News Archive: June 2000

Food for thought..

Posted on June 29, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Playing Caesar III must make you hungry is my opinion. Game Help has a discussion going on about thePreferred Foods of those maddening Market Ladies, and you can always order anything you like to eat or drink in the most recent Recovery Room in the Community Forum. But it isnt limited to Rome, last time I looked in When Zeus is first released who will be the experts? all the talk had drifted to baklava and gyros and such 🙂 Well, running an Empire is hard demanding work. Call the pizza delivery, I have a couple of temples to build and a hippodrome…

Caravans and Contests

Posted on June 28, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Some advice today from experienced governors about keeping those caravans from wandering all over your map, wasting valuable time, check out Where do imports get delivered in the ever-popular Game Help Forum. And Cherub Brugle has started a lively discussion about Realistic Contest Rules you might want to join in. I couldnt resist putting my two dinari in, wonder why? 🙂

Download statistics 2000.06.17 — 2000.06.24

Posted on June 26, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

It’s a good thing I upgraded my little counter program for we seem to have hit another huge sway of downloads. Could it be that with schools beign out every one’s now playing more Caesar 3 than ever?

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.06.17 – 2000.06.24
Number of scenarios downloaded: 10017
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 488

Oh and for all you statistics lovers, the Pompey zip scored just over 2000 downloads last week.

Standardised Game Boxes?

Posted on June 25, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

This has zippedy do-dah whatsoever to do with C3, but I thought I’d post it anyway, since I’m sure most of our visitors play other games as well ;).

AVault has a story reporting that game publishers are seeking to standardise the size of the boxes in which games come:

“This organization has been moving this issue to the forefront for over six months now, collaborating with leading game publishers and industry organizations. It is our intention to reduce the overall size of the PC game box to a little more than the footprint of a DVD box, creating a set size for games as a media. Just as the other two sectors of entertainment–movies and music–have their own identifiable format, games need to stand apart from other products on the shelf,” said Hal Halpin, IEMA president. Halpin also cited a number of other benefits, including environmental ones.

As I said, nothing to do with C3 (except very indirectly, I suppose), but there you go, just in case you’re interested.

Walking around the Empire

Posted on June 25, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our fave Mac-maniac paultheo has been very busy with making Walkthroughs for what seems like every Caesar III career mission. So, whatever level you are playing, you can find a detailed summary and some spoilers in the Game Help Forum.

And speaking of walkthroughs, our own Cherub Brugle has posted a nice account of his winning entry Tibur-Hadrian walkthrough in the Reviewer’s Corner. Learn how the true experts approach a competition event.

Lessons Learned

Posted on June 23, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, now that Cherub ML’s mini-competition has finished, people are desperate to gush out everything they learned while playing the dreaded Tibur. Well worth a read ;).

There’s also a thread about 1×1 and 2×2 housing giving out some tips about how to get the latter rather than the former.

whooo hoo …Winners Announced!

Posted on June 21, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Is that the sound of trumpets? Do I hear the roar of a crowd? Yes, the winners of the Caesar III Mini-Competition have been announced in the Reviewers Corner Forum. Head over there to check out all the winners and a big hearty congrats to:

Hard Difficulty
First place winner: Brugle,
2nd place tie: catilina and Lazarus
4th place tie: RSC and Vinus Veitus
Normal Difficulty
1st place: Merepatra
2nd place: latus
3rd place: Nimlot Persson
Easy Difficulty
1st place winner: Athena
2nd place: Caylynn

Way to go folks, and a big thanks to Cherub Marcus Lindicus for all his hard work 🙂

Last call for Tibur entries

Posted on June 20, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

OK, governors.. today June 20 is the last day to get your entry to Cherub Marcus Lindicus for the Olympic Mini-competition. He will be up all night evaluating the entries, I can certainly identify with that 🙂 Look for an announcement here in a few days of the Grand Winners for the Caesar III Summer 2000 Mini-Competition.

Download statistics 2000.05.10 — 2000.05.16

Posted on June 19, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

This weeks download statistics look a bit strange. There’s a glitch in my little log reader and it can’t seem to count above a certain number, which explains the 999. Undoubtably a lot of files have been downloaded, most likely because of the mini competion Cherub Marcus Lindicus is running.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.06.10 – 2000.06.17
Number of scenarios downloaded: 21069
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 504

I’ll try and find put just what ‘999’ means…

What’s in a name?

Posted on June 18, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Well, Egypt was pretty busy yesterday and I didnt get back to Rome 🙂 Catching up on the forum postings, I found this informative essay on Complete Roman Names in our History Forum. Here is a quote from Governor MarcusMaximus

The Roman male names typically contain three proper nouns which are classified as praenomen (or given name), nomen (or Gens name) and cognomen. Sometimes a second cognomen (called agnomen) is added.

He has defined these terms for us and showed how a name identified much more than just who you were. Give it a read.

MIni-Comp Deadline extended

Posted on June 16, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

The Caesar III Mini-Competition’s deadline has been extended to June 20th to allow all those Mac-addicts ample time to tackle Tibur. You can check the lastest info in this thread in the Reviewer’s Corner. So, you regular PC folks have a few more days to coax that blessing out of Neptune.

All around the Empire

Posted on June 14, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Quick trip in from Egypt, dang, we are busy all over Heaven these days :).. …I love it, I love it…

Military matters are always topical in the Game Help and Governor latus has linked up a cool animated strategy tactic for you to consider and ooh and ahh about. Nice going, latus 🙂 For another lively discussion, check out The Fox’s thread Who needs javelins?

And the participants of the Mini-Competition here at C3 are having a big old time. Rumor has it you can pick up a lot of strategy and game help in the most recent Recovery Rooms in the Community Forums along with your virtual wine and Milkas.

Maps for Mac competitors!

Posted on June 13, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

ML’s Mini-competition is in full swing, and Cherub Dragon2 has saved the day with providing Mac-friendly .map files of Tibur to allow our dedicated Mac players to get in on the fun. He also left some thoughts of his Olympic memories in the Reviewer’s Corner nostaligic thread, Previous Olympics.

Our governors are pondering the vexing question of where best to place those 4-way intersections with storage on top.. the Granary. Join in with Brave Robin Hood and your other forum friends to find the best strategy for Random Walkers and Granaries.

During our recent remodel, a new Other Games Forum was added to the Gathering Places. Now it is officially OK play a different game than C3 and talk about it 🙂 No one will question your loyalty, ’cause we know you will always return to Rome. There is a big bunch playing the 1602 demo, it sounds like fun.

Download statistics 2000.05.03 — 2000.05.10

Posted on June 12, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Another week, another bunch of statistics. Londinium has finally fallen to a second place in favour of Pompei.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.06.03 – 2000.06.10
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3807
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 471

And that makes for a grand total of 3807 files this week.

The new forum layout seems to be raising a whole new bunch of subjects. Have a look and don’t forget to join in the Zeus screenshot discussion.

Zeus Heaven is launched!

Posted on June 10, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Morning all…

Just popping in to make a quick announcement to the effect that Zeus Heaven, HGS’s newest little site dedicated to Zeus, the upcoming city-building game from Impressions.

We currently have a load of information about the game, a small bit of Greek history, and a bucketload of screenshots over there, so what are you waiting for ;)?

Friday in the Empire

Posted on June 9, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Even if you are good at other city-strategy type games, Caesar III has its own requirements, as Governor Terentius has discovered in Am I a layout moron? It worked for SimCity3000. Well, when in Rome….

And the Summer 2000 mini-competition has kicked-off, with 26 folks playing Tiber from the original Caesar III Olympics. Any questions about the rules or how to submit your entries, check the threads in the Reviewer’s Corner. Good luck to you all!

A gathering in Tarraco

Posted on June 7, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Tarraco doesnt have to be a terrifying experience, just ask Citizen Paul. He has a nice, breezy account of his Terrific Tarraco in Game Help for your reading pleasure.

And lurkers and contributors alike are welcome in the new History Forums, just one of the Gathering Places listed on the Forum Index. If you think you need to brush up on your Roman History or want to contribute to the Questions, Answers and Facts about Rome, then feel free to join in the on-going discussion.

Competition Fever

Posted on June 6, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Just to let you know that big old contest in Egypt is not the only competition going on around Heaven. If you need a quick challenge, Cherub Marcus Lindicus has organized a Summer 2000 Mini Competition for Caesar III players. Head over to the Reviewer’s Corner for all the particulars and to add your name to the roster. And, for an added incentive, I hear there are going to be some prizes awarded. Better check it out 🙂

The group has chosen to compete on the Tibur-Hadrian map from last year’s Caesar III Olympics. It is a great short event, time frame is June 9th thru June 16th, which will still leave you plenty of time to haul some stones in the Pharaolympics.

Download statistics 2000.05.27 — 2000.06.03

Posted on June 5, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Just disentangling myself from all my other obligations (such as work and friends) to quickly and quietly put up this week’s statistics.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.05.27 – 2000.06.03
Number of scenarios downloaded: 2897
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 460

Londinium is still popular, but other noteworthy entries are Barcelona, the Swiss Alps and Birth of an Emperor.

Of course all of you have seen the redecorating going on in the forums. Just one thing…we’re far from finished.

Remodeling again..

Posted on June 4, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Angel Reck did a little remodeling and reoganization to the forums today and it looks quite nice. We now have three new forums for discussing ancient history: Roman, Egyptian and Greek.

In the newly named Gathering Place you will find Community, Test and Website Comments along with a new forum to discuss Other Games you might be playing or find enjoyable. Check it out 🙂

Cyrenaica can be beat!

Posted on June 3, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

This kinda got lost in the shuffle with all the excitement yesterday, but mighty accolades and congrats to Fortuna who actually managed to beat that incredibly difficult and diabolical player-designed scenario, Cyrenaica. Countless others have spent years trying to best Caligula’s Challenge, including Caligula himself 🙂 so join here for a big round of applause for Fortuna. By last count she is the third one to be successful.

Lightning Blues

Posted on June 3, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, we now have the explanation for why our servers were down for a good part of yesterday – apparently, Gamestats’s ISP was struck by lightning, thus causing something of an icky power outage.

Still, things seem to be back to normal at C3H now. Thanks for bearing with us :).

Heaven Hiccup..

Posted on June 2, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Somewhat of a server hiccup today, folks. Angels and Seraphs working to sort things out so governors and forum folks dont go into withdrawal from lack of time in Heaven. Apologies for any inconvenience. Additionally, the heavengames email server was down too, so if you sent any email to staff between about 10pm EDT yesterday and 11am EDT today, please re-send to make sure it was received.

Over in Egypt, seems the long awaited Pharaolympic Competition has got off the ground. Registration to compete starts today, and if you play Pharaoh as well as Caesar III, you might want to get in on the fun. Check it out, but dont forget to come back to Rome 🙂 We would miss you.

Massilia.. the final exam

Posted on June 1, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Just when you think you have it all together, that you have learned your lessons well, that final exam comes and you are facing Massilia problems… as Governor patrician has discovered in Game Help. Not only supplying all those folks with food and goods, but how many palaces should you build? Check out the link for a peek at Caesar III Legend and Olympic Champion Marty Party’s solutions of some 40 or so palaces and a few blocks of tents 🙂