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September 21th — New Download Statistics
These are the statistics for last week. If you want to have a look at the total download list, just click here.
Scenarios downloaded between 1999.09.12 - 1999.09.19
156 Twohills.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
133 dyslexicrome.zip City 1999.09.19
127 Siege.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
094 cp-capua.zip City 1999.09.19
091 Water.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
085 Birth.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
079 Valley.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
071 kh-valentia.zip City 1999.09.19
066 Death.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
061 Lutecia.zip Scenario 1999.09.19
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4176
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 317

Sierra has done some reorganising lately. You can read up on the details in the Adrenaline Vault News.

Angel Jayhawk

September 20th — Forums busier than ever
There seems to be half a dozen stories going on in the Community forum. Some are old favourites brought to life others are vibrant new creations.

Cherub Ish manages to visit us all the way from Down Under and says "Hi" to all of us in various threads.

Where in the World and the Time Walk...hmmm, flash back: "Let's do the Time Warp agai-in!"...are still going strong. Both threads are heading for a new incarnation as the 150 post boundary comes close.

The Test forum is again a hotbed of ideas. Currently the people down there are experimenting with Cascading Styles and even video.

Angel Jayhawk

September 19th — Party time!
Over to Wendoolicus for today's update:


As an honored and much revered member and guest of


You are hereby cordially invited to attend the


on October 2, 1999 AD

We are gathering at the


to -

T HANK - our beloved Angels for their patience, endurance, wisdom and tenacity in making this the most successful forum on the web

COMMEMORATE - past and present would-be Caesars, who spent hours / days / weeks / months and years trying to figure out the best solution to those cities and scenarios

CELEBRATE - the coming of the mighty Pharoah game, which will hopefully provide us with as much enjoyment, heartache, pleasure, tears, distraction and puzzlement as C3 has given us all.

and last, but certainly not least, just to

SAY HELLO - to all our friends and comrades-in-arms who we've come to know and love so well at the forum.

At our party ......


- will be played by Armed Hourglass......

in Proconsul Dania's magnificent hippodrome.....

We'll also have


- of Pharaoh......(get into the Egyptian mood, amongst other things)

- lambada, twist, jitterbug, stomp, hula, funky chicken, whatever you want......

- for those of you who definitely need 'em......

and much, much more.

So come one, come all and join with us in our day/s of celebration.

RSVP here

I most probably won't be there, owing to the fact I probably won't have a Net connection then (I'll have just arrived in Germany and will still be sorting myself out), but I'm sure that won't put you off.  Click here to let Wendoolicus know you'll be there (and also to see the full HTML version of the invitation above).

On a similar note, I'm pleased to announce the promotion of Angel Jayhawk to co-Seraph (co-webmaster with me and Angel Alexander I) of Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven.  He'll be looking after things here and there while I'm getting myself sorted out in Germany, and will carry on should I (heaven forbid) encounter problems with getting a Net connection there.  Congratulations Jayhawk!

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 18th — Trouble in Tarsus
Tarsus is causing problems in the Game Help forum at the moment.   There are currently at least 3 threads about it.  Consulesse Reginius posted this thread first asking for some general help on it, and then posted the following here:

First, let me say, you guys are fantastic to help people like me out!!!! As per suggested, I checked the "Road to Rome" and there are no problems there. (In any case, wouldn't the housing or zoning have disappeared in a short time if there was no access?) I have already devolved the housing and had decided that in the career mode NOBODY gets wine unless it is needed to meet the objectives. I will get rid of the colloseum, too, if I didn't already, to free up more workforce. Could a lack of people moving in have anything to do with the fact that we're always borderline on food production? I see many mistakes I have made in laying this city out and food distribution is only one of those. I don't usually lose evolution to lack of market access, but it is not being distributed as efficiently as it could be.

That's what the forums are for;).  The same chap has since posted another thread with some general observations in it, which are worth reading.

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 17th — Tripping through time
Following on from Cherub Et Flavius's where in the world? thread, Thanh2002 has decided that the time is right to take a saunter through history.  Here's what it's all about, straight from Thanh himself:

I have seen how popular ET FLAVIUS "Where in the World..." is. So, I'm going to do something a little different, but similar to ET FLAVIUS.

As ET FLAVIUS test the world and it location, I'm going to test the time and empire/civilization and rulers of the past.  If you have a question to submit, please e-mail me and submit your question and answer to me, then you will have to post your question here so that player can see it.


The first person that give me the correct answer earn 100 points for the first try, 50 points for the 2nd try, and 25 point for the 3rd try. You can't answer the same question 3 time.  Only one person can get the credit of answering the question.

Have Fun.


Meanwhile, don't forget Fiona's TV Moments...

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 16th — Age of Kings has gone gold!
While not C3-related, the news that Age of Empires II: Age of Kings finally went gold yesterday (meaning that it's been sent off to be mass-produced ready for sale around the world) has caused quite a stir here in C3H.  It seems to be because one of our sister sites, Age of Kings Heaven, is the top AOK fansite out there, and their excitement has filtered down to us.  So why not pop over there and say hi to Angels Omnivac and Washizu, who are doing a great job bringing us all of the news all of the time.

Back to Rome then...In the Community forum, there's mourning for a lost thread which went AWOL during the most recent forum upgrade.  We also have Brugle wondering about very large cities:

There are some very large cities in the Downloads. Even though I don't plan to build an "extreme" city soon, I'd enjoy reading opinions on two questions:

1) What would be the most interesting extreme? The highest population? The most luxury palaces? A combination including high Prosperity and/or Culture? Something else?

2) What would be the most interesting base map? (A) One of the standard career or CCK cities, probably Valentia or Londinium? (B) A custom scenario designed for an extreme city? If (B): would you try one, have you tried one, do you recommend one?

He'd love to hear your opinions about this, so go ahead and tell him what you think.

Angel Reckless Rodent