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October 21st — Pharaoh goes GOLD
Yes, it's true, the game the most of us have been waiting for has gone gold. If you want to know more, browse over to Pharaoh Heaven.

And here are the latest download statistics.

Scenarios downloaded between 1999.10.10 - 1999.10.17
186 amphipolis.zip City 1999.10.15
103 Twohills.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
094 Hierosolyma2.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
088 Siege.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
086 ALPS.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
082 cp-miletus.zip City 1999.10.15
077 Timgad.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
074 Birth.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
072 teodoir.zip Scenario 1999.10.15
067 AlexRome.zip City 1999.10.15
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4381
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 417

Angel Jayhawk

October 20th — Missing file arriving home, while I'm writing this text
Groan, grind, I can hear my mailbox chugging along trying to digest the huge Olympics Pack Fiona found lurking in a dark corner of her hard disk.
I'd like to say:
"Thank you very much", to Fiona, and
"Please, don't send it to me anymore" to everybody else.

Anyroad, I've got the file and am uploading it as I write. Okay, so I spent the time waiting for it to arrive in my mailbox, by posting on the various forums...

Some time later...

Okay, it should be here. Careful now it's 6.7Mbytes.

Angel Jayhawk

October 19th — One of our files is missing and some others just arrived
Most of you will remember the Caesar 3 Olympics. Well, on eof our forumers found out the OlympicsPack.zip went missing if there is any of you out there that has the complete pack still somewhere on his or her hard disk, could he or she please drop me a line? Or better mail it to me at Angel Jayhawk.

Angel Monty's Monkey dropped me a note telling me that he's uploaded another 10 scenarios, making it a grand total of 199 scenarios. As expected, they can be found in the Download Section
I hope to update the download statistics in tomorrow's news.

More internal news, Pharaoh Heaven is on the look out for a cherub with graphical skills. If you're interested read the Pharaoh news carefully and follow Angel Reckless Rodent's instructions.

Last but not least, I hear that Microsoft is going to put up the Asheron's Call beta for grabs on their site. Until midnight October 24th you can stroll along the green fields of Dereth and interact with all the other players.
You can find the Asheron's Call Open Trial here.
Be warned, though, it is not for the faint hearted. The download is 53Mbytes big.

Angel Jayhawk

October 18th — New member admitted to the Millenium Club
It's true, Proconsul Creaticus Dania is the latest member of the Millenium Club. You can offer him your congratulations here.
As for our sequels we now feature Where in the World 14, Walk Though History 5 and What Word 2.

We actually have more scenarios reviewed, in this case it's Trevor Hall's High Desert and Bob the Lethargic's Numidia - King Massinissa. Bob was also kind enough to provide us with the complete, updated, unadulterated version of the BTL Enterprises Catalog.

Oh, if anybody wants to start working on a new signature, it seems there's a new class started in the Test forum.

Angel Jayhawk

October 17th — Great things to come
Most of the Pharaoh Heaven Angels have just had a meeting to discuss what's going to happen over there when the game's released in a few weeks time.  Believe me, it'll be great when it all comes together.  In a similar vein, keep an eye on PH tomorrow if you want to help out over there.  I'll reveal more when I update there tomorrow.

There's something kinda important over at Tzar Heaven today too.  I'd appreciate it if you'd all toddle over there and take a look at what's going on.  Fan power is needed once more!

Angel Reckless Rodent

October 16th — Gre aus Deutschland!
Formulare, Formulare, Formulare.  So ist das Leben in Deutschland.

Oops, got to get out of German mode.  (cue sound of cogs whirring, accompanied by a squealing sound.  Click)

Ahh, much better.  Now, on to the news thingie that I'm here to do:

We have a new Cherub at HGS!  Cherub Gustavia has joined the Pharaoh Heaven team, and I'm sure she'll prove to be a most valuable addition.  Click here to send your congratulations, if you haven't already done so over at Pharaoh Heaven.

Here's a mail from Angel Draco that I found nestling in my inbox this morning:

I added three new cities today.  One short of 200!!  Two of them are by Crassus Pauper and are impressive indeed.  He has reached 100 prosperity within 11 years in two different maps!  An amazing feat!

My mailbox is empty!


Where's he talking about?  The downloads section of course.  Perhaps I could mention here that it's the largest you'll find anywhere on the web?

Angel Reckless Rodent

October 15th — How does this work again?
Well, since it's been so long since I last did this, I hope I haven't forgotten how it all comes together.  Anyways, here goes nothing:

Angel Et Flavius's Where in the World thread is still going strong.  It's still in installment 12, but it looks like it'll head into 13 (lucky for some) before the day is out.   Definitely a record.

We also have news from the campaignmeister himself, Thanh2002, who has decided to postpone his Halloween Campaign to Thanksgiving.  Follow this link to sign up for what might well be one of the last C3 campaigns ever - don't forget that Pharaoh will hit the shelves sometime in the next month (though I think we can safely say that it isn't going to be out in October).  Perhaps it's time to start thinking about Pharaoh campaigns?

Our hosts, GameStats, have a contest this week that all Age of Kings fans (of which I am one - that game is just awesome) will be interested in.  Click here to see how you can win a copy of the strategy guide before it hits the shelves.  Here's more info, courtesy of Justice T:

Win A Copy of Ensemble Studios Official Strategies & Secrets to Microsoft Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings Books Talk about a mouthful! We have 7 advance copies of this book and 7 posters to give our readers... and its free!

Man, I've got to get used to using FrontPage with German menus and buttons...

Angel Reckless Rodent