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October 31, 6 PM - CIII   Buildings and Links Update

See the cool pages of buildings that Pengo has added and updated for us. Curious about the links? Well, has was having a slow day so he decided to do an overhaul on those as well. See who's up and who's down in the Links section.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Angel Alexander I

October 31, 8 AM - CIII   Cool Updates Ahead
I hope that by now everyone was able to view and listen to the David Lester interview we put up a few days ago. I received several queries regarding its accessibility. Seems that all your good selves decided to slam dance at Allgames at the same time and there were some initial problems handling it. What can I say, CIII is da Game! I have been checking access to the interview the past couple of days and you shouldn't have any problems seeing it now.

So, despite Halloween you still made it here! The forum is completely quickened with activity. Numbers are levitating themselves to 600--could it be witchcraft on this scariest of all days of the year? Well, judge for yourself and stay tuned for lots of Pengo updates a little later in the day. Now those are scary!

Angel Alexander I

October 29, 5 PM - CIII   Amazing Breaking News from David Lester!
allgames.jpg (35365 bytes)

Newsflash: David Lester can be heard in an interview conducted through chattv at allgames or, probably more correctly, Pseudo. He has some exciting things to say about the game in general and scenario editing and new units in particular! Click here to get the RealPlayer window with the interview as shown in the image. The interview starts at about 10 minutes and some of the most interesting things about the game's future can be heard from about 30 minutes for about 5 minutes. You can also just listen to the soundtrack or you can download the entire interview. Be warned though, it's about 30 megs!

Angel Alexander I

October 29, 1 AM - CIII   No Less than 7 New Scenarios!
goodstart.jpg (40865 bytes)

Newsflash: Angel SpineMan has added more new scenarios to the Download section the layout of which has been changed. The lovely set of large insulae here are part of the fabulous scenario that EyeClaudius has provided for us. You really should take a few moments to read the description he has provided in the Scenario subsection of the Downloads. Here's a good reason why: "Okay, that's enough yapping. I hope this map helps you lay the foundation for your own thriving successful cities. Watch this space for the next version of the city! Hail Caesar!!" Now I know that will make at least one lady who sent me an e-mail asking for more examples of how to build good cities quite happy.

Angel Alexander I