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Sarmizegetusa Walkthrough

by Angel Reckless Rodent

Proconsul - Sarmizegetusa

Sarmizegetusa is a pretty tough challenge too - the invasions come from almost anywhere. I haven't got too many numbers here - they appeared too close to my ballistas for me to get an accurate picture of how big the invasions were.

Population 6000, Culture 60, Prosperity 50, Peace 55, Favour 50
Caesar Requests
53AD - 10 Furniture in 36 Months
58AD - 15 Furniture in 24 Months
60AD - an Army
63AD - 15 Furniture in 24 Months
68AD - 15 Furniture in 24 Months
71AD - an Army
73AD - 15 Furniture in 24 Months
78AD - 15 Furniture in 24 Months
53AD - 10 Natives from NW (next to the Road From Rome)
54AD - c.25Goths and c.25 Cavalry from SE
56AD - 32 Natives from NW (as before)
56AD - Natives from SW
64AD - Goths from SW
64AD - Natives from SE
66AD - Goths from SW
67AD - 16 Natives from SE
70AD - Goths from SW
74AD - Goths from SE
76AD - Goths from SE
78AD - ?
Initial Funds
First Loan
Price Changes
65AD - Iron up 10dn
69AD - Weapons down 30dn

There are wolves here, so slow the game down when you begin and wall them in, or you'll find that immigrants are instantly converted into food for the local fauna. Also at the start, build 1 mission post in each of the 3 native villages (next to the chief's hut will do it) so that they start to trade with you and won't get annoyed when you build on their land. Even so, you need to keep an eye on the native risks overlay, especially when you build in their villages, since they are very easily annoyed. You'll have enough problems dealing with the Goths without having a native revolt going on within your city at the same time.

Owing to the lack of funds provided by Caesar, you'll need to use up loads of your personal savings in order to get yourself started - remember, the attacks start early, so you'll need to have barracks, a couple of forts and a military academy. The first Goth attack is surprisingly large and will do some serious damage unless you have at least 3 cohorts (1 of which should be legionaries) in the area by the time they arrive - don't forget that their cavalry can easily outrun all of your units except your cavalry (obviously), so you'll need to have some horse of your own here (1 or 2 cohorts should be enough).

When Caesar asks for armies to save Lugdunum (hehe) in 60AD, send 1 cohort of javelins and 2 of legionaries - you won't be attacked while they're absent unless you upset Mars and he incites a little local revolt. In 71AD, send 1 cohort of legionaries and 3 of auxiliaries. Be warned, the 74AD attack might occur before the armies can get back, but that's not too much of a problem - the Goths will stand next to the road to the Empire shooting at your returning legions whilst your ballistas pound into the from behind.

The distant battles and the huge favour boost which you get when you win them will allow you to take Caesar's salary during this level - useful for building up a cash reserve to use in the next scenario.

As if all the above is not bad enough, Caesar is feeling generous to the plebs in Rome while you are playing this level, and so raises their wages (it seems as if he's pleased with how the re-furbishing of his palaces is going, judging by the amount of furniture he demands from you). You need to keep up with the rises if you want your people to remain content in your city. However, you can raise taxes a couple of percent to compensate and they don't really mind.

My saved game for this level isn't really too good (again), so if you want to send your own to me, then I might post one of them here. However, if you still want to see mine, then click here. When you're through with this one, you'll find yourself deported to the North of England, and to somewhere which is much easier to spell and pronounce than the level you've just been doing, Roman York, aka Lindum.