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Rating System

Caesar 3 Heaven's rating system consists of 5 categories: Playability, Creativity, Balance, Map Design and Story/Instructions. Each category is rated by a reviewer on a scale of 1-5 and the overall score is calculated as a strict average of the 5 scores. A detailed explanation of the categories and scores is below.

Category Descriptions

Playability - Is the scenario captivating and enjoyable? A high score is given in this category if, upon completing the scenario, you want to play it again because it was so fun!

Creativity - Is the scenario a retread of other people's ideas or is there something truly unique about this scenario? If a scenario stands out in your memory because it features something not found in other scenarios, it will receive a high score.

Balance - Is the scenario winnable but not too easy? A scenario will receive a high score in this category if you are still challenged by the scenario even if you've already won it.

Map Design - Is the map enjoyable to look at? If the overall map view in the lower right corner looks attractive and if cliffs and elevation are used in a reasonable and practical way, a scenario will score big.

Story/Instructions - Does the player feel like a part of the scenario? Does the player know how he can win or lose the scenario? A well crafted story with detailed and correct instructions will score big. Having no instructions at all or incorrect instructions score an automatic 1.

Scoring Descriptions

1 - Crash and burn. Indicates a lack of effort and/or bugs.

2 - Below average. It's not terrible but it still needs some work to be acceptable.

3 - Average. A decent job that is effective but no more work was done than necessary.

4 - Above average. An excellent job with some extra work done to make playing really enjoyable.

5 - Exceptional. A tough score to receive - A wonderful job with lots of extra work, precise crafting and thorough testing.