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October 28th — Overlays
Here's a cry for help from the Game Help forum:

I know how to use the risk overlayers and the water overlay but have no idea how to use the others. The commerce overlay would be a big help in Lugdunum.

If you can help out, do so here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

October 27th — Overlooked forums
I bet you didn't think it was possible that there could be an overlooked forum on this site...

However, there is!  It's the Scenario \ Map Editing Forum.  Not many people post in there, but it really is a must-see for anyone interested in creating maps and scenarios.  For example, there's a discussion going on about what makes a good scenario that I'm sure plenty of you out there would like to participate in.  Apart from that, this particular forum is pretty quiet right now.  Don't let that put you off though!

Angel Reckless Rodent

October 26th — More Tarsus problems
Just a quickie tonight.

Following on from yesterday's Tarsus problems, here's another one:

Hi everyone.

I'm new to the site, but not to the game. Have been slowly playing CaesarIII. When I win one level, I've been replaying it, trying new approaches, designs, and tactics. Having fun with it. Until Tarsus!!! I try to get small palace blocks (usually 4 palaces), but they don't stay stable for more than 1 year. The rest of the city usually gets up to large insulae. I've moved the palace blocks and the insulae blocks all over the map to kep a steady stream of food and goods moving to the markets. Prosperity gets close to 60, but not quite at or over it. Tend to have relatively high unemployment as well. Any tricks to beating Tarsus that any of you "experienced" players have for someone stuck in the desert? Much appreciated!

Hints and tips would be appreciated here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

October 25th — That better?
Wow, it looks like some people round here had forgotten how to archive the news.  Anyway, I've put news posted here since September 28th in the news archives, so this page should hopefully load quite a bit faster.

What's going on at the moment?  Quite a lot, considering how long the game's been out, and that Pharaoh will be hitting the shelves very soon.  Just to prove that we aren't just a community forum, I've got a few things here from the Game Help forum (for newcomers, that's the place to go to get help about the game, as the name probably suggests).

Tarsus seems to be causing problems at the moment.  There are a couple of threads in there related to problems encountered in that city.  First off, we have some lazy potters who've been causing JasonL some headaches, and then we have some fishermen who seem to want to siphon off the local wine supply.  Take a look in those and see if you can add to the advice already given.

One more for tonight - seems like Caesar hates one of our forumers.  Help is required!

Angel Reckless Rodent

October 24th — Missing news, missing threads
Yes, I admit it, I didn't write down any news yesterday. As a matter of fact I hardly saw my PC yesterday. I had friends visiting and spent quite sometime in the kitchen working on a gobhi masala and some tikka masala. Tasted wonderful, but by the time they left I was more than ready for bed.

So what is happening on the Caesar 3 forum?

Well, the most scary thing is that the auto-close a thread at 150 posts feature seems to close the thread permanently. Close them and lock them and hide them. To be on the safe side, until this quirk is addressed, please stop posting at 145 post or so and wait for any of the moderator angels to close the thread.  It seems a shame to loose all these wonderful threads this way.

Here's some good news, a list of book recommendations.

Tomorrow will see you in the capable hands of Angel Reckless Rodent again, as I will be changing the green hills of Rome for the tan ones of Egypt once more.

Angel Jayhawk

October 22nd — Will I ever sleep again?
This is the question Theodoeraus asks us in the Game Help forum. I answered: "No." Things will be getting worse once Pharaoh hits the shelves, I'm afraid.

People are still playing with HTML in the Test forum.

Most of the action is taking place in the Community forum. So, what else is new...?

Angel Jayhawk