News Archive: February 2000

Can Caesar ever be pleased?

Posted on February 29, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Is Caesar throwing his wine glass at you? Is the Slave Ship on your horizon? How can you make him happy and keep him from gasp invading your city? One of our new players, Gar, is looking for suggestions here so help him out of his dilemma.

Angel ET will be posting the Official Rules for the Friendly Competition on Wednesday, so watch the news and the forums for this announcement. If you still want to sign up to play, you need to let him know here before March 6, 2000.

Download statistics 2000.02.19 — 2000.02.26

Posted on February 28, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Yes, It’s that time of the week again…

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.02.19 – 2000.02.26
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4312
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 483

Something for the bold ….. and the meek….

Posted on February 27, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Feeling a little competitive? Want to test your skills against your fellow forum members? Angel ET is organizing a little friendly Caesar III competition.

You can choose to play on Normal or Hard difficulty and play from 2 to 6 different maps— Catagories include Peace, Economy or War. Intrigued? Challenged? Sign up on the Master Competition Player List in the Reviewer’s Corner Forum and Angel ET will start a thread for you there to ask your questions and choose your maps.

And… if you are just lurking around and still too shy to post or ask questions, take a deep breath…. and introduce yourself in the Community Forum here . You will be glad you did….

Finished Mediolanum

Posted on February 26, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

As some of you may know I’ve never started, let alone finished, the Military Career path. While waiting for Pharaoh I did make a start and then got carried away dragging stone for monuments, while still in Mediolanum.

A few days ago I played several hours on a slow laptop and today I actually finished the game just before the 7th (or so) invasion. Final score:
– 66-58-66-68, 7000 population and 34447 Denarii on the balance.

Never needed more than those two legions of javelin throwers even with the last invasion sending in something like 4 legions heavy infantry and half a dozen elephants.
So, it’s on to Carthago.

Not a slow news day….

Posted on February 25, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

whooo hoooo.. all the forum lights were lit up today when I logged on…

Where to start?

If you agreed to participate in the new Caesar III competion, you need to head over to the Reviewer’s Corner to see if our busy Angel ET left some questions for you. At least two dozen players have signed up on the Master Competition Participant List so far, but the more the merrier.

Folks in Game Help are still discussing Prosperity and now the subject of Hippodromes has surfaced.

Last but certianly not least, our own Angel Jayhawk has reached the lofty heights of the 5K Club. Way to go, Angel Jay! Share your memories and leave your congratulatory remarks for him here.


Posted on February 24, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Enthralled by the movies in Caesar III? Want to see the thundering chariots rushing to your city anytime you want? Well, check out this thread to find out all about Radtools and Smacker. These cool tools will also allow you to watch the Pharaoh in-game movies at your leisure. You can find it in the Pharaoh Downloads where it goes by the name of the Pharaoh Movie Viewer in the Misc Section.

And, there seems to be a discussion of the ever elusive Prosperity requirement going on in Valentia here. Perhaps you could add your expertise.

Long time no see

Posted on February 23, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

It gives me great pleasure to announce the return of a long lost friend. The Lady Incontinentia, banished from Londinium has surfaced again. She’s found a new home in Terra Australis Incognita and immediately opened a local branch of the RSPCE. Please give her a warm a welcome as you can.

Meanwhile, Marcus Lindicus is still gathering information about the greatest city in Gaul, Lutetia. So if you, unlike this angel, actually played this scenario, you may wat to give him some pointers.

Happy to be back in Rome

Posted on February 22, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Nice to be on assignment here in Rome….. Beautiful scenery, familiar faces and lots of old friends. Caesar Heaven is still a wonderful site, but of course, you know that already…..

If you are new to playing Caesar III, you might want to check out the Strategy Section. There is a link on the nav bar to the left where you can find Walkthroughs for the Peaceful and Military campaigns and lots of other helpful goodies.

Playing Lutetia? Or do you have any tips and tricks for that assignment? You can join the discussion here. Any input would be appreciated.

Got Windows 2000?

Posted on February 21, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If you do, and are having problems playing C3, then it would be well worth taking a look at this page on the Microsoft site. Here’s why:

Windows 2000 was specifically architected to enable customers to easily add additional application support after the product had shipped for general release. The February 2000 package is the first release of such additional application support and includes software compatibility updates for Windows 2000.

During product compatibility testing prior to release, Microsoft focused on the top volume business applications (thousands of applications run out-of-the-box). With that testing complete, as you can see below, we are now broadening our original focus and have addressed some minor compatibility issues with a few of the more popular home/entertainment/gaming applications.

Below you will find a complete list of the software programs addressed by this update.

1 of the games listed is C3, and perhaps the update will even help Pharaoh users ;).

Download Statistics 2000.02.12 — 2000.02.19

Posted on February 21, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, here they are again, the top ten of the approximately 3,500 downloads this week.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.02.12 – 2000.02.19
Number of scenarios downloaded: 3499
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 359

I’ve actually been playing a bit of Caesar 3 while out at a customer site in Milan. Appropriately enough, I was still busy playing Mediolanum and managed to survive 3 more attacks with nothing more than two academy trained legions of javelin throwers.
and a lot of space 🙂.

Now that Cherub Gustavia has joined us on the News front, we’ve decided to run the news slightly different. We’re not 100% percent sure of how we are going to handle things, but at least I should be here every Monday with the latest Download Statistics.

Cub Newsreporter Cherub Gustavia…

Posted on February 20, 2000 by Cherub Gustavia

Cherub Gustavia visiting here in Rome…. taking refuge from hauling stones for all those danged pyramids in Egypt.

In case you haven’t noticed, Angel Zen has enabled a Search feature for the forums. It is still experimental right now, so keep your fingers crossed that it will work for us. When I first started playing Caesar III, I used a similar one to research posts in Game Help for the next assignment. Look for it at the bottom of each forum index and report any technical problems you might encounter to Angel Zen.

You might want to offer your expertise in managing dock-side exports in Docker’s Logic.

And, there is a first-time scenario by caecus_praetor to review here for those of you with time to spare.

Good news for Mac users

Posted on February 17, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

I received an email today from Allyson Heissey, who’s putting together a page for those of you who play C3 on an Apple Macintosh.

The main thing which this site has in its favour is the it will be able to offer only Mac cities for download, something which we can’t really do. If you want to take a look, then you can do so here. By the way, Allyson’s also looking for people with Macs who can help out and send her some cities she can upload. If you think you can lend a hand, then drop her a line.

Want to participate in a competition?

Posted on February 17, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If so, then Angel Et Flavius has just the thing for you.

Hi Everyone
There is a strong possibility that a competition may be able to be put together..sort of a pre-Olympics type. We would like to get to know how you feel about your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Also on the Community Forums there is a thread by me, where you can introduce yourself..and maybe tell how and when you started with C3. We would like to hear from this community is pretty special and everyone should enjoy it to the fullest.

If you feel you are a beginner, fair, or close to expert..please indicate this…that way we can make things very comfortable..and a nice C3 experience..using the games Map Editor, and created scenario maps as the medium.

Follow the link above to sign up.

Search feature now available

Posted on February 17, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Zen, our resident codemeister, has just enabled a search feature on the Caesar III Heaven forums. He’s also possed one on Pharaoh Heaven and Age of Empires Heaven.

As I said on Pharaoh Heaven, it’s all a bit experimental at the moment, so if there are any problems you encounter, let Angel Zen know about them so he can fix ’em.

NOVA on Rome

Posted on February 15, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

That old Greek lawyer Angel Draco does it again. Here’s some more juicy tidbits he buzzed me with:

Welcome to the companion Web site to the NOVA program “Roman Bath,” scheduled for broadcast on February 22, 2000. In the film, which is a part of the NOVA series Secrets of Lost Empires, an international crew of archeologists, engineers, and historians designs, builds, and tests a functioning Roman bath in the Turkish countryside.

Interested? Then click here to find out more. Well worth a look :).

Download statistics 2000.02.05 — 2000.02.12

Posted on February 14, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, here we go again… Maybe not as many as last week, when at least one person downlaoded every single file in our collection, but still, some great sceanrios.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.02.05 – 2000.02.12
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4516
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 485

Ancient Mariner Rises from the Deep

Posted on February 14, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

That’s the title of this interesting article sent to me by our own Angel Draco. Here’s a snippet:

A ROMAN sailor who drowned while struggling to free his foot from a rope as his ship was sinking has been “brought back to life”.

Archaeologists, employing modern forensic science techniques, took a skull found amid the wreckage of a 1stcentury BC ship to recreate features that, according to La Repubblica, “look strangely familiar, as if he had just stepped ashore”. The sailor was found on one of 16 ships uncovered at San Rossore, the site of an ancient harbour on the outskirts of modern Pisa.

Weekend’s over…

Posted on February 13, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

…and I still haven’t managed to do half the things I wanted. Worse, a couple of hours ago I installed the SIMs and I’m quite sure this game is going to eat up even more of my time.

Here’s a question for you: Does building a fort eat up workers? If you know the answer you can put your comments here.

The manipulation of the C3 model text has been unearthed once more. If you don’t know what this is all about and would like to make some changes to your game…go and have a look 🙂

Then there are a couple of celebrations going on in the Community forum. What else is new? 😛

Running around…

Posted on February 12, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, it seems even angels can run out of time. Especially the last couple of days I’ve been running around and having a busy time in…Real Life. Sadly (or not, depends on your point of view :)) toady is no exception and I now have 30 minutes left to write the Caesar III News.
…and the Pharaoh News… 🙁

The Test forum seems to be very busy these last few days. If you don’t know what the Test forum is for, have a look. This is the place where all these wonderful and/or wacky signatures are created, designed, and fine-tuned.
There’s a wealth of HTML and UBB tricks demonstrated, so you may even learn something new.

There’s a tidbit of knowledge of a more general kind in the Game Help forum. Marcus Lindicus has carefully collected and researche dthe origin of the titles used in the game.

More scenario’s to be downloaded

Posted on February 9, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel Monty’s Monkey has added another two scenarios to the download section, bringing the total to an awesome 248 different scenarios. Both scenarios are by Caesar Wilzbachvs, both are having trouble with Visigoths and require you to maintain a decent army.
You can find them

While you are there, don’t forget to have a look at Pontius Pilatus’ Blue Danube.

Looking down from rather a long distance…

Posted on February 8, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Angel Zen pointed out a rather interesting site to me: A site on space imaging. You may wonder what that has to do with Caesar 3, but this site puts up a special image each week and this weeks special is looking down on Rome. Here’s what the ‘blurb’says:

This one-meter resolution, black-and-white image of the ancient Roman stadium Colisseum or Flavian Amphitheater is shown in one of the first images from IKONOS.

Built from 72-80 A.D., the large, elliptical arena seats 50,000 spectators and represents one of the ancient Rome’s greatest architectural achievements. The structure covers about 6 acres (188m by 156m or 615 ft by 510 ft) and stands 48.5 m (158 ft) tall or about 15 stories.

Space Imaging’s IKONOS satellite captured this image from an orbit of more than 400 miles on October 9, 1999

You can find it here and don’t forget to have a look at their other images while you are there.

Top Ten Downloads 2000.01.29 – 2000.02.04

Posted on February 7, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

Well, it’s that time of the week again…

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.01.29 – 2000.02.04
Number of scenarios downloaded: 7158
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 505

Download statistics for 2000.01.22 – 2000.01.28

Posted on February 5, 2000 by Angel Jayhawk

A week late, but at least they’re here: Last weeks download statistics.

Scenarios downloaded between 2000.01.22 – 2000.01.28
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4229
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 456

Good old Henry!

Posted on February 4, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

If so, then you’re in for some good news:

The Ford Motor Company announced yesterday (3 February) that it’s giving free, high performance PCs to all 350,000 of its employees. The deal even throws in a colour printer and Internet access for just $5 a month.

It’s all in the name of promoting computer literacy and better office communication, according to Ford. Generally credited with the invention of the production line, the company has a good history of innovative work practices. Ford has also had the best labour relations in the car industry since 1986.

CLick here for more information.

Worrying about workers?

Posted on February 4, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Someone clearly is:

I would like to be able to keep the prefects and engineers in their own circuit patrolling the industrial buildings and not off walking through neighborhoods (and also keep the local services like docs, barbers, etc in THEIR own circuit). Is this possible? It seems that gatehouses keep the initial ’employer’ who comes out of a building looking for workers from accessing all the available labor. That stinks. I’d like to be able to build small casa level communities for workers and not just tent villages.

The relevant thread is here.

1 more scen

Posted on February 3, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Angel Monty’s Monkey has just added another scenario to the download section.

1 more thing, not really worth making another post for, but newsworthy nevertheless. Seems like Impressions have fixed the new-look forum so that you can now search through the old posts. Link is below in my previous post.

New forums at

Posted on February 2, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

The chaps over at the official C3 site have changed their forum so that it resembles the one currently up at the official Pharaoh site.

Sadly, all the great messages posted there during the last one and a half years or more seem to have disappeared for the moment, but hopefully the Impressions chaps will find a way of recovering them.

Anyways, you can check the new forum out here.

Meddling in Mediolanum

Posted on February 2, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

A couple of problems in Mediolanum have also appeared overnight:

My city is thriving, invasions are fought off, but I can’t raise my prosperity rating, because those caravans don’t sell clay to me. They left me with two units of that stuff and since then, they keep moving trough, even though I’m willing to buy everything they have.
Any answers to that problem?

That thread is here. There’s another question:

There’s jet another question, that came to my mind.
I’ve build fortifications with towers on both passes, but my baracks only supplied the first fortification with ballistas an Javelin-Throwers. All six Legions are up and running (of course academy trained), there are enough weapons to supply an entire army and there are enough workers to do the military-job, so why doesn’t my baracks deliver me with Javelin and Ballista?

And that one’s in this thread here.

Housing Stability

Posted on February 2, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

The following message has been posted here in the Game Help Forum:

I’m new to this site and would like all of your professional help out there! I’ve just started playing Ceaser III and have reached the Tarsis/Tingus level, although I had to kind of rush to finish the last two Scenarios. Part of my problem is that I can’t maintain my housing statures. I have read many of your entries and found many of them usefull. However, one thing troubles me. why is it that when I reach large Insulae level all of a sudden I get a message saying I need employees when I had unemployment right before my housing evolved. I thought you didn’t lose workers until you reached villa level.

I’m sure help would be appreciated!


Posted on February 1, 2000 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Here’s one I remember playing over a year ago ;). Anyway, there’s a thread in the Game Help forum in which someone’s pondering the best way to win this one:

* Invasion come from both sides of the map, so I’m thinking about situating the greater parrt of my city along the NE edge of the map, with their back to the sea. That way I’ll be able to optimize the fishing potential of this province, have ready access to plenty of rocky terrain for my marble quarries in the eastern corner of the map and at least the farmland near the oasis on which to cultivate my olive & vine crops, and be able to intercept any invading armies before they are able to reach my city’s walls.