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September 14th — Follow-up to yesterday
Angel Jayhawk has been busy again.  This time, he's taken the list of maps and scenarios that I mentioned yesterday and put them into some web pages for you to browse at your pleasure.  Even better, the files are linked to, so that you can download them directly from the list.

There are two versions.  First off, we have the top 10 (which I showed you yesterday) and then the full list of all 356 different downloads.

Good work Jayhawk!

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 13th — Top 10 downloads of last week
Today we see the start of a new feature which, depending on the feedback we get, may become a regular thing on a Monday.  Thanks to Angels Zen and Jayhawk, we can present you the top 10 downloads of the past week.

In total, 356 different things were downloaded, and there was a total of 2835 downloads.  Here's the top 10:

No. of downloads File name
64 Twohills.zip
62 dyslexicrome.zip
54 Siege.zip
52 cp-capua.zip
50 Birth.zip
47 Valley.zip
47 Water.zip
40 Upheaval.zip
37 Gracchi.zip
36 Death.zip

There you go.  If you want to find out about these files or perhaps to download some more, then you can do so, as always, at the largest archive of C3 files on the net...you all know the name...it's the

Caesar III Heaven Download Section

Angel Reckless Rodent

September 12th — Greatest TV Moments
Fiona has started a poll in the Community forum looking for the greatest TV moment. Here's what she's asking us:

I've just watched a program covering supposedly the 100 greatest TV moments ever. It got me to wondering what everyone here would consider to be their top TV moments? I thought if anyone who was interested would like to mail me their (say) three suggestions, and I'll add em up and do a sort of top-ten type thing once the suggestions slow down? If no-one seems interested, then I'll give up and anyone who wants can post them for all to see instead.
What does anyone think??

Angel Reckless Rodent started a thread close to my and it seems many other's hearts. It's all about our favourite music.

Sir Dumbicus treats us to a short review of the Stringbags campaign in the Review forum.

Angel Jayhawk

September 11th — Yet another forum update
Angel Zen has been busy this week, after all the changes done so far he's added a few more. You can now set your preferences to open thread in a new window, or have you're replies open up in a new browser window.
I played around with it for a while and ended up with 20 open browser windows...I must be doing something wrong.

Besides these changes we've moved to displaying 15 posts per thread page

We have a few more birthdays to celebrate, so don't forget to drop by and say: Congratulations!

Angel Jayhawk

September 10th — Ready for the weekend?
It's rather quiet here...

The Game Help forum is back to discussing....you guessed it, housing blocks.

The Community forum is still getting used to all the changes to the forums. The one I'm most happy with is the appearance of the navigation bar on top of the thread and not just at the bottom. It just makes it so much more easy to go where you want.
Apart from that an old time friend has returned to the bosom of the forum, so you might as well tell her how she's been missed.
The Where in the World game now has an official score list. You can find it here.

Angel Jayhawk

September 9th — Markets Hate Me
Claudia Gallica post a thread in the Game Help forum that comes straight from the heart: Markets Hate Me. Several people have already told her it is not her fault <G> The thread also offers some interesting insights on how granaries fill up. 

Everything you always wanted to know about computer TLAs and more can be found in the Technical forum. ET is still looking for the question he can not answer. If you have a question...just post it here

Okay, I admit it, I've spent way too much time in the test forum...but it was fun!

Angel Jayhawk

September 8th — Are you part of the Elite?
So there I was, checking a thread and...I thought I messed up my code and managed to print stuff in the margin. A second, closer look revealed there was text below my name. It said:

HGS Angel
Forum Elite (> 900 posts)

Next time I looked it told me:

HGS Angel
Forum Elite (>900 Posts) since 12-02-98

Seems like some of the UBB Angels have decided to put some changes into our forum.
So what else is happening there? Well, I'll give a few highlights.

The Test Forum is still the place to go to see what you can do to your posts.

Another huge party is currently in the planning stages on the Community forum. Wendoolicus, our own forum priestess, is planning a reunion party for October. The other party, started last Saturday, is still carrying on...

The Game Help forum is featuring a thread that might help both novices and old hands. It concerns the value of careful planning

Angel Jayhawk