News Archive: January 1999

Forum Overview

Posted on January 31st, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

Yep, the forums, usually a source of fun and information, can at times also be a source of annoyance. Just read yesterday’s posting by RR to find out how. As a result, you will see some locks on some of the very, very long threads we have such as Story Time. The lock doesn’t mean you are locked out, it just means that no new replies will be accepted…for that folder.

However, as you can see in the General Forum, you can simply open a new folder or message thread and call it XXXXXX Part II. This has been done for the Story Time thread and the new folder already has well over 30 postings. Again we stress that this has been done out of necessity. The more active forums at HGS sites, basically all of them, do seem to cause a server slowdown which also means you have to wait longer for your favourite CIII H pages to fully display and your postings to be shown.

Our veteran Tech Team is working on the problem but early indications are that relief will arrive along with a new version of the forum program used.

Well RR has passed on the news baton to me and all I can say is that I am glad to be here and able to update the news as yesterday I went into earthquake-stricken Armenia riding shotgun on a small relief truck. My shotgun was a small can of mace. We were able to distribute food and clothing to quite a few victims personally and I and my wife made it back in one piece. I have only one regret: that we were not able to do more.

Frolics in the Forum and Activity in the Archives

Posted on January 30th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Those of you who are regular posters in the forum here at C3H will have noticed that there has been a spate of thread closures over the past day or so. This is because we need to keep the threads to between 20 and 30 posts in order to ease the load on our server. New threads will be started with a link to the old one so that the discussion can be continued. We hope this will only be temporary, so please bear with us.

If you think that this page loads quicker, then it’s because I’ve updated the Archives with news from the past 7 days.

Today I’ve received news that our sister site, Majesty Heaven, has been revived under the command of Angels Spineman and Mack. Head over there and check out what you’ll all be playing come the Autumn!

A big day in history today – in 435, Rome recognised the Vandal lands in North Africa as “federati” in an attempt to stave off an invasion (which was successful for 20 years). In 1647, the Scots agreed to sell King Charles I of England to the English Parliament for £400. 2 years later, today in 1649, that same King was executed at Whitehall for treason. Meanwhile, the 32nd President of the US, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was born today in 1882.

Is that a Pyramid or are you pleased to see me?

Posted on January 29th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Hear ye, hear ye! Caesar is giving out a quick update on the progress of the latest HGS member! “Pharaoh Heaven is coming on well and looks like it will be ready sometime in February, so keep an eye out for news about that.” Otherwise, it’s a pretty quiet day on the news front, so I’ll just blitz you with a history bit:)…

On this day in 1820 George III, the British King during whose rule the US became independent, died. Seventeen years afterwards, in 1837, the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin was killed in a duel. Well, silly people meet nasty ends…;)

Scratch on the Patch

Posted on January 28th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

It seems as if those who are waiting for the non-US version of the patch need not worry that they’re being forgotten – Itchy, aka Jon Payne (QA at Impressions) posted the following message in the forum yesterday:

Let me assure everyone that a localized version of the enhancement is on the way, hopefully very soon. I realize that all of this waiting has made all of you understandably a bit miffed. You can rest assured that this situation will *never* be repeated (i.e the length of time it’s taking to get a localized version out).

You’ll be the first to know when the patch comes out:). If you want to see the rest of the thread, then see it here.

On another topic, don’t forget that we’ve got a chat room here, as well as a chat schedule, so that you can see which Angels and Cherubs will be online at what times to field your questions.

Another important day today – in 1457, Henry Tudor (the future Henry VII of England) was born in Pembroke Castle, Wales. And, in 1547, his son Henry VIII died at the age of 55, to be succeeded by his 9-year old son Edward VI. Today in 1595, Sir Francis Drake died on an unsuccessful trip to the New World. Meanwhile, today also saw the death in 1725 of Tzar Peter the Great of Russia.

A New Recruit!

Posted on January 27th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

We have an announcement to make this morning – a new Cherub has joined the C3H team! All welcome Cherub Onoculator to the site!:) He will be helping out in the forum as well as doing some reviews of fan-created scenarios. Welcome:)!

A slightly Roman feel to the history section today – the Emperor Nerva died today in 98AD after a reign of a couple of years at the age of about 67. Meanwhile, moving forward nearly 2 thousand years, today also saw the birth in 1859 of the future Kaiser Wilhelm II in the Hohenzollern palace of Potsdam.

More downloads!

Posted on January 26th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Spineman has yet again updated the downloads section – way to go Spiney! There is also some action in the Career Path forum to mention today, especially the topic of whether using gatehouses to control your walkers is a cheat. Head over there now to add your 2d worth:).

Today is the anniversary of many momentous events…here are 3 of them:

In 1340, King Edward III of England formally laid claim to the throne of France, thereby starting the Hundred Years’ War. In 1920 Matthias Erzberger, the ex-German fnance minister and the man who had signed the Treaty of Versailles on behalf of Germany to end the First World War, was assassinated in the Black Forest. Meanwhile, last year, President Clinton said something he would come to regret, namely that: “I want to say one thing to the American people, I did not have sexual relations with that woman…Miss Lewinsky.”

Busy Busy Spiney!

Posted on January 25th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Spineman has pushed the boat out again to update the downloads section, this time with 16 new fan-created scenarios and 3 cities – head over there to check out the new stuff. Also, there should be some exciting news from Spineman later on this week…keep tuned for that:)

Otherwise, a pretty quiet day, so let’s turn to the historical events of the 25th January. Today in 1377 saw the accession of Edward III to the English throne, and Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn today in 1533. Moving forward a bit, Al Capone died today in 1947 at the age of 47.

The Rodent’s Back!

Posted on January 24th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Yes, people, your favourite golden hamster is once again updating the news page:) And he starts with some excellent news from Angel Spineman – he has added 17 new cities to the downloads section. There are also some “Progressive Cities” there. Don’t understand? Well, get over there now to find out!

I have now added a chat room schedule to the site – check it out if you want to see when Angels and Cherubs will be online to lend you a hand. There is also a new story in the stories section – see how useful gladiators and a few lions can be, thanks to Peter the Great.

Pharaoh Heaven is gradually kicking into gear – head over there to check out something which will whet your appetite whilst the site is being prepared.

Back to real life, and the history section, which makes a welcome return today, with something of a Roman theme. In 41AD, the mad Emperor Caligula (whose horse he made a Senator) was assassinated at the age of 28. In 76AD, the future Emperor Hadrian (he of the wall) was born. Moving forward a bit, today also saw the birth of the future King of Prussia, Frederick the Great, in 1712.

Story Time

Posted on January 26th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

RR has opened up the cover of an entirely different story. Have fun reading Gordon Farrell’s war story and why not add some of your own? Read the stories here in the Strategy section and send your stories to RR. He will be happy to put them and you up in lights!


Posted on January 22nd, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

The Pharaoh Heaven Site-breaking Team is hard at work getting its material together. They should have a basic information site going live sometime next week or so. Watch this spot for more information.

You may have noticed that due to their lofty cult status, Draco and RR have received the singular distinction of their own e-mail addresses. And they thought they were working hard before. 🙂 Oh, if you are missing some news, it’s just because it’s been archived; see below.

As you may remember, in the New Year the hit counter flipped out and showed all zeros–we thought it was an early attack of the Y2K problem. It’s been fixed and our true hits are now displayed.

Age of Empires Heaven notes that RoR has just gotten some more press coverage and Age of Kings Heaven presents an amazing Q&A session with one of ES’s own! Do not miss this!

RR the Unmasker

Posted on January 21st, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

RR really has been busy today folks. He did a Higgins type phonemic analysis on Onionjon to unmask him (well done, old chap, we knew this site could not be bereft of awards for too much longer). Not only that, but he has set up a chat schedule. Yep, that’s right, all the fans will know when one of the Angels or Cherubim will be waiting for you to have a chat with them. About what? Well, CIII or Pharaoh or anything really. It’s a free Internet. 🙂 The schedule will be up by Sunday but don’t let that stop you from visiting the Chat room now. Good chance one of us and some fans are lounging about there as you read this.

Naturally, RR had lots of time left and he posted a useful bit of info for those of you kind enough to send in housing strategies: “Ok, we have quite a lot of people who come to the forum and post messages showing housing layouts that have been successful for them. However, it is usually quite hard to see them properly, owing to the font we use to display the messages.

So, if you want to make it clearer, then use the following little piece of html:
First, you’ll have to change the { to < and the } to > ok, here we go:

{font face=”courier”}housing layout here{/font}

Then, your layouts will look like this:


For a better explanation of the html, look at the source code (in the edit menu in IE). Easy, huh?” Check out the forum posting and replies here.

Healthy, Clean Citizens

Posted on January 20th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

Need a bath? We’ve got one waiting for you in the Buildings section (Health Buildings subsection) lovingly maintained by Angel JB.

Sorry about this, but I love this composed shot of the pyramids by Mats. Man, even in negative it looks wonderful!

Chat is really starting to take off now. We will have a ‘schedule’ up for you soon.

Hey, don’t forget our big sister sites have some cool happenings as well. Age of Kings is regularly treated to unique, in-depth treatises on major aspects of the game by one of the development staff members! Also, Age of Empires reports an interview with the main web dude at Ensemble Studios and much more!

Peaceful Pixels

Posted on January 19th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

Our Michelangelo of HGS sites, Angel b:real, is warming up for his tour de force at the Pharaoh site soon to be launched by designing a new CIII Strat subsection logo that you can just walk right through, peacefully or a-kickin’.

Just to keep you in the mood, ogle this:

Now wouldn’t you like to have your people dedicated to you like the ones that built the pyramids at Giza? Well, ok, so you had to coerce them…a lot. But that is why you are a Pharaoh! Don’t those shapes rising out of the sand piercing the grainy blue sky look mythical, almost science ‘fictional’ like something out of Dune? Well, this is an actual picture taken by Mats O. Arvendal. That sure is one heck of a photograph!

Be sure to join us for a chat now and again. Just follow the quick link at the top left of this page. Also, don’t forget those cool building strategy layouts.

MAJOR NEWS! Pharaoh Site to open soon!

Posted on January 18th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

Pharaoh Heaven

After frenzied preparations and a deluge of e-mails, the Caesar III Heaven Dream Team are proud to announce the imminent opening of the sequel to CIII H: Pharaoh Heaven! There are still some matters to be attended to but required permissions have been granted and we felt we should share this with you as soon as it was a sure thing. As soon as the server has been geared towards handling the site for this exciting new game and new pixels and characters can be slapped onto html pages, the site will be opened and it will be announced right here!

Of course the release of the game this Fall means that events will not be as fast-paced as they now are at CIII Heaven. However, we are certain that we shall be able to keep you entertained with lots of goodies till the release–and I don’t just mean eye candy either. We are very, very pleased with the announcement of Pharaoh which promises to surpass even the achievements of Caesar III. A game so popular it has already sold 400,000 units! We are sure Pharaoh will better this and Pharaoh Heaven will be dedicated to assisting in this goal and, of course, in giving you the latest insights as they become known to us. How can we be so sure that the game and the site will be blockbusters? Because the same team that developed CIII and the same team that created CIII Heaven are the same teams working on Pharaoh.

Naturally, we will be maintaining the CIII Heaven site for a long, long time and only four of the original team have been selected to initiate Pharaoh Heaven: Draco, Reckless Rodent, b:real and myself. We will be getting contributions from others at the CIII Heaven site right from the beginning and these contributions will become more frequent as Pharaoh goes beta.

More on the Sequel to CIII!

Posted on January 17th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

I don’t know about you, but I love graphics! Especially the mysterious atmosphere of the new Pharaoh art. If those pixels are anything to go by, this game is going to win a lot of prizes and a lot of favour. The CIII Heaven Dream Team are all very excited about this swift announcement of the follow-up to CIII. In fact, Jon Payne tells us that development on Pharaoh started a few months ago and this must be why it can be both excellent and out this Fall. Ancient history books a little dusty? Need to see what today’s ruins looked like in the Egypt of old? Treat yourself and click on the image below.

Have you tried our chat facility yet? I’ve spoken to some of you already in chats and I would like to speak to more of you. I think it is a lot of fun and an easy way to answer some of the more ‘involved’ questions about CIII. Although we will be announcing visits by CIII Heaven Angels, Cherubs and possibly ‘guests’ quite soon, we do drop by quite regularly so you don’t have to wait for the announcement to be made to enter the chat room. Cya there!

Mention must be made of two forum postings that have broken through the C barrier. The age of Caesar players would seem to be fast becoming an all-time favourite with you forum frequenters. However, it is still outpaced by the Story Time thread started by Lion Tamer. Drop by and weave a bit of your plot into the tale.

A Chat Room!

Posted on January 16th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, after yesterday’s news about Pharaoh, there’s yet more exciting stuff here at C3H today. Everyone’s favourite Angelic Rodent has managed to set up a chat room on the site:) You can find it here. I’ll be there for an hour or so at 5pm GMT – that’s 12pmEST for those of you in the States – to answer general questions about C3H and the chat room. Expect to see sometime soon a schedule being posted by myself to detail times when Angels and Cherubs will be on hand to help you with your problems.

There have been loads of site updates this morning – I’ve posted into the Strategy Section some building layouts that Cherub Monty’s Monkey sent me this morning. Also to be updated this morning is the Archives section – check it out to see what you’ve missed over the past week.

So, with all these momentous events occuring today, what were people of the past coming to terms with today? Well, in 1547, the people of Russia were celebrating the coronation of Tzar Ivan IV (the Terrible in later life). In the US in 1920, time was being called for the last time for 13 years as the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) came into effect. Meanwhile, on this day in 1982, full diplomatic relations were established between the UK and the Vatican, after over 400 years of hostility.

New Game From Impressions and Reckless Rodent hits 1000+ Posts!

Posted on January 15th, 1999 by Angel Draco

Whoa!! The big news of the day is that Impressions Software (besides just launching their very own web site) has announced the next big game in their “City Building Series,” set to be released sometime next Fall:


The following is an excerpt from the Pharaoh web site:

“Pharaoh is set in ancient Egypt during the period when the great pyramids were built. This city simulation game allows players to create majestic Egyptian cities, build large monuments and farm at the mercy of the Nile River.”

Hop on over to the site and add your suggestions to its forum!

Shifting gears, Angel Reckless Rodent has surpassed 1000 forum posts! Woo-Hoo! Way to be there for the fans Reck!

End of an “Air-a” & Reckless Rodent’s Countdown to 1000 Posts!

Posted on January 14th, 1999 by Angel Draco

Since I live in Chicago, Illinois, I just can’t help but mention this. Yesterday at the United Center Arena, Michael “Air” Jordan, #23 of the Chicago Bulls, announced his retirement from professional basketball at age 36. It was a sad, sad day in “the house that Mike built,” and I’m sure I speak for millions when I say it was a joy to watch him play and that he will be dearly missed. He is the best there ever was to play the game.

In other news, my partner in crime, Angel Reckless Rodent, is nearing the lofty goal of 1000 forum posts! At last count he was at 973. I have had to re-register 3 times on the forum (as “Draco,” “Cherub Draco,” and “Angel Draco”) so my total only says 208, but my grand total is probably only around 600. Way to go Reck! More than anyone else, Reck has always been there to answer the questions of New Governors everywhere.

Thread of the Day: Lion Tamer’s “Story Time.” At 38 posts, this is the funniest thread I have ever read in my life! Hop on over to the Forums and add your own line to this on-going saga!

In case you missed it, click here to read my interview with Jon Payne, a.k.a. “Itchy,” of Impressions Software.

Interview with “Itchy” !!

Posted on January 13th, 1999 by Angel Draco

Earlier this week I conducted an interview over ICQ with “Itchy,” a.k.a. Jon Payne, of Impressions Software. Go to the Game Info section to read it right now! Here’s a sample:

<Draco> You have one of the better company-sponsored sites for your game, and a very active forum from day one (I was there religiously getting tips). However, the fans know you’re listening, and you’ve received some pretty harsh criticism from fans regarding what they didn’t like. Any thoughts on that?

<Itchy> It can be difficult at times when people have so many different ideas of what they think the game should be and sometimes seem angry at us for that. However, we all believe in this game and want to support and our customers as best as we can. The level of interaction is good though – it never hurts to have people exchanging ideas about something that they are all interested in, even if they don’t necessarily agree.

Changed again!

Posted on January 12th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well well, what do you know? Yet another change of look for the news page. In case you didn’t notice the change for yesterday, the quicklinks have moved to the top of the page, next to our logo. I hope you like the new look. It’ll have probably changed again tomorrow in any case, so don’t get too attached to the new look.

The winds of change have also blown in the staff department, with the appointment of another Cherub. All welcome Cherub mouse to the site! She’ll be ferreting in the forums and, with any luck, be doing some scenario reviews too. I’m sure that she’ll be a valuable addition to the team.

After a hiatus yesterday, the history feature is back today <cheers and applause>.

Today in 1945, the German army was in retreat following the Battle of the Bulge (Belgium). Also, today saw the death in 1976 of the writer Agatha Christie, whose play “The Mousetrap” is currently the longest-running show in the West End of London.

Forum Action

Posted on January 12th, 1999 by Angel Draco

Greetings New Governors! Your friendly neighborhood Proconsul here. There’s some great threads in the forums right now:

Make a contribution to Kinman’s World Wide Caesar thread. He’s creating so many scenarios, we’ll be playing them well into the Millenium!

Add a line to Peter the Great’s humorous thread: “You know you’ve been playing c3 too long when…

And finally, offer your analysis on the National Football League Playoffs!

I will be creating “post-patch” FAQs soon, but will still make a copy of the “pre-patch” FAQs available for download.

Massive site update

Posted on January 10th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, I’ve been busy for most of the afternoon trying to see how I could make the site better for you, our visitors. As you will notice, this page has been altered to include a table of “quicklinks” which will hopefully complement our navigation bar over on the left of the screen and allow you to get where you want to go quicker.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that there is a new link – to Cherub MartyParty’s Peaceful walkthroughs! They are very well written and are a valuable resource for anyone seeking to tackle the peaceful career path.

I’ve also given the Strategy Section a much-needed overhaul, as it was beginning to look a little jaded and long in the tooth. Head over there to find out what you’ve been doing wrong (if you’re stuck).

Handing over the baton

Posted on January 10th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

This is probably my last news update for a week today, since (if all goes well), Angel Draco should be taking over here for next week. Barring any problems, you should see me here again on the 18th.

More problems of a technical nature over on the General Forum – head over there and see if you can help someone with a ninja PC get C3 to work. Also, JB had done yet another update, the Units page being the one to receive the treatment today.

I don’t know if the “on this day” feature will be continued next week, so I’ve got a bumper edition today just in case it won’t.

In 1645, William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, was executed as part of the English Civil War. It’s also a popular date for meetings of international bodies too – the ill fated League of Nations met for the first time in 1920, and the General Assembly of the UN met for the first time in London today in 1946. In the UK in 1957, all the talk was of a political crisis as Anthony Eden resigned as PM in the wake of the Suez Crisis, to be replaced by Harold Macmillan.

Military Walkthrough Web Pages!

Posted on January 9th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Yes, everyone, the moment is finally here!! I’ve just uploaded my Military Walkthrough web pages. They are to be found by clicking here. I hope you enjoy them, and even find them useful;).

Another quiet day, or is it?

Posted on January 9th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

No news yet from Impressions about the patch, and whether it is any different to the BETA version. Also no permission as yet to post the patch on this site, so you’ll have to be satisfied by getting it here.

Any technically-minded chaps out there who could help out one of our visitors with a sound problem? If so, head over to the General Forum and lend a hand:). Alternatively, click here to go straight to the relevant post.

More site changes today – the ever-diligent JB has updated the Gallery again and I’ve also added some old news items to the Archives.

I can hear you all asking “All well and good Reck, but why is today so important?”. Well, apart from the birth of Richard Nixon in 1913, today also saw, in 1522, the election of the last non-Italian Pope (until John-Paul II) when Adrian of Utrecht (tutor to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V) became Pope Adrian VI.


Posted on January 8th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Impressions have announced on their website that they have finally released a final version of the BETA patch that they have been testing for the last month or so. You can go and grab it from their official site. We’ve mailed Impressions asking them for permission to post it on this site too – we’ll keep you informed.

However, before you all go and snatch the patch, there’s a catch – it only works for the US versions of the game at the moment. I’m sure that Sierra and Impressions are working on it as hard as possible and that a non-US patch will be out soon. Be assured that you will hear about it as soon as it happens here at C3H.

Back to the usual routine, and the “what happened today” feature:

In 1790, George Washington delivered his first State of the Union address.

Gues who!

Posted on January 7th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

I’m back – everything’s all sorted out and you can all expect to see quite a bit more of me in the next few weeks. Thanks to Angel Alexander I for stepping in to cover for me again. Hopefully, I’ll soon be able to announce the appearence of my military walkthrough web pages, so keep tuned for that.

And now for the new idea which I mentioned a couple of days ago. It’s a sort on “on this day in history” feature, and I’ll try to find something interesting which happened on a particular day in history.

Today in 1558, the French recaptured Calais from the English, thus ending the English presence in France which had lasted for 400 years.

OK – I’ve still got some things to sort out, so I’d better go and do that – happy surfing:)

Patch Patience again!

Posted on January 12th, 1999 by Angel Alexander I

Well, I’ve been surfing the Impressions’ Site for any news on the Beta Patch…but no luck. Patience is the key here as you watch your Prefect ignore a fire leveling his own office, the market matron do all but deliver the goods and balista turn tail as the enemy continues to drill holes in your defenses.

I must admit that some of those bugs are fun though. Like the one where you build a set of two walls well away from your town to ‘confuse the AI cat’. One is at the bottom of the far steps leading to a plateau and the other at the top. The enemy closes on them, seems to understand it has been duped and then decides to head north to the only other open spot to your real town walls. About halfway they figure they are getting too far away from any form of built up area, decide to ignore that they were on a roundabout route to your town and turn back and head for the nearest structure. Yep, the ‘chew toy’ walls again. They repeat this indecisive behaviour until you dispatch a legion to put them out of their AI-loop generated misery. When you are good and ready of course. 🙂 Even if the dummy walls are as far away as 15 hexes from your town’s furthest extension and there are no roads or houses for miles, an occasional sentry will appear on those isolated ramparts!

While you’re waiting for the patch (judging from above, I think I know why it’s taking so long :-)) why not contribute to our ever active forums? The matter of Caesar’s age is a live wire again in the General Forum as it heads to the 100+ posts number! Learn from Angel Draco’s learned discourse on how farms and markets work (I’ll be darned if I know) and stare in wonder at those naughty bath maidens.


Posted on January 4th, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

OK, who spotted the deliberate mistake in yesterday’s news? Of course Twelfth Night isn’t today – it’s tomorrow (never was any good at Maths anyway, you know).

Pretty quiet day as far as news is concerned – it’s the last I’ll be doing for a couple of days, as I’m getting ready to move back across the country to uni, so there’s plenty of packing to be done. Hopefully, Angel Alexander I will stand in for me:). When I get back, I might try a little idea that I’ve been playing with in my head for the last few days – keep popping back regularly to see what it is;).

Have a nice time everyone, and I’ll see you again at the end of the week.

Back To Normal At C3H

Posted on January 3rd, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Now that the festive season is well and truly over, and Twelfth Night (the time when one is supposed to take all the Christmas decorations down) is tomorrow, I thought that I’d steal a march on it and remove them today. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year break, and that you’re ready to face work/school/university or whatever again.

Just before you go back to work, though, relish the free time and post something on the forum – there are many interesting and useful topics there, as well as some rather amusing ones.

Loadsa’ People!

Posted on January 2nd, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Unless the hit counter we use here at C3H (see bottom of page) has had an early attack of the Millenium bug, it seems that it has reset itself because we have had our 100,000th visitor:):).

Thanks to all you visitors who have helped this site to become what it is today, and keep on coming – let’s see if we can get another 100k in the next couple of months (here’s hoping).

On a sadder note, Cherub Desert Rider has informed me that GODS is closing down imminently, following the departure of Seraph Gold a couple of months ago:(. C3H and the rest of HGS will, however, carry on as normal.

A Brand New Year!

Posted on January 1st, 1999 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, here we are. Another year has started, and we await to see what good fortune it will bring us. The first thing it brought us seems to be a very long news item for yesterday, so I’ve moved last week’s news to the Archives again in the hope that the page might load a bit quicker. Since last week’s news included the Christmas Day update, and some people who got C3 for Xmas might only just have found C3H, then I’ll just repeat a little of what I said then… Veterans out there might want to hop straight to the forums to miss this bit out:)

If you are new around here, then check the whole site out for some very useful information about C3 – we’ve got FAQs if you’ve got a gameplay problem, walkthroughs if you’re stuck on a particular level of the career path, and technical FAQs to help you solve any problems which you might be having in that department. I hope you’ll find what we have to offer useful and that you’ll contrbute to the forum for the benefit of other players.:)

OK, Science bit over…time to sit back and enjoy the ride.