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October 7th — Cherub breaks the 3k posts barrier
Cherub ET Flavius seems to be recovering from his root canal sufferings. He's back to posting and blatantly broke the 3000 post barrier. I can remember talking to him, not so very long ago, and discussing whether or not to throw a millenium party.

Apart from that I think everybody and his (or her) dog is playing the Pharaoh demo. There have been no posts on the Game Help forum as of 2:03 this morning.
Luckily there still seems to be some life in the Community forum where people are busy playing games. Word games, history games and of course "Where in the World".  This game is now in it's eleventh thread. Which means that it has already passed the 1.5k posts mark. An achievement that will likely never be equaled.

Angel Jayhawk

October 6th — Pharaoh Demo
What's that news headline? Well, there is actually a discussion going on about the demo, which you can  now download from Sierra's site as well, in the Community thread.

There's also another new game in town. "Which Word" This might be something to keep you busy while Cherub ET Flavius is recovering from some serious hardware work.

Another thing you might be interested in, is Angel Zen managed to locate the problem that was causing some of us hardship on the forums. You might want to give him a big "Thank you" in the Test forum.

Angel Jayhawk

October 5th — Stories galore
The Community forum is still the place to be if you want to read a bit. The current batch of stories include: The Isle of Celtia, Story Time 3.2 (which has come to an end) and Fall Time Story.

You should definitely have a look at the results of all the hard work Fiona did. The Film Poll results are on display. There's quite a list and leading from the rear is one of my favourites: Highlander.
Who ended up on the Number One spot? I won't tell, you just have to browse over...

In the Game Help forum Proconsul Creaticus Dania ends his quest for lion tamers and others ask questions about map editors, patches and how to achieve your peace rating.

Angel Jayhawk

October 4th — The party's over...
Or is it? There's a rumour going on that it will be continued so you may need to have a look for yourselves.

Talking about rumours, several people have put the rumours to the where about of the former angelic duo, Abelius to rest. It seems Abel is stuck in Germany, while Angie is still in the US. Well, I wish them well, and hope to see them someday on the forums again.

Apart from that I've got a message for all of those that haven't gotten the Pharaoh demo yet. I received another email this time listing the following download sites:

The Adrenalin Vault and
Strategy Extreme

Angel Jayhawk

October 3rd 8:00 PM — CIII Swings on All Continents!

Forum party is in full swing and a blast thanks to Wendster's wonderful party decorations and, of course, the picture of her playing with me. To join in the gameplay, hurry, you just may be in time so click here.

I didn't think a forum party was going to be enough for the likes of me so I invited 15 of my

students over for an end of semester party. Yikes, I don't drink I've fully recovered.  Have a look at the picture of who I thought was my favourite student telling me how sadly mistaken I was.


Angel Alexander I

October 2nd — Hot news from Pharaoh Heaven

October 2, 1999 03:29 EST
Download the demo [update 2]
CNet has the demo. So all would be Pharaoh that haven't got it yet, should go and have a look. The demo is 50Mb. The actual download page actual download page can be found here.

Angel Jahakemhotep of Pharaoh Heaven

Oh, and don't forget the Caesar III Reunion party has started and promises to last until the last hours of Sunday October 3.