News Archive: March 2000

Rates, Ranges and …. Reggae…

Posted on March 30, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Ahh.. the number crunchers are busy in the Empire.

If you are a serious planner or just build from the heart, take a look at Consumption Rates for some interesting data on how fast your pottery gets used up. The same new governor, TEP is also asking for information on Walker Ranges to add to his growing governoring skills.

And it might still be winter in your world but get out your Hawaiian shirt and find those flip-flops, it is already Summer in the Recovery Room Tropicana. If you need a break from fighting those pesky Nubians, head over there have Margarita and relax with your fellow forumers…

ET-lympics Update

Posted on March 29, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Yes, another one.
Please note that the final day for the competion is officially April 10th. However, as some people seem to have some business in Real Life™ that might make them a little late, Angel ET Flavius will, gracefully accept maps up to April 15th.

NOTE: Please mail him any map you have finished as this will speed up the final tally immensely.

The Grand Old Block of the South thread continues to fill with useful tips for building houses in the desert environment.

There’s two slightly different stories going on in the Community forum. One is about the exploits of a Caesar 3 engineer. The other is…a swords and sorcery adventure tale.

Connected…. and unconnected..

Posted on March 28, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Double-fronted workshops and warehousing are the subject of a lively thread today in Game Help. Do the roads need to be connected to make it work? Does the exit/entrance point migrate relative to other parts of your city? Join up, add your two dinari…

And, our illustrious Legionnaire Lethargic, aka Bob the Lethargic of famed BTL Enterprises has announced an impending move to the new Roman province of Central Texas and will be absent from the forums for a while. As this Angel is positive proof that Internet Access is available even in the Lone Star State, we hope he is reconnected soon. Stop by the Community Forum and leave your good wishes for Bob on I came, I saw, I had fun!!

Download statistics 2000.03.18 — 2000.03.25

Posted on March 27, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Not much to say about them, but their number seems to have picked up

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.03.18 – 2000.03.25
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4891
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 523

Oh, and for all you ET-lympics players out there…I’ve submitted a 3C Londinium.

So Near… and Neptune..

Posted on March 26, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

We have another Caesar in the making, one of our governors is Nearing the End–Help in Massalia is needed on the Game Help Forum.

And while you are there, you can add your comments to the discussion of the benefits and/or curses of the gods in Neptune’s Wrath.


Posted on March 25, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, Angel ET Flavius is having a few things in Real Life™ that are asking for a lot of his attention. This means he may not reply as promptly to your quesions as he’d normally.
So, please be patient?
There’s some more details here.

The age old question: “To gatehouse or not to gatehouse” has popped up again in the Game Help forum. Once more it provides some interesting ideas and debate. Why not have a look

Questions and more questions….

Posted on March 24, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Do you build wide open cities or confine the plebes to their own side of the aquaducts? A discussion of the relative merits of connected or disconnected city design is brewing on blocks without Gatehouses, please in Game Help Forum. Stop by, the gate was open last time I looked.

EPS_CoCreator has A question I’m wondering about in Roman History in the Community Forum you might want to expound on. Were the Romans really looking for those Hot Tubs when they crossed over to the British Isle? Or was it the famed English quisine? Theories abound….

Native uprising and more…

Posted on March 23, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Sound the alarm, the natives are restless again… you would think after countless governors showing up to build cities on that rocky land they would have gotten the idea.. but no. Add your experiences and help to Natives in Lugdunum, it will be appreciated.

For those spending spring break in Damascus, you wont be alone either. How could you ignore Help me with Damascus? Dracus Marsius is looking for some suitable housing blocks.

And the Most Recent Recovery Room welcomed back a familiar face sporting a new name.. . Welcome home Cowpattieann, have a milky way on me.

Caesarea and Celebrations….

Posted on March 21, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

My most un-favorite city, the absolute worst assignment on the Peaceful Path, that nadir of despair, Caesarea… again surfaces with a plea for assistance in Game Help.

And, on your cruise around Heaven, stop by the Community Forum and add your best wishes to the thread started by Wendoolicus Those birthday bells are ringing for Angel Jayhawk in celebration of his … what is it, AJ, your 21st birthday, again?

Happy Birthday to you… Angel Jay…

Download statistics 2000.03.11 — 2000.03.18

Posted on March 20, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Hmmm, quiet times in download land. I guess everybody is busy with the ET-lympics. Yours truly has mailed off Crete and is currently having fun in Arabia.
Oh well, here are the statistics, again this week a couple of career maps in the top ten.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.03.11 – 2000.03.18
Number of scenarios downloaded: 2878
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 458

I think I should go back to Arabia…

Render unto Caesar…

Posted on March 20, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Taxes seem to be the subject in Game Help, but dont let that fool you. There are two different discussions going on, one housing and taxes has evolved into a general discussion of how to get industry and trade started so you dont have to rely on taxes in those early years and Collecting taxes could morph into … who knows? Check them out, you could be surprised to see what tips and tricks you pick up.

Contests and Classics…

Posted on March 19, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

The Friendly Competition is in full swing, be sure to check your special threads and the handy FAQs for each map in the Reviewer’s Corner. Big Thanks to Angel ET for his continuing hard work on the contests..

If you aren’t busy trying to fit folks into Crete today for the Competitions, take a peek at a resurrected piece of classic forum literature, Caesar III on the Train. Dang, it still makes me laugh.

Downloads galore

Posted on March 18, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel Monty’s Monkey has added another twenty-two scenarios to the Download pages. They include Caligula’s Birth of an Emperor and Cyrenaica There’s also something what looks like a series or maybe a campaign…Roman Garrison I to VI.

Friday Feast for Forumers……

Posted on March 17, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Game Help snagged another new member confounded by the behavior of those Those Darn Trade Ships that could use a little help from you experienced Governors.

And a big congratulations to another new member Topanga, who has completed Capua with lots of help and tips from those that have been down that path before. Good work, Topanga and looking forward to your next assignment 🙂

The Community Forum has sprouted yet another cliff hanger in the story thread Quest for the cloak of Z’al began by Chunky to distract himself from some virtual role playing complications …. drop by or drop in, it’s another example of the talented Caesar III forum members in action.

Competition News

Posted on March 16, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

For those of you that are playing in the competition, Angel ET has opened half a dozen new threads, one for each of the ET-lympic maps. Each thread offers general information on one of the six cities. So there’s one for Arabia, Britsh Isles, Caesaramia, Calgary, Crete, and Londonoplis.
Be sure to watch them if you’re competing, they may contain crucial information.

There’s a little discussion going on about fire hazards on different maps. Apart from that there’s more on the 12 Palace block suggesed by Cherub Marcus Lindicus.

Another Addition to the Green…

Posted on March 15, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

More giggles in Heaven, as long-time member Cherub Brugle joins the Green Brigade…. Stop by and congratulate him here in the Community Forum. Cherub Brugle will be flying back and forth between Rome and Egypt, spreading his knowledge and expertise on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Nero is asking about Triumphant Arches in Game Help and you can join the lively discussion about military matters from Lions to Chariots that is hiding under the name Mediolanum elephants.

And if that isnt enough to keep you going today, check what our Wonderful Wend found for us on the Ides of March for a real Roman celebration this famous day…

Learning lessons…

Posted on March 14, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Did you know that Marble is metamorphic limestone? Constant amazement at what you can learn in Heaven. You can get schooled in geology and pick up some strategy tips in Death in Damascus. Also, going on in Game Help is a request for data in Culture Calculations.

Now what’s that green name doing there?

Posted on March 13, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

A giggle could be heard through Heaven as Marcus Lindicus got his stubby little wings this evening.

He was waylaid on the way to the forum by a couple of angels, who managed to convince him of his duties to the forum. After promising to keep up the cheerful face he’s presented on the Caesar 3 Forums a brand new pair of wings was handed over.
Some fiddling and a few hard landing later, Marcus fluttered of to the forums.

You can congratulate him here.

Download statistics 2000.03.04 — 2000.03.11

Posted on March 13, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Here are the results of the Heaven jury…

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.03.04 – 2000.03.11
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3726
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 425

Interesting numbers. It looks like we have a whole batch of new people that are downloading the career maps. There are several of them in this weeks top ten.

Wine and Vines..

Posted on March 12, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Wine seems to be the hot topic in Game Help today. Wine or Vines in that most difficult of assignments Caesarea, and how to get two types of Wine for your patricians so they can move up the social ladder to more tax-producing housing.

And, if all that thinking makes you thirsty, stop by the Recovery Room and have a glass of Chardonay or Cabernet Sauvignon on me…

Roman Hot Tubs

Posted on March 11, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Web wandering last night, I ran across something you might enjoy reading. The Romans, of course, were famous for their engineering marvels, and the development of the aquaducts and bath houses had a major impact on Roman life and community. But did you know the Romans also invented the Hot Tub? Find out about this amazing fact and the Frigidarium, the Tepidarium and the Caldarium in History of Plumbing-from Roman to old English times. hmmm…. there is a section on Egypt, too.

mouse moves on… *sniff*

Posted on March 10, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Well, I was wrong about this being a quiet day in the Empire.

Our own mouse has sent word that she has turned in her short stubby wings for regular life in the Real World. She has been the true spirit here in Caesar Heaven and we are going to miss her dreadfully. Many a newbie was first welcomed to Heaven by mouse’s smiling face, a few well chosen words and the cheerful “hope this helps.” She has been a wonderful presence here and a good friend to all.

Please leave her a note and let her know how much she will be missed in her Farewell Post


The green hills of Rome…

Posted on March 10, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Returning Pharaoh players are rediscovering the joys and frustrations of Caesar III as they brush up on skills for the Friendly Competition. Fiona has started a nice thread in the Community Forum called What a difference a few months make. No one says we have to choose which game we like best…. we can have two favorite games, cant we?

Other than absolutely overloading a new player in who was brave enough to ask a few questions Game Help, things are a bit quiet today as we head for the weekend. Must be they are all busy working on those contest maps…

Competitions and Commerce…

Posted on March 9, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Are you signed up to compete in the Caesar III Friendly Competition? ET has sent out the maps to all the contestants, so if you dont receive your by Midnight March 9th, let ET know here.

Also, there is a scintillating dicussion of industry block layouts to efficiently supply your cities going on in Game Help Forum. Join in with your ideas here.

Taking flight…

Posted on March 8, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

rustle.. rustle… flap.. hmm.. swoooop.. whooo hooo …glide.. umph.

More practice.

Governor Marcus Lindicus is perfecting his Palace Block in Game Help, so drop by and maybe snatch a copy for future reference.

And a the Legend himself was caught making a surprise visit to the Empire. See what Marty Party has to say about competing in the Olympics last year, and his advice for this year’s contestants in the Caesar III Friendly Competition —in this exclusive interview by yours truly.

And a big thanks from me to all my friends here in Heaven. 🙂

A new Angel in Heaven!

Posted on March 8, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Reckless Rodent here again, just dropping in to make a short but sweet announcement.

Cherub Gustavia has been promoted to Angel :). Well done – well-deserved!

A bit of this and that… and a rumor heard at the Bath house

Posted on March 7, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

The deadline for joining the Friendly Competition has passed and Angel ET will be sending out the maps all this week. Check your in-boxes…

One of our governors posted a question in Game Help on What is a Brugle block?. hmm… and that is all it took, my fellow citizens, and the man himself dropped by to explain it in person.

Speaking of drop-in visitors, there is a persistant rumor that another famous Caesar III alumni was recently seen in town. No, I wont tell, ’cause reporters have to protect their sources…. but I would check back on Wednesday, for sure…

Download statistics 2000.02.26 — 2000.03.03

Posted on March 6, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, here we go again.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.02.26 – 2000.03.03
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3030
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 353

It seems like a slow week, last week. Only 3000 odd files were downloaded. And here I was thinking everybody is practicing for the Mini-lympics.

Downloads update

Posted on March 6, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Hi everyone, ARR dropping in for a quick newsflash. Angel Draco has added a bunch more cities to the downloads section:

I finally got some cities to post today! 9 new ones! I had thought y’all had quit playing and gone over to Pharaoh!

Angel Draco

….Roman recipes

Posted on March 5, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

What’s this? Spillover from the Recovery Room? Something Ceasar Alan the Forum Pizza Chef dreamed up?

Break up 2kg of asparagus into small pieces and strain; mix aside-pepper, garum, a glass of wine, and 3 teaspoons of oil and fry together with asparagus. Add 6 eggs to the creamed asparagus. Spread a casserole pan with the asparagus mixture and place 4 chicken breasts sprinkled heavily with pepper. Cook until ready.

No, it is a recipe for 4 from Apicius, 132 AD…
Our favorite Mac-addict, aheisey dropped us a line about this a great site she found, Fori Imperiali. Want to know what it was really like to be a member of Roman Society? There are some interesting articles on daily life, the importance of theatre, men and women of Rome and some spectacular photos and vitural tours…. and yes, recipes. Let us know if you are brave enough to attempt any of these.

Carthago delenda est

Posted on March 4, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, I finished Carthago. There were some mishaps with double invasions, routing legions and raging fires, but I managed to work my way out of this assignment. The result wasn’t half bad, although it’s not really a stable city (too little pottery).
Final scores:

Culture – 100
Prosperity – 62
Peace – 71
Favour – 66
Population – 6002
City Treasury – 62,205 Denarii (a handsome bundle I’d say)

You can find more here.
Now I’m off to Green and Pleasant Tingis.

For all those of you that like to dabble in writing, Civis Romanus has started a new story. It goes by the name of “Spring on the Appian Way.”
You’re choice to join or simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Getting started and getting on with it…

Posted on March 3, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Greetings from Rome…

A couple of our newest governors are in need of your help. One is getting his feet wet in Capua, the other has advanced to that trickiest assignment, the dreaded Lugdunum. You can offer your sympathies and expertise in Game Help.

News from the East travels fast over the dunes. The long awaited Pharaoh Mission Editor has been released. So, if you are like a lot of us, traveling regularly between Rome and Egypt, check out the full story from Impressions’s site here.

Caesar Competition, Caligula and Cyrenaica…

Posted on March 2, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Well, the Reviewer’s Corner is all a-buzz with the preparations for the Friendly Competition. Closing date to sign up for the Event of the Year is March 6, 2000… there is still time to get in on all the fun. If you did sign up to play, mosey over there and make sure Angel ET has your e-mail address and all is in order for the kick-off next week. The official Rules are posted over there, too.

Map designer extraordinaire Caligula’s latest creation, Cyrenaica. is causing quite a stir. My, my, this sounds more than a bit scandalous and certainly challenging according to the discussion going on Cyrenaica: Earning an Imperial Reprieval in Game Help. …Now, where in the world does he get all these ideas….hmmm… hmmm

The Rules of the Games

Posted on March 1, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel ET Flavius has posted the Official Rules for the upcoming Caesar 3 Minilympics. If, after reading his post, you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
ET’s always willing to lend a hand.

And don’t miss out on the interview Cherub Gustavia had with the selfsame Angel Et Flavius.

Last but not least, Angel Monty’s Monkey has added another nine scenarios to the download section including Constantinople and Nemausus by Eric Hubertis.
He also spent some time on reorganising the downloadpages, so your response should be a little faster.