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September 30th 10:30 PM — New News Dude at Caesar's Doorstep!

Yes indeed, after more time than I can remember I have been given Caesar's leave to present you faithful fans with the news. I would just like to wish Angel Reckless Rodent a most pleasant trip and to thank him for all the hard work he has done at HGS. Take a long, well-deserved break my friend.

For some time good ole Angel Jayhawk and I will be swapping news duty at CIIIH and Pharaoh Heaven. I was just wondering what 'disguise' Jayhawkenemen will be in as I pass him in-between the news items. :-) I'll try not to wander off into the haunted sands of Pharaoh.

The game help forum has a new post from one of the fans in Turkey who has been to Ephesus and has pictures to share with you! Click for more info here.

Angel Alexander I

September 30th 3:45 PM— 2 more nights before the party begins

Just a short message from Wendoolicus.
Two more nights. The party starts at midnight on the dateline, so be there in time...

Angel Jayhawk

September 29th — ...or maybe not
Yesterday was supposed to be my last update, but I couldn't resist having another go when I saw this great news in my inbox this morning:

I couldn't let MM think that he was beating me.  A whopping 33 cities uploaded today!  Sorry for the delay!   My mailbox is EMPTY!!

Angel Draco

So, that's another downloads section update.  2 in a week is pretty good going :) .

ARR, definitely signing off now.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 28th — Last one from me...
This is my last update here (or anywhere, for that matter) for a little while.  Just how long I don't know - it could be days (unlikely), weeks (possible) or months (also unlikely).  I'm off to Germany on Thursday morning (very early), and so will leave updating here in the more than capable hands of Angels Alexander I and Jayhawk.  Alexander I should carry on this week, and then switch over to Pharaoh Heaven for next week.

4 days to go until Wendoolicus's Reunion party.  That should be something worth taking a look in at.  We also have Cherub Et Flavius's "Where in the world" thread going from strength to strength - it's now reached its 8th incarnation.  I think it's safe to say without a doubt that's a new forum record!   If you haven't been following it, then don't worry - the questions are re-posted regularly, so why not try out your general knowledge and have a go?

ARR signing off.

Angel Reckless Rodent