesar III and wondering what last year’s Olympic competition was all about, Stringbags, who was right in the middle of it all as a participant, has linked up some pages to the games and found the critiera you need to know to test your wits against the Olympic winners. Check out what some of the competitors and bystanders have to say in Previous Oylmpics, in the Reviewer’s Corner. Angel Reck points out a link to the entire zip file of the contest maps, too.

Growing old in Tarraco..

Posted on May 16, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

There is a recent update on Taracco in the year 2000. For those of you that might have missed the earlier discussions (now lost forever in cyberspace) Brutus Forci has re-stated the experiment:

…. and starting in 500 BCE in the city construction kit Tarraco (spelt wrongly above on purpose) I determined to start a ‘minimalist’ city which could be self sustaining over long periods of time. Pending hard drive melt-down I will continue until Y2K to see if the Romans can hack the post modernist life.

Seems some very interesting things start happening to populations and the ageing process when you accumulate 300 game years. Drop by and find out your chances of becoming immortal.

Download statistics 2000.05.06 — 2000.05.13

Posted on May 15, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Londinium proves to be still popular, although I’m fairly sure the Caesar Alan one, is the one from the ET-lympics.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.05.06 – 2000.05.13
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3251
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 342

Apart from that is seems that, according to the Game Help forum, people are still Lost in Lugdunum, Coping with Carthago and feeling Sassy in Sarmizegetusa.

Send the Prefects to the Front!

Posted on May 14, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Jimhotep shook the sand out of his shoes and wandered over to Rome to ask about the Prefect Defense first popularized by Mark Qian but now championed by Plebby. Dont miss it, quite a spirited read.

Also, for some struggling new governors, EPS has bumped up his well-done illustrated scenario guide Tips for Syracusae.

Inviting Caesar to your city…

Posted on May 13, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

One would think the regular invaders would be challenging enough, but Pugno wants to know what to do When Caesar Strikes in Game Help. This one is getting downright historical, with discussions of Hoplites and Peltasts, you might want to take a look.

Another nice jewel you might want to add to your reference files is Rankings defined and pronounced by our own hard working Cherub Marcus Lindicus. He has researched all the titles you will encounter as you progress through the career path.

Housing Help

Posted on May 12, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

The Housing Block discussion has moved to Housing Block part 2,with ideas and concepts abound. Jump in and post your favorite block or add your relevant comments on what the other governors are using.

Looking for a military challenge?

Posted on May 11, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

You may have noticed in the general remodeling and redecorating of the forums, Angel Reck assigned the Scenario/Map Editing forum to yours truly, who has never even owned a copy of the editor. Well, that mere fact isnt going to stop me from doing my new job. Reading the old posts and wandering around, I stumbled across this amazing fact. The legendary one and only Gordon Farrell has submitted two new sceanarios to our Downloads Section, Merchant of Aegina and Pompey in Africa. Gordon usually made challenging military scenarios, one of you warriors needs to check this out and post a review in the Reviewers Corner

You will be green with envy…

Posted on May 9, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

More decorating changes underway, but this time the forum has elegant marble wallpaper and green color scheme. A couple of new spiffy graphics and we are updated! If you want to comment on this new look, there are a couple of threads going int Website Comments.

A nice collection of Tricks and Tips has been bumped up in Game Help, with posts by some of the C3 pioneers such as Mark Qian and Marty Party. Check it out, there are enough of us old folks around that can explain Ultimate Shield Walls. I mean players with experience, not that we are, sir, C3 keeps us all young.. 🙂

Download statistics 2000.04.29 — 2000.05.06

Posted on May 8, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

2874 Downloads this week

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.04.29 – 2000.05.06
Number of scenarios downloaded: 2874
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 399

Londinium is still keeping people busy, as there’s two of them in the top 3. The other’s a scenario by the name of Barcelona.

Sunday Surprise!

Posted on May 7, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Well, the forums are sporting a new color scheme, the familiar grey has been replaced with a warmer sun-drenched tone.. Just in time for summer, I would say. You can leave your comments (and I know you will have some) in Who spilled milk on the wallpaper?

Governor Vorfus Clingonius is asking How far did you get in the Game and some of the posts might surprise you. And a non-serious discussion for a lazy Sunday afternoon is Plebby’s thread The little things you notice when you’ve played for a while…

Take the lap-top and go sit out by the pool and conquer those Carthaginians. If that isn’t possible, at least open the windows, it is a beautiful day 🙂

Saturday matinee

Posted on May 6, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

hmm.. I see Angel Reck got here first the with Impressions survey, dang you just cant keep up with the Golden Hamster. Well, be sure you let them know where you live, and if you spend time in Egypt you can let them know that as well. 🙂

And new governor SunTzu is wondering if Tarraco is the Most Hated Map in the Game Me, I say its Caesarea, but Lugdunum is running a close second last time I looked.

And if the forums are quiet today, perhaps they have gone to see the movie Gladiator. Get me some popcorn and a big orange drink, would you?

C3 Survey

Posted on May 6, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

The chaps at Impressions have posted a little survey asking where C3 players come from.

Come on Europe!

Familiar faces

Posted on May 5, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

We had quite a few veteran forumers show up this week. Caesar Ishaius and Titanicus are back in the fold and Peter the Great dropped by one night…. you can find a couple of threads in the ever popular Community Forum where you can say Howdy.

So, knowing that all good forumers do return, I wasn’t too surprised to see find a new thread by Bob the Lethargic in the in the Reviewer’s Corner. That grand scenario designer, aka BTL, informed us last month he was in the process of moving and would be back later on… But alas, he isn’t back yet, just wishful thinking on my part.

But, thanks to Caligula bumping up the thread, you new C3 warriors can enjoy some of his classic scenarios from the BTL Enterprises Catalog. Check it out, you can download the scenarios straight from the mini-catalog.

Heros of Heaven

Posted on May 4, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Ever wonder what it was like when Caesar III was just brand new, just out of the box and Heaven was getting started up? Well, our own Download maestro, Angel Draco was digging around in the basement and put together this little Trip Down Memory Lane of old HGS.

If you read between the lines of these Nov-Dec 1998 news stories, you can tell those pioneer Angels and Cherubs were working night and day to build content and organize Heaven into the familiar place we know today.

And a year and a half later, all I can say is a big big thanks. We appreciate all the hard work and countless gamers have benefited from those exciting– but hard hectic early days.. 🙂 for a game that has unbelievable staying power and still causes folks to stay up all night trying to get one more prosperity point.

How to pronounce Sarmitzegetusa…

Posted on May 3, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

There’s a quaint little thread started by Marcus Lindicus on the pronounciation of the various city names within the Caesar 3 game. So the question is, is it: Lug’done’em, Loog’doon’oom, or something completely different.

Oh, Sarmitzegetusa is also in there.

Zeus Interview!

Posted on May 2, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Here’s something that will be of interest to all C3 players out there:

I’ve just posted a world exclusive interview with Chris Beatrice, Director of Design and Development on the upcoming Zeus: Master of Olympus on Pharaoh Heaven.

Should you want to check it out (you know you do ;)), then you can do so here.

C3 Summer Competitons…

Posted on May 2, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Not sure of your summer plans?

Well, you might have a look at the Extreme C3 Campaign that Thanh2002 is organizing. He hasnt quite got the details worked out, but will welcome imput from those of you that need some new challenges. Drop by the Reviewer’s Corner and check out some of his many discussions.

Download statistics 2000.04.22 — 2000.04.29

Posted on May 1, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, it’s Monday again…time for some statistics. This week sees us with close to 3,500 downloads. Unsurprisingly, Londinium is the number one download this week.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.04.22 – 2000.04.29
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3434
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 466

The Community forum sees a bit of hard work from Cherub Marcus Lindicus. He spent quite some time tracking down the illusive Golden Hamster so he could corner the Reckless Rodent for an interview.
Have a look here.