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October 13th — Forum Action!
Ok, so I missed it yesterday...but CIIIH is celebrating its first birthday! Way to go everybody! Let's have another party. What do you say HA Wendoolicus?

As usual, the Community Forum is one of the liviest and most sought after at CIII Heaven. It seems to be the permanent home of many of you, especially Wendoolicus. Wow, she sets up a party recovery topic one minute and the next it has over 35 posts! Join her here and chew the party fat. Meanwhile, Angel Et Flavius' 'Where in the world' series is about to hit 100...see it happen here. Thanh2002 is going strong in his fourth installment of History walks. To join in that, saunter over.

Angel Alexander I

October 12th — Et Flavius Angeled on CIIIH's Big Day!
That's right: Caesar III Heaven is one year old today! Congratulations to all the people working for and visiting the site!

Et Flavius shall henceforth go forth as Angel Et Flavius, Techmaster General to Caesar and Pharaoh themselves (The Techanator for short). Welcome to the Angelic flock my friend but, remember, don't work too hard now.

Seems that the Pharaohs liked to swing so Impressions have brought out a new downloadable tune right here. Join Et Flavster in part XII of the 'where in the world' series by clicking that mouse on this spot. Want to wager how long it will be before AEFster will have to open up part XIII? Anyway, now you know why we had to make him an Angel. :-)

Angel Alexander I

October 11th — Party On!
Hi fans! I lived to see the day that I could leave the mummy infested dunes of Pharaoh and take the road that leads to Rome. Here's the news.

HA Wendoolicus is currently recovering from her bash with the entire Roman Empire right here but that doesn't stop her from contemplating a major party with the Pharaohs themselves. Great initiative Wendster. I'm looking forward to seeing the pyramids themselves party.

Angel Alexander I

October 10th — Download top ten
Okay, I didn't put them up last week, but here are the results for this week.
Scenarios downloaded between 1999.10.03 - 1999.10.10
174 amphipolis.zip City 1999.10.10
091 Twohills.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
085 Siege.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
079 Hierosolyma2.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
063 ALPS.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
060 teodoir.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
059 AlexRome.zip City 1999.10.10
055 dyslexicrome.zip City 1999.10.10
054 Timgad.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
054 Birth.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
054 cp-miletus.zip City 1999.10.10
054 Water.zip Scenario 1999.10.10
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4786
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 379

As of September 1st 424 scenarios have been downloaded for a grand total of 19636 downloads.

Tomorrow will see me back in my more familiar setting. Sanddunes, a wide river and pointy things sticking out of the landscape. It will be good to be home...

Angel Jayhawk

October 9th — Back to having painted fingers...and toes
I look like I had a run in with a can of henna , but I actually spend time lacquering the floor. Sadly enough this will keep me busy for the next week or two. So you can expect more short updates.

The Game Help forum has some discussions about the map editor and encasing cities in walls to keep them safe from attack.

The Technical forum tells you all you wanted to know about keeping your CD drive clean.

The Community forum has passed the 2000 threads boundary, again, and is still rife with stories, games and gossip.

Angel Jayhawk

October 8th — A short news flash
To be bluntly honest I haven't much to say tonight and still have a lot to do. However, it seems most of the forums comply.

The Technical forum has some hints on keeping your CD-ROM drive happy.

The busiest place on the forum remains the Community one. Among the current features are: A Pharaoh Pholl, the Pharaoh demo (which includes tips on getting the most out of your system), and, of course, the games.

Angel Jayhawk