News Archive: December 1998

(Nearly) 1999 🙂

Posted on December 31st, 1998 by Angel Reckless Rodent and Angel Alexander I

So, another year is about to end and yet another is about to begin. So must things be as the world continues on its inexorable journey across the heavens. Speaking of the heavens, is there anything that we could do to improve C3H? Do you want a different layout (nothing promised there, I’m afraid, though we are, of course, open to any suggestions that you may have), or would you like to see the site changed in any other way? Are there things that we could do to improve the service we provide here at C3H? Any things which you reckon we’ve missed out on?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then mail us and let us know. Of course, I can’t promise anything, but we will take each suggestion on its merits and decide whether any changes are necessary. Remember, we run this site for your benefit, so if you think that a New Year deserves a fresh approach, then let us know:).

The Archives have also been updated today with some of the news from a couple of weeks ago.

Happy New Year! Now to all of you east of Iceland up to the international date line and later to the rest of the world! May you enjoy the celebrations in peace and safety.

I just thought I should get in my best wishes before I hit the Cuba Libres. 🙂 It has been an eventful year to say the least. The rise of Caesar III Heaven was somewhat chaotic but after initial problems beyond the site’s direct control, CIII H became the most popular fan site in the world–thanks to all of you 1200 visitors daily and, of course, the dedicated staff. I have enjoyed webmastering the site since its initiation but it has been very hard work and I am glad for the help of my two co-Seraphim and of course the rest of the CIII H Dream Team.

In true News Update style, I am happy to announce that despite the bowls of eggnog and gallons of champagne, JB and his ever trusty sidekick DR have done the deed on this last day of 1998. Not only has the Gallery been updated with the latest shots, JB had some spare time and decided to give us a New Year logo for this very active section. It is worthy of full display here on the main page. Exceedingly well done guys!

Of course, those of you who have gotten to know JB and DR realize they seldom produce so little in one go :-). JB decided to start revamping the Buildings section which sorely needed it. He does intimate to us that it may take a few weeks for the final touches but hey, the guy is updating in the Christmas period–I think we can cut him some slack. 🙂 Naturally this was not enough as DR and JB finally slapped those cheats into the Game Info section where they belong. No more letters to me about the cheat codes. 🙂

Again, I wish you all a most prosperous and game-filled 1999!

Game Info Updates

Posted on December 30th, 1998 by Angel Reckless Rodent

I received the welcome news today that Angel JB has updated the Game Info section for all to check out today. If you’ve just got C3, or perhaps thinking of buying it with any money you got over Xmas, then this is a good place to go if you want to check out the games background, etc.

Thanks and well done to Angel Alexander I for standing in for me on the news yesterday – something going wrong in the Internet connection department, I’m afraid, so my news updates might be somewhat sporadic until mid-January, by which time everything should be sorted out:).

Since I do have the aforementioned problem at the moment, I don’t know if I’ll be updating the news before 1999, so if I don’t, then I wish all our visitors a Happy New Year.

Forum Action

Posted on December 29th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Units missed out on, Excel city layouts and beyond Caesar IV are just some of the hottest topics being debated in the General Forum. Need more specific topics? Check out MartyParty’s folder on the Lugdunum walkthrough and asking for troops in Lutetia in the Career Path Strategy forum or share your views with Angel Stef on how to improve the current editor in the Scenario/Map Editing forum.

You may have noticed that Angel Reckless Rodent has been updating the news over Christmas. I think he is doing a really great job and I can tell you that it is wonderful to be able to share this responsibility. But don’t let me do all the talking, let us know what you think of joint responsibility for the news.

If I don’t update again until next year, have a really cool and safe new year’s party!

Pretty boring really…

Posted on December 27th, 1998 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Not much to say today – it’s been pretty quiet over here in England (apart from the high winds yesterday and last night). I hope everyone out there is well, and ready to face another day of CIII. If anything happens, though, rest assured that you will all be the first to know.

Feeling Stuffed? Try the C3H diet!

Posted on December 26th, 1998 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Well, now that Christmas Day is over, not to return for another year, we can all settle down and sleep off yesterday’s overeating and general overexuberance. And what better way to burn the calories than to visit your favourite CIII site:)? -Yeah, I wish;).

Hopefully, this page loads a bit quicker than it did yesterday, since some of the news has been removed to the dusty shelves at the back of the server known as the Archives. Check them out if you’re new around here, as they will bring you up to speed with what’s happened over the past few months (in some cases, before I was even here).

I’ll repeat the message I gave yesterday to all you people out there who have just got the game and are looking for some expert(?!) tips on how to get the most out of it. Check out the forums (follow the link to the left of this message) and read the FAQs – that should sort your problems out. If you’re still stuck, mail a Cherub and ask them – they’ll be only too happy to answer (isn’t that true guys:)?)

Right, that’s enough from me – have a nice Boxing Day and happy surfing!:)

A Merry Christmas To All!

Posted on December 25th, 1998 by Angel Reckless Rodent

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas to all our loyal visitors – I hope the day is/has been (delete as appropriate for time zone) an enjoyable one. Did you all get what you asked for?:) Guess what I got – FP98 (hence why I’m writing the news page today).

If you’ve found that the white-bearded man in the red suit has brought you CIII for Christmas, and you’ve just arrived here for the first time, then I welcome you here on behalf of all the team at Caesar III Heaven. Check out the forums, download the technical FAQs that Angel Stef has provided, the general FAQs that Angel Draco has put together over the past few months, or even the walkthroughs (if you’re really stuck). Read the forums – lots of good stuff in there – and add your own comments on virtually any CIII-related topic.

Once again, Merry Christmas and happy surfing!:)

A Reckless Christmas Present!

Posted on December 24th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

We at Caesar III Heaven wish you all a very merry and ‘playful’ Christmas indeed. To make the occasion more festive, good old RR has provided us with printer-friendly Military Walkthroughs! You can download them right here.

I will do my best to post news here over Christmas…if I am in any condition to do so. Of course the forums never close so be sure to leave your Christmas greetings where everyone can see them. I hope to be back in the new year (just kidding…I think :-)).

Cool Updates!

Posted on December 21st, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

DR and JB have posted even more screenshots and a sketchbook full of C-toons at the Gallery Section, in particular the Military sub-section. Again, a job well done by JB, DR and our visitors who contributed. The message from our Gallery artists is: “Keep ’em comin’!”

Of course our boys at the Gallery also tend to the Units section. No less than five new units have been extruded, described and posted from real-life gaming situations. Well worth a visit.

Well, I finally managed to get my computer stuffed with all the internet goodies required to keep you posted on the latest news. As you can see, I still have some glitches to work out. Thanks for your patience.

Mucho News

Posted on December 17th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Great updates at the downloads section today, dash over for brand new downloads, including one from a cool Dude at Impressions! Thanks for the contribution Spiney and scenario creators! Monty’s Monkey has been busy as well giving us another review. We are rocking!

DR and JB have been whittling away at the Gallery Section, in particular the Military sub-section. Well done Lads! I do believe that there may well be some toons coming your way very soon!

Dracsanta has more Christmas Cheer right here!

December is the busiest month for most of us. I am no exception and flying to South America this weekend has really got me in a bit of a tizzy. You’ll have to forgive me if the news is a bit ‘latent’ over the weekend. I will have a computer at my disposal and I will be back asap.

Map Help on the Way?

Posted on December 16th, 1998 by Angel

One of our most loyal visitors, JJ, has sent us some rad map glyphs. Pretty cool huh? They should help us give you a better idea of city layout by letting the pics do the tricks so you may be seeing more of them. Thanks JJ.

Wine Stains or Blood Spots?

Posted on December 15th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

A good discussion in the Scenario Map editing forum on what you would find most challenging, a lot of Caesar’s demands or his armies’ wrath on your doorstep. Lend someone your tongue and speak out at the ‘What would you consider harder’ folder.

Deck the Sites with Holly…

Posted on December 31st, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

A little Christmas cheer for you now that the season is upon us. Check out the link to the weather channel for the ‘full picture’.

Join in the fray at the General forum where Reckless Rodent shows you just how he came by his name in the post on whether the patch has really improved the Prefects.

If you would like to get into the spirit of Christmas a little more, check out this link that Angel Santo has provided for us. The URL is a little busy at times so you may strike out the first time, but it is well worth the wait.

Tech FAQs are here!

Posted on December 12/13th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Angel Stef, the Techanator, brings us the long awaited technical FAQs! This is a very comprehensive document people, as tough a feat as getting pachyderms across the Alps, and I envisage you will be spending quite some time with it gleaning its techie wisdom. The layout is still a bit scruffy but we felt it was important to get its impressive contents out. Layout will get adjusted soon. You can find the tech FAQs in the FAQs section…just hit the link below. Now I give you the words of our techie guru herself:

“Having game play problems of a technical nature? This is the place to look!”

Several good posts have been made in the General Forum. One of them asks your help in sending in ‘AgeToons’, or C-Toons as we might call them here. There is an example of what we mean in the Gallery and many at our sister site Age of Empires Heaven. We will make sure they get plenty of exposure. Please send them to Angel JB.

There may well be a chance for us to put your questions to the GODS at Impressions, so why not post your burning queries in the General Forum under the ‘If you could ask Impressions one question’ post.

Hey, the Party Joined Us!

Posted on December 11th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Guess what? Cherub Marty Party has joined our permanent CIII party! MP is going to be giving us lots of help in the scenarios department and I’m sure there will be other challenging tasks for him. Welcome Dude! Also, Cherub Stef is no more. Long live Tech Angel Stef! Yes, that’s right the other lady of the site is our techie and quite deservedly so. Although bogged down by exams, I do believe that maybe even this weekend we shall see her fine FAQs for the technically inclined. Congrats Techanator!

One of our busiest duets at CIII, JB and DR, have polished up the gallery. As you know, it really needed it! Please bear with them as they make it even cooler than it is. You will also see that co-Seraph Reckless Rodent has sent in a….er….eh, well, you tell me what it is. 🙂

The news keeps rolling in tonight. Believe it or not, I just got a message from Lorien over at Gamers’ Alliance about yet another review. Now I must blurt out here that the Con that is listed against CIII really doesn’t ‘slice any wood’ as the Dutch are fond of saying. Don’t speak Dutch? Ok, check out the preview here. I give this reviewer a 7/10 but don’t let me make up your mind for you.

The last little tidbit I will leave you with is a comment passed on by Co-webmaster Reckless Rodent: “The beta patch now in distribution is, as you suspected, incompatible with all but the US version of the game. Work is in progress on compatibility with other versions. I don’t know the expected completion date of that work, but it does have a high priority.” Hey, we non-North Americans are used to waiting.

Beta Patch Update II

Posted on December 10th, 1998 by Angel

Sadly, we have not been granted permission to link to the latest beta patch. We hope to be able to link to the patch when it is through testing. Thank you for bearing with us.

On a happier note I can tell you that there are no less than two new reviews of CIII out. Electric Games give the game very high marks and feel that it poses enough interlinked complexities to “keep the game from being too easy.” Easy is not a word that crosses my mind when playing CIII. Check out this short but entertaining review here.

The second review is by GEM. Marks are lower in this one because the reviewer takes exception to the lack of military gameplay. See the details here. Thank you Angel RR for bringing these to my attention.

Late Evening News Flash!

Posted on December 8th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Sorry everybody, I have just been informed by Sierra/Impressions that the Beta Patch has not yet undergone all testing and they cannot release it to the fans. However, they do assure me that as soon as the glitches are worked out we will be able to link to the patch. Seeing how fast we had an editor, I don’t think we have long to wait. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Patch or no, CIII is still scoring rave reviews. An early one comes to you from Avault and can be viewed in its full glory by clicking the image. The reviewer Pete Hines has a unique explanation of why he feels CIII deserves the high marks he assigns the game: “This is quite simply one of the best city planning games ever made, and it’s up there with the best strategy games as a whole, too.” Hey, that works for me. Thanks to HappyStoner for pointing this one out.

Caesar Shares Power! True Democracy in Senate!

Posted on December 7th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Things have been getting quite busy at Caesar III Heaven and I’ve been having trouble keeping up. To make sure the Senate and all the sections remain up to date I have decided that going it alone as Seraph of this site is a bit lonely and way too busy. Accordingly, I have asked our Draco and Reckless Rodent to share the stuff of power with me! As of now we be the Seraphim Trinity! Hail Seraph Draco, Hail Seraph Reckless Rodent! May you rule wisely and justly within the Triumvirate.

Another CIII Dream Team member that has been deserving of promotion for some time now is Angel JB! Also consider yourself hailed. And just to show you that this is no slacker and well appointed, he has redone the Units Section and has even put up a splendid new units logo. In tow with JB is a new fellow: all hail Cherub DK! Welcome to our humble senate. DK has helped JB in the past with the units and he will continue to do this and other tasks. Expect more announcements on other shifts of power within the Senate…should I be watching my back? 🙂

An Angel as steady as waves on the oceans has once again updated the scenarios and cities subsection in the Downloads. I do believe that some celebrities have sent in their scenarios!

Wonderful Initiative

Posted on December 5/6th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Do you have games you no longer play and that are just taking up space? Why not send them to the children at the Ronald McDonald House? They would appreciate any contribution you could make, no matter how small. For more details, please point your browser to Games of Encouragement Initiative. Thank you.

Check out the news on Sunday evening and find out how the balance of power has shifted within the site.

Also there is a cool new CIII review right over here. The Doc over at Warzone tells us exactly why he thinks it deserves that 4.5 stars out of five.

Cheating Too

Posted on December 4th, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The Stefanator strikes again. Seems that some of you had some problems cheating and she is here with her words of guidance:

“The Money cheat only works if city funds are less than 5000. This applies to any game map. The Victory cheat only works in the career levels or map-created scenarios. There are no “winning conditions” with the standard CCK maps, so naturally
there is no promotion/victory.

I have tried both without a problem on each type of map. I did find it easier to hold down both keys(e.g. ALT K) until your PC speaker squawks at you 🙂 . It should only take a second or two before the computer cries for mercy.”

Thanks for taking the trouble to play test this Cherub Stef and for explaining it so clearly.

Need some more scenarios to try to get the hang of those cheats? Well, a whole boatload just arrived, so balista slam over to the Downloads where 8 new scenarios are being served up hot. Thanks Spiney!

Last but not least, here’s another CIII review for you. Thanks to Ominvacster’s keen eyes for spotting this one!

Send Your Shots!

Posted on December 3rd, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Cherub Stef speaks and has this to say: “Cherub JB has an excellent section on CIII Heaven called the Gallery.
As you can see, there are some cool screen shots of various moments in CIII on display there. You may also notice that the Gallery is kind of small… . So why not send in a few “CIII moments” of your own to share?

The idea is to show off some of the best shots of your city. Whether it is a military formation, an interesting attack, something unusual, awesome or just plain crazy, take a screen shot and email it to Cherub JB.

To take a screen shot during game play:
1) press the “PrintScreen” key combination on the keyboard.
2) Use ALT-TAB to go back to Windows(or exit CIII instead)
3) Open up your paint program(e.g. MS paint, Paint Shop Pro, etc)
4) In the paint program, go to EDIT, then PASTE.
5) Save the image and send it in!

To make life easier for JB, perhaps crop the specific piece of the image and send it in jpg format, if possible. This cuts down on the file size and makes it easier for JB to see the exact part of the image you wanted to share. :)”

Good idea there Stefster! Please also feel free to add your comments to the screen shots so that we will have a clear idea of what to focus on in each shot. This is your chance to get your city and your name in lights at the Caesar III Heaven site.

Caesar at the Zoo and Pest Control!

Posted on December 2nd, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Aww, look it’s one of those sheep! Isn’t he cute? Say… isn’t that a wolf loping his way over there? Cool! I think I just found another way to control ol’ woolball here… . Check out JB’s units section!

It’s official folks, Impressions is going to allow you to cheat:

Enable Cheats: Right Click on a Well then hit Alt K

Instant Victory: Alt V

Money Cheat: Alt C

Hey, it’s another review!

Posted on December 2nd, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

The Gamers Net has an interesting review of Caesar III for you. Although there is mainly praise: “Despite a few problems, C3 is one of the best SimCity-like games released in months, utilizing innovative game design to create a very enjoyable game experience.” the game is given a 3 out of 5. I’m sure that if the reviewer would have been more inclined towards the genre and a little more involved in the mechanics of the game it would have scored higher. Well, don’t let me spout my opinion, check it out for yourself here.

Aren’t you forum visitors just wonderful. Denied access for half a day due to technical difficulties you all flooded back in and started to stuff those folders like never before. The CIII Team thanks you all for your patronage and understanding.


Posted on December 1st, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Our Saviour Angel Mack has flown to our rescue and, after several hours of technosleuthing, has uncloaked our beloved forums. Technical term for the glitch: “one of our files got whacked.” Well, here’s a WHACK right back at whatever or whoever did that.

There is one other problem. The dates have been reset by the system and there is not much we can do about that. However, if you find the title of the thread you were posting in, and continue to post, it will automatically be reset to the correct date. Please accept our apologies for this glitch.

Technology Strikes out again.

Posted on December 1st, 1998 by Angel Alexander I

Seems like we are having our unfair share of technical problems again. This time it’s the forums. Although you can access the forums’ main page, the individual forums do not display their posts. The posts are all safe and sound…they just don’t display. We regret the inconvenience and we are doing all we can to correct this asap.