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September 28th — Last one from me...
This is my last update here (or anywhere, for that matter) for a little while.  Just how long I don't know - it could be days (unlikely), weeks (possible) or months (also unlikely).  I'm off to Germany on Thursday morning (very early), and so will leave updating here in the more than capable hands of Angels Alexander I and Jayhawk.  Alexander I should carry on this week, and then switch over to Pharaoh Heaven for next week.

4 days to go until Wendoolicus's Reunion party.  That should be something worth taking a look in at.  We also have Cherub Et Flavius's "Where in the world" thread going from strength to strength - it's now reached its 8th incarnation.  I think it's safe to say without a doubt that's a new forum record!   If you haven't been following it, then don't worry - the questions are re-posted regularly, so why not try out your general knowledge and have a go?

ARR signing off.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 27th — Downloads update
My favourite type of news update.  Cut and paste here we come...First off, we have AMM from the downloads section:

So I dropped out of the loop for a little while!!!! However, I'm back now, and I've just finished posting ten new scenarios! Get crunching on some more new ones - my in box is empty again!

Angel Monty's Monkey

You heard the man:).  Second today, we have this from Tim the Great in the forum:

I requested an interview with nowadays Seraph Jayhawk about his promo to Seraph. He accepted and I new need some question ideas.

Find out more here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 26th — Six more days to the Caesar 3 Reunion Party
It's true people. Six more days until the Reunion hosted by Wendoolicus is ready to rock and roll. It's beginning to get really exciting. I just had a peek at the roll call and just look at all those familiar names...

Thanh's Time Walk has reached it's third thread and continues asking questions. The current batch seems to be very US of A oriented. Could somebody be working on his grades?

Continuing the theme of the 2x2 housing, you might  want to have a look here. The discussion is about how to use a 9x9 block in the desert.
There are a lot of new questions posted in the Game Help forum, so if you feel generous, you might want to help these people out.

Angel Jayhawk

September 25th — Your favourite movie
Fiona has started on a new project. After the lukewarm response to the TV Moments poll, she's not going to to throw in the towel. Currently she's collecting everybody's ten favourite movies to put into a grand overview of the Caesar 3 Movie Awards.
So if you haven't sent in you top ten, do so now, or I might just sick Angel Alexander I on you...

Seven more days to go until the Reunion Party. Maybe Angel Reckless Rodent will help Wendoolicus with a countdown?

I think there are several thread by now in the Game Help forum by people that wonder how to force those pesky settlers to move into 2x2 blocks instead of 1x1 blocks...here's the latest.

Angel Jayhawk

September 24th — Ain't no stopping the Where in the World competition
Cherub ET Flavius' Where in the World competition is ready to burst out of it's fifth thread. Only a few days ago it got more than 100 posts in a single day! Currently it has a new feature called Pop Questions. 3 One word clues are all you get, but is it all you need? Here are two of the currently unsolved ones.

1) sparkles, colors, pilots
2) flowers, songs, just a year

There's a new bunch of questions in today, including a few from Angel Zen.

Angel Jayhawk

September 23th — Designer clothes for mice
The Community forum is hosting a kind of fashion show annex contest. Cherub Mouse, a.k.a. Cherub NeferMouse, is so happy with her Egyptian outfit, that she opened a fashion show for mice. So here is your chance at showing off your creative juices.

The Game Help forum has moved to a topic previously only seen in the Technical forum. What might that be I hear you wondering, well, it's fishing. Apart from that there's a discussion going on on whether or not you can actually use the Empire Map to see where the enemy will attack. You can find it here.

Oh, well, nobody seems to be ready for another equinox party, so I might as well go to bed...

Angel Jayhawk

September 22th — One more day until Autumn
Contrary to my statement in the September Birthday thread, Autumn will only start tomorrow. I might even suggest that leaves us time enough for a small party....

We are still seeing new (and returning old) faces in the forum. If you are out there and playing, don't be scared and say "Hello" to this great bunch of people in the Community forum, or post a question in the Game Help forum.

It seems we have two new forum moderators. Cherub mouse has taken over the moderation of the Test forum and Cherub ET Flavius is now moderating the Technical forum (there's a surprise smile.gif (93 bytes)).
Allow me to take this opportunity to wish them a peaceful moderatorship.

Angel Jayhawk