News Archive: July-December 2000

Happy New Year

Posted on December 31, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

This is my third New Year’s Eve to be playing City Builder Games, as it was NY Eve 1998 when I first bought Caesar III. I was so busy trying to keep my struggling settlement from burning down, I never even heard the fireworks πŸ™‚

So, Happy New Year to all gamers round the world. We are still here in Heaven, helping when we can and enjoying each other’s company.

Message from Angel Thunder

Posted on December 12, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Registration is now underway in Age of Kings Heaven’s aptly named King of the Nomads Tournament! Players have until December 28th to register for this tournament that will feature 1 on 1 random civilization battles on the infamous Nomad random map. Games will get underway on December 29th on GameSpy Arcade, with a bunch of Ager goods up for grabs! To register, or for more information, visit:

Got AOK?

Posted on November 7, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If you have Age of Kings, then this press release from Angel Thunder from Age of Kings Heaven might well be of interest to you:

It’s time to polish your sword Agers and get ready to fight for King of the Hill! Age of Kings Heaven presents the King of Heaven Hill Tournament which will be held starting November 11 on GameSpy Arcade. This 1 on 1 single elimination Age of Empires II: The Conquerors event will weed out would be rulers, and crown the true King of the hill. For full details on game settings, prizes, and how to register visit:

Help! What’s Going On?!?!?!

Posted on November 5, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, as you can probably see, things have now changed a bit here at C3 Heaven – we’ve turned ourselves into a Resource site, which will no longer by updated often with news, but which will continue to keep its resources at the disposal of you, our visitors.

Newsflashes will continue to appear here, but they will be posted only on an infrequent basis. We hope you like this new format :).

Coming up to 500k

Posted on November 3, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Hmm…I just noticed that we’re coming up to the 500k visitor mark here at C3 Heaven – if you happen to be the 500,000th visitor, please take a screenshot of the magic number and mail it my way. I’ll see if I can sort you out with some HeavenGames goodies ;).

Spooky Caesar

Posted on November 3, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Here something I received from Granite Q – it’s a summary of a ghost story he dug up from one of those things we used to call books ;):

The ghosts of roman soldiers (probably auxiliaries because of they are carrying round shields) have been seen in England in recent times, marching through the cellar of The Treasurer’s House, Minster Yard, York.
They are led by a trumpeter, who can be heard on occassions, followed by a huge carthorse, whose hoofbeats have also been heard, and about 20 soldiers, walking two abreast but looking tired and ragged. Perhaps on the way back from a battle.
The soldiers are only visible from the knees up. Excavations revealed a roman road, Via Decumana, about 450 cm/18 inches below the current level of the floor.The ghostly soldiers still march on the original road!

Fight or flight syndrome

Posted on November 1, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our warriors have been observing the enemy invaders and have some thoughts to share. Join in the discussion on Invasions and How they Work in the Game Help Forum. Or, if fighting isnt your style, you can come to the Toga Party in the Community Forum.

Gladiators and Caesars

Posted on October 26, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Thanks go out to Danial Watson for alerting me to this little exhibition currently running at the British Museum in London, which those of you in the UK might want to take a look at if you happen to be in the area.

It runs until 21st January 2001, so you’ve got plenty of time ;).

Survey Sez…

Posted on October 24, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If you have a spare moment or two over the next little while, please take some time to fill out the new HeavenGames survey. It’s totally anonymous, and will help us to target our services more effectively.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation :).

SideWinder GameVoice Review

Posted on October 23, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

PRess release from AOKH’s Angel Thunder:

Communication is a very important part of online gaming, whether you’re storming a base in a FPS or helping an ally deal with an enemy attack in a RTS game. We’ve put the new Sidewinder Game Voice ( through its paces, testing its chat and voice command functions in gaming situations, and comparing it to some of the free chat programs already made popular by gamers. You can find our review at:

All around the Empire

Posted on October 19, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Some of our lucky governors are trying their hand at Zeus, as the game hit the shelves in North America this week. Just to let you know we have a new Zeus Game Help forum open if you are stuck or perplexed by the plethora of gods to deal with in our newest adventure in city building.

GovernorSimulus has offered some tips on How to reach Very High Populations if you have the yen to test the sprite limits of C3.

And the Roman Empire continues to bring together folks of diverse cultures and now truly transcends time and space. Caesar III Heaven is celebrating two years of providing players with the best game help, resources, downloads, scenarios, competitions and just plain fun. Join us in the Community Forum for a weekend long party where we recall forumers and events that brought us all together. Wear your best toga and bring your dancing shoes πŸ™‚

Anniversary Plans in full swing

Posted on October 16, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our 2nd Anniversary plans are moving right along as more Old Timers check in. The Community Forum is hot right now, with a nostalgic collection of C3 Greatest Threads, compiled by Moquel for your reading pleasure and another trip down memory lane as paultheo asks you to find and share Your first post? with your fellow C3 addicts.

The party is scheduled to start on Thursday, October 19th in the Community Forum and will continue all weekend.

New Look for Heaven

Posted on October 15, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Now that things seem to be settling down a bit here on our new server (yes, we know about the occasional IS errors, and are working to fix them), it’s time to introduce a couple of new sites to the place we all call HeavenGames.

First off, welcome to SCNPunk, AOK scenario designers extraordinare – if you’re looking for news on AOK scenario making, then they’re the guys to see about it.

We are also proud to present Empire Earth Heaven, dedicated to the upcoming RTS by Stainless Steel Studios. Feel free to head over and give Angel Park a warm welcome to Heaven :).

1 more thing – a new logo has also been created to mark our new beginning. For the moment, you can see it here, but it will be put on all Heaven sites over the next few days :).


Posted on October 14, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If you can read this, then welcome to the new server :). Things might still be a little bit Heath Robinson around here for another day or so – please bear with us (again) while we test everything.

If you find something that doesn’t work, then first of all, try 5 more times. If nothing happens after that, then drop me a line to let me know what’s going on. Thanks :).

Upcoming Service Disruption

Posted on October 9, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If you experience problems accessing this site, indeed any other HGS sites, this coming Friday (13th), this will be due to the fact that we’re switching servers.

The forums will be read-only from Thursday evening to allow us to have as seamless a transfer as possible. New registrations will also not be accepted until we’re settled at our new home, which should, if all goes according to plan, be at some point over the weekend.

Thanks for bearing with us – it’ll be worth it :).

Busy as always..

Posted on October 6, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our own Cherub Brugle has been doing some experiments with Maximum distance from market to warehouse and you are welcome to check his methods and results in the Game Help forum.

And if you are up to a bit of sluething and detective work, Gill Britannica and Moquel are searching for long lost forumers to notify of the upcoming Caesar III Anniversary blow-out. There are several threads in Community Forum where you can volunteer to help with the virtual food and fun activities for the big party scheduled to celebrate 2 years of C3 fun and madness….

I know it when I see it

Posted on October 4, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

What exactly is a Culture Block?

You know, those areas of the city given over to just culture buildings to boost the ratings. Over in the Reviewer’s corner there is a discussion going on to precisely define Culture Blocks as they relate to contest competitions. hmmm…. might need one of our lawyer members to compose the final draft, once they explore all the possible definitions.

Saturday Survey

Posted on September 30, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Some of our governors have a real talent for relating their trials and tribulations in the Empire. Join Paulus the 1st for his account of disaster averted in By a gnat’s you-know-what in Luteita in the Game Help forum.

And forumers need your help. Darth Bane is asking for suggestions to name his future business endevor and there are also plans afoot to celebrate the Casear III Heaven upcomming anniversary .. all in the Community Forum.

Gustavia finds Girl Gladiator?

Posted on September 28, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

My latest Web Wandering uncovered this speculation that the first known burial site of a female gladiator might have been discovered. Archaeologists from the Museum of London have determined to their satisfaction the female remains in the burial at the Southwark, England site includes artifacts commonly associated with gladiators.

hmmm… Apparently, there has been other archaeological evidence of female gladiators, I found mention of an inscription in Pompeii which refers to women in the arena, something I wasnt aware of πŸ™‚

You can read about it here in this National Geographic link and a bit more about it from

Venta Begarum ….

Posted on September 27, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Caesar Alan is asking for beta testers for his new Scenario Venta Belgarum.

I wish you to build a regional capital at Venta Belgarum, to control the Southern and Western approaches to Londinium. The locals are not, shall we say, overly impressed with the prospect of Roman rule. You will change that, by making Venta Belgarum a shining example of all things Roman, attaining high levels of Prosperity and Culture.

The terrain is, shall we say, a trifle inconvenient. Steep hills rise up in all directions, and groundwater is beyond the reach of all but the deepest wells. You should rely on the river to supply all your water. Despite this, the surrounding area is rich in raw materials, with ample arable land, an extensive floodplain, and sizeable forests.

You should remember that we remain at war. Although conquered, the locals will not necessarily be cooperative. Perhaps you will be able to persuade them of Rome’s benefits. As the campaign in the North continues, I may also require reinforcements and supplies at the front line.

hmmm.. If you wish to give it a go, you can find the thread in Game Help, here.

Lugdunum Cliff Dwellers

Posted on September 21, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Governor catilina started an Open Lugdunum Competition a while back and appears Cherub Brugle was inspired to take a totally different approach to that city to be known as Lyons. See his account and a great screen shot of Lugdunum Cliff Dwellers in Game Help. A novel solution and some pretty impressive ratings, too.

Out of touch…

Posted on September 20, 2000 by Angel Gustavia


there has been an Angel in the Dark for the last 24 hours, as my DSL and net access just totally died yesterday. It was awful, but I did get caught up on some errands and reading. Really happy this morning to awake and find it was all fixed πŸ™‚

Cruising around to see what I missed I find Angel Zen has posted a Feedback Request on some possible forum format fixes in the Community Forum. Let him know what you think about the new proposals.

Download statistics 2000.09.09 β€”2000.09.15

Posted on September 18, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Yes, it’s Monday evening and here is what you’ve all been waiting for πŸ™‚

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.09.09 – 2000.09.15
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3728
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 551

Hmmm…I should go back to my testing…

Getting them gainfully employed…

Posted on September 14, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Too many workers? Lazy shiftless loafers cluttering up the steps of the Senate? Facing a riot of job-seeking citizens? Find out what tactics your fellow governors use to deal with Unemployment! What do you do? in Game Help.

Generalizing Governors…

Posted on September 12, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Informative far-reaching discussion in Game Help started by Governor Smack called How to start a city and other general issues. Drop by and add your comments or pick up some good tips from experienced Governors.

Download statistics 2000.09.02 β€” 2000.09.08

Posted on September 11, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Another nice batch of downloads

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.09.02 – 2000.09.08
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4690
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 453

And this angel needs to go back and do some serious testing again.

New preview on Zeus

Posted on September 8, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

ummm.. for those of you Roman Governors looking forward to practicing your skills in Greece, there is a new Zeus Preview at GameCenter you will enjoy.

A problem you want to have…

Posted on September 6, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

As a good governor, you send your troops off per Caesar’s request to do or die for the Empire, and sometimes they come home victorious. What to do with that wonderful Triumphant Arch you won for your hard effort? Lots of helpful pointers, including some strategy tips by Cherub Baltic on how many academy trained troops are need to find yourself with this problem.

Download statistics 2000.08.26 β€” 2000.09.01

Posted on September 4, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Another Monday, another batch of download statistics.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.08.26 – 2000.09.01
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4861
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 457

As you can see, nearly 5000 downloads this week. It looks like there’s even a few new ones in top, like the Constantinople one.

Questions and Answers….

Posted on September 1, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

The Community Forum has a new survey going, What does your personality say about how you play Caesar III? started by Paulus the 1st and again shows what a varied bunch of governors like playing C3.

No, it wasnt a visit by the mysterious Dark Angel, the forum glitches we experienced yesterday were technical in nature. You can read about it
here in a note posted by Angel Reck. As usual, it is Angel Zen to our rescue, thanks Zen πŸ™‚

Looking for a challenging change of pace?

Posted on August 30, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

A grab bag of info in the thread started by aulus septimus lurkio called Things I have learned while playing Scenarios. If you have finished the career path or want to take a break, head over to Game Help and see what is being said about some of the most diabolical and devious Scenario Designers and their handiwork.

Download statistics 2000.08.19 β€” 2000.08.25

Posted on August 28, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Downloads a-go-go

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.08.19 – 2000.08.25
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4650
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 548

Some interesting sounding scenarios, I might say.

Apart from that there’s an interesting little survey asking you what kind of governor you are. Are you a greedy planner? An οΏ½sthetic G.I. Joe? Or something completely different?

Saturday Survey

Posted on August 26, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

catilina is collecting reports on the Stable and Prosperous Lugdunum Honor System Competition in the Reviewers Corner and there are a couple of new entries, including one from Caesar Alan with an amazing 100 Prosperity after the required two-year non-intervention run.

And more animal discussions in Game Help, not sheep but those immigrant devouring wild carnivorous canines of the North. Check out What’s the real scoop on spawning wolves? started up by Paulus the 1st
…Even when a man is pure at heart and says his prayers by night, he may become a wolfman when the wolfbane blooms and the moon is full and bright…hmmm.. just popped in my head..

Happy Birthday, Reckless

Posted on August 25, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel Reckless Rodent is celebrating his 21st birthday today. You can congratulate him on the Community forum. I’ll just abuse my priviledges and say:
Happy Birthday, Reck
on the front page.

Native Neighbors….

Posted on August 23, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Nervous about the Natives? Governors add their comments and experiences to Native Traders in Game Help. Looks like you can make a profit from the Natives if you are willing to teach them a little Latin but to be close neighbors you might have to make more of an effort.

Download statistics 2000.08.12 β€” 2000.08.18

Posted on August 22, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Once more, into the fray

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.08.12 – 2000.08.18
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3136
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 477

Apart from that I just got a note from Angel Draco telling me that there’s yet more to download as he’s been busy adding more cities and scenarios. Here’s a message from the man himself

It’s been a slow summer for Caesar 3. 6 Cities and 1 scenario added today. Check out Brugle’s winning contest entry Tibur-Hadrian and Creaticus Dania’s Food for Brittania scenario.

Well, reading this once more, it seems we can do with a few more submissions. So, if you ever tried your hand at scenario building…why not sent your best efforts in?


Posted on August 21, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

While I was away in Tobago, Daniel Watson emailed me this interesting link which may shed some light on how the Romans stationed on Hadrians Wall dealt with those Scots who kept invading. Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite:

The latest excavations at the Vindolanda fort near Hexham, Northumbria, suggest that it held up to 2,000 prisoners during the third century, a time when imperial forces arrived in Britain to quell an uprising north of the border. Vindolanda, one of the northernmost forts of the Roman empire, was an important military stronghold during the entire occupation and held 1,000 soldiers. In recent years researchers have found evidence that it was one of the first prisoner of war camps.

Thanks Daniel!

Weekend Wanderings..

Posted on August 20, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Are we ready for Zeus? Obviously Caesar Constintine has the Hellenic Heros on his mind. He has made a new Athens map showing the location of all the important buildings circa 200 AD and you can find out all about it here

And catilina is launching the Honor System Competition for Lugdunum — it is an open-ended comp where you give it your best shot, post your results and strategy and discuss the various results with your fellow governors. There is a thread started in the Reviewers Corner where you can get all the details.

Step by step

Posted on August 18, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Is the blank map intimidating to you? Do you just build haphazardly and hope for the best? Long time contributor Caesar Alan has posted a great essay on The four phases of city-building in Game Help. Add your thoughts, I am working on mine right now πŸ™‚

Fishing, fighting or just some fun?

Posted on August 16, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

A plea for help from Governor Fortuna with one of Dragon2’s old New World Scenarios. She is currently experiencing fishing problems in New York and would appreciate some input.

The military chaps are at it again in Game Help as Governor Smack is asking about Mounted Auxillaries and their relative merits. If that doesnt catch your interest, then check the latest Recovery Room in the Community Forum. Benson the butler has returned, Nutmegger has used his tractor to plant corn and last I saw they were planning a cyber-shad roast and clam bake.

Download statistics 2000.08.05 β€” 2000.08.11

Posted on August 15, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Here we go again, a bit late, but Angel Gustavia had a special message for you yesterday and we didn’t want to spoil you with two news updates in one day.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.08.05 – 2000.08.11
Number of scenarios downloaded: 5389
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 550

A decent batch, somewhat over 5,300 downloads.

Zeus teasers…

Posted on August 14, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our fave Impressions guy, Itchy dropped by the Zeus Discussion forum with a link to a GameSpy interview with Chris Beatrice. Check it out and leave your excited comments on this thread. This is getting exciting, folks πŸ™‚

And, in Game Help, governor Caesar_Andre has taken an interesting geographical approach to the Career path. His idea would make you more of an expert in the different climates, and a chance to practice what you learned on the next similar type terrain.

Scenario Submittal news…

Posted on August 12, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our scenario submittal system has been derailed slightly by summer holidays and other Real Life obligations. If you sent a scenario to Angel Monty to be uploaded, chances are it is sitting in a mailbox in cyberspace. Angel Draco let me know

Monty is on a summer sabatical in North Carolina on an internship of some kind (he’s a business grad student at Univ. of Chicago). I thought that everything sent his way was supposed to be re-directed to me but I guess that didn’t happen. If you want to send your scenario to me, I’ll load it up for you.

So, there you have it folks. Angel Draco’s email is in his link, just to your left πŸ™‚

Palaces and … pick me, please

Posted on August 10, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Cherub Baltic has shook the sand out of his sandels and recovered from the Pharaolympics to make some visits to Rome lately. He has a Palace Block for you Roman Governors in What is the best layout for developing Luxury Palaces to answer new governor Chris’s query. Check it out, we all can learn from our esteemed experts.

Have a nice weekend, don’t forget to do some PC housekeeping, such as defrag and scandisk, in case there is any news on the Zeus Beta Test. You have signed up, havent you?

Back in Rome..

Posted on August 8, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

First, big thanks to Angel Jayhawk for the bringing you the news while I was busy with the final stages of the Pharaolympics and during my short respite after. Really appreciate you adding Rome for a while to your recent itinerary of Egypt and Greece πŸ™‚

Cruising around the Empire, I find our own Cherub Marcus Lindicus has a new Real Life opportunity that will take him from us for a while.

My wife and I have accepted positions with the World Health Organization and will be travelling to Gabon, in West Africa. I was gone last week preparing our stuff, making arrangements for things like the upkeep of our house, and getting lots of shots! I won’t be gone forever, but I will be away for about 3 months.

Congrats on the realization of your dream, ML and you can leave your best wishes for his safe trip here.

Otherwise, newswise, it is a bit quiet ’round Rome. Folks that aren’t on summer vacation are talking about How many games do you have? in the Other Games forum, but new governor Petrvs is looking for some harder enemies to fight than those offered in the career missions. If you have any suggestions of great military scenarios, drop by his introductory post Salvete! and drop some names while you are saying hello.

Download statistics 2000.07.29 β€” 2000.08.04

Posted on August 7, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

I’ve actually made it on time this week. We have a total of 3710 downlaods this week, mailny a varied bunch of scenarios.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.07.29 – 2000.08.04
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3710
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 468

Remember the posting limit challenge? Well, Angel Zen decided to call it a day when the thread reached a 1000 odd posts. I guess the forums are now safe from thread corruption.

And now for the best news this week, the lovely Angel Gustavia will be back doing the lion’s share of the Caesar 3 news again. Hopefully as of tomorrow.

Zeus beta test sign-up

Posted on August 6, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

For all of you hopeful to be included in the Zeus beta test, the sign-up has opened.

You can find it here.

Good luck!

Download statistics 2000.07.22 β€” 2000.07.28

Posted on August 3, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Late…very late… but better late than never.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.07.22 – 2000.07.28
Number of scenarios downloaded: 5291
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 538

It seems a bit quiet here, doesn’t it? Then again a total of more than 5000 files have been downloaded, so it isn’t that bad. For those of you that enjoyed the 10 Levels, it’s author is currently working on a new batch of scenarios.

Another busy weekend

Posted on August 1, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Aside from the celebrations held last Friday on Pharaoh Heaven we had a few thiungs going on on Caesar 3 Heaven as well. This includes a revamping of the forums by our friendly CGI guru, Angel Zen. Apart from a few small changes in layout and fonting, he’s managed to fix our 150 thread horizon. As a result there’s this little thread in the Community forum….

Apart from that he was celebrating his birthday this weekend.

As for those of you who are wondering about our regular Caesar 3 news hound, the delightful Angel Gustavia. Well, she’s taking a well deserved holiday away from the forums and trying to work her way through a backlog of emails and Real Lifeβ„’ obligations that have been gathering dust since the start of the Pharaolympics.

Cash or Credit?

Posted on July 26, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Governor Olivia Chilla has posed some interesting questions in Game Help about the role of money in Caesar III:

1. How little starting cash is necessary to create a roaring trade town?
2. What is the least amount of cash with which you have started (and successfully completed) a scenario? What resources did you have?

The recent Pharaolympics had a speed event which started with 0 funds –and Cherub Brugle modestly fails to mention that he won that one in his comments and thoughts on the subject. So, governors, How little starting cash is necessary to make the game challenging and exiting? You scenario designers out there might want to take some notes.

Downloads stattistics 2000.07.15 β€” 2000.07.21

Posted on July 24, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Here we go again,a little less than last week, but still a nice number.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.07.15 – 2000.07.21
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4065
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 463

As you can see a nice bunch of scenarios, and…still within the top ten…Caesar Alan’s Londinium.

Now the following hasn’t got much today with Caesar 3, but a bunch of Governors have moved into outer space and are busy playing Astronest.
Just follow the link and you’ll be…even more confused.

The Empire and Elephants both have long memories..

Posted on July 20, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Long time Caesar III player and frequent contributor Governor Jack Noir has returned to grace Game Help with his comments and expertise. He shares his reminisces of one city’s defenses

Long ago I entertained this forum with tales of my 9 attemps to win Mediolanum. One of my final tactics was to fortify with towers the natural mountain forts in the north-east and north-west corners. Later I built walls BEHIND these tower forts. In the north-east my wall was 4 layers thick. I then built stalling walls two spaces in front of the main wall and in some places used single wall elements built in checker board fashion (javalins shoot through these).

You can find his comments in Eternal Elephants in the Game Help forum. Nice to see you back in the Empire, Most August Sir πŸ™‚

Download statistics 2000.07.08 β€” 2000.07.14

Posted on July 18, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Another week of download statistics coming your way. Now accordign to the 8.20Mbyte log file you people have downloaded a massive 60,000+ files. Now either there’s a server problem or there are some really bored people out there.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.07.08 – 2000.07.14
Number of scenarios downloaded: 60515
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 540

As for the rest of us staff people the Pharaolympics keep dragging Angel Gustavia back to the desert and yours truly has just traded the deserts of Lut Gholein for the soggy Kurasht jungles.
Never worry, we’re still here, though…as you’d have guessed by now with two news updates on a single day!

Lugdunum – Now and then..

Posted on July 18, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Is there any governor out there that sailed through Lugdunum on the first try? I doubt it, most all of us found this level to be a mid-term exam that no amount of preparation was really sufficent. Paulus the 1st is reporting his trials and errors in Game help, Lugdunum Woes. For a historical perspective, you might want to check out the Les Pages Tourisme Lyons History page, Lyon: a city at the confluence and in the Athena Review Image Archive: Lyon: Scale model of Roman Lugdunum.

Gifts for the gods..

Posted on July 12, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Been spending a lot of time in Egypt these days, but wandering around the Empire this morning found this intriguing discussion started by Governor Olivia Chilla on god appeasement strategies in Game Help. She writes in part:

Mine is to build an equal number of temples for each god. I have festivals at intervals of 6-9 months. Sometimes I have built an extra temple for a god whose blessing I craved, but it seems to be a dissatisfactory approach in the long run since the blessings do not continue.

What is your strategy for getting a timely blessing? How do you avoid Neptune sinking all your fishing boats? Are Oracles worth the extra expense? Add your comments for keeping those gods on your side.

Download statistics – 2000.07.01 β€” 2000.07.07

Posted on July 10, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Yes, it’s Monday again, time for our weekly dose of statistics.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.07.01 – 2000.07.07
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4096
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 541

Another well mixed batch, methinks…
Caesar Alan’s Londinium just keeps on grabbing your attention, doesn’t it?

Apart from that it’s clear summer holidays are upon us, as the forums are uncommonly quiet.
Or is everybody off playing Diablo II?

Schemes for Success

Posted on July 9, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

There are Palace Blocks Galore in the newly resurrected thread for your consideration in Game Help today. And governor Ursula Hx is reporting Tarsus conquered!, you might want to check it out the winning strategy if you are still fishing and fighting in that city by the sea.

On Pause?

Posted on July 5, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

All is rather quiet in the Empire today. Seems many of our regulars are spending time in Egypt with something called the Pharaolympics πŸ™‚ So, it would be a good time to reply to Brutus Forci’s request for your Gaming History – A Short Resume in the Other Games Forum.

And, some of you may know our Angel Alexander is an English professor in Colombia, South America. He uses various innovative methods to increase communication skills with his students, include Age of Kings. Ride along on a recent field trip with his English Workshop students to the Belen Church.

Download statistics 2000.06.24 β€” 2000.06.30

Posted on July 4, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Whoops! Almost forgot. Tha’s what you get when work and a certain game take up all of your spare time…
Anyroad, here’s last weeks statistics

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.06.24 – 2000.07.30
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4266
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 456

A grand total this week of 4266 downloads. I seems people are back to playing scenarios, as almost all entries are in that category.
I wonder if Palus Trivea is set in a swamp?

Glyphs and Tyrants

Posted on July 2, 2000 by Angel Gustavia

Our governors are adding new creations to the Housing Block Discussion almost daily, check out the latest glyphs in this highly informative and creative thread. And for a little diversion, the Roman History forum has a plea by aulus septimus lurkio for Information on Caligula (the Emperor not our fave forumer). Was he really insane? or just insecure? If you have some sources or want to see what is known, drop by and join in the discussion.