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September 7th — More Links on the Menu
You may have noticed the posts on the Technical forum, but if you haven't, here's what it was all about. Our fellow angel Mack has added all the Heaven Gaming Sites to the forum popup menu. It's so neat, now you can go everywhere you'd ever want, with only a single mouse-click.

The General forum is awash with discussions. Topics ranging from drinks all the way to the meaning of the word Caesar.

There's just not enough hours in a day. Twenty-four is just too few, even with night added to that...
More news tomorrow

Angel Jayhawk

September 6th — Where in the World is...
Cherub ET's Where in the World competition is going strong and rapidly approaching the 100 posts mark. No prizes other than even more fame within this forum.

If you're still not playing Caesar 3, or want to get a copy for a friend, check out the Value of the Week section on Gone Gold this week. At a price like that, you can't afford not to go and have a look.

Got to go and kill some ogres...

Angel Jayhawk

September 5th — Rome v Memphis
It seems like Pharaoh-related stuff is seeping slowly into the Community forum at the moment - there's an in teresting debate about whether Rome or Egypt was the better Empire.  Personally, I think that such a thing is hard to quantify.  But don't listen to me, have your say!

We also have another birthday-related thread.   Post your birthday wishes here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 4th — Going for a record
Ever eager to spice the Community forum up a wee bit, Thanh2002 has started a thread which he hopes will set a new record for fast posting.  He's trying to get 100 replies in a day, and I think that's a goal which is certainly achievable.   If you want to help out, then you can do so here.

Speaking of Thanh2002, he's getting players ready for another of his legendary campaigns - this time, it's to celebrate Halloween.   These campaigns are always worth participating in, so why not make his day and sign up here.

And guess what?  There's a celebration in Community as well.  What's this one all about?  Find out here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 3rd — Pharaoh Heaven comes up with the goods again!
Earlier on today, I popped into Central London to interview Alex Rodberg, the Brand Manager of Impressions (otherwise known as the Marketing Weasel).  The result was the most in-depth interview yet posted on the web.  For more info, check out the new Interviews section of Pharaoh Heaven.

Not all the info he revealed is in the interview - we had a bit of a chat beforehand and I took a few notes.  I might well write up a preview of Pharaoh at some time in the near future (depending on other things I'm doing right now), so keep a look out for that.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 2nd — Oops...
Sorry about the lack of an update yesterday - my Net connection went pear-shaped and I couldn't connect to the server.  Still, here I am today:).

In the Community forum, there are a few threads worth of a mention.  First off we have Tim the Great asking which is your dream chariot (read: car).  Then, we have Thanh2002, the unsung hero of the recent story threads (Summer Campaign 1 and 2), doing a sort of "Where in the Roman Empire is Carmen Sandiego?".  Finally, we have Cherub Et Flavius doing his own little bit to liven the place up, asking us to name that country.

Tomorrow, I'll be having my interview with Alex Rodberg of Impressions, so there's just time to get your question in over at Pharaoh Heaven.  I'll be collating all the submitted questions at around 10pm BST (that's 5pm EST), so make sure you're in by then if you want to have your questions put directly to one of the Impressions chaps.

Angel Reckless Rodent