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October 28 - CIII FAQs Aplenty!
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Drastic Draco of Delphi has extended his list of frequently asked questions so much, the Game Info section containing them is supersaturated! Be warned, some of the answers given can run up to treatise length. But what a fabulously useful content. Find answers to questions like: why do those pesky market women always complain and never seem to deliver on time? What is the quickest route to good housing and how the hay does trade work anyway. Trust me, if you read through those questions and well-considered answers, you will be a more successful player and you will enjoy the experience of playing the game so much more.

Catch this latest review of CIII by Computer Games Online. A little excerpt: "Within the city there are several features that ease play and/or increase player engagement. An excellent feature is the ability to right click for information on almost any citizen or structure. This is often a key source which can assist players in either staving off problems or improving the situation. Advisors are also improved from earlier versions. The labor advisor permits setting priorities, thus putting off the dreaded cry of "more plebes needed," at least in key areas. Trade and manufacturing can be manipulated in a similar way, and hills have been added, which adds another dimension to city planning." Even though the review does dwell on the negative aspects of the game, a resounding four out of five stars was nevertheless the outcome.

The Links section has once again been updated. Amazing how many new sites are being opened. Cherub Pengo takes a very critical look at the new additions and leaves you in no doubt about how they are faring. But even he is willing to concede that it is early days yet and that really all the sites show promise.

Angel Alexander I

October 27 - CIII CHEATS and FAQs Now Available!
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We have listened to you, our gentle visitors, and have come to know that what half the fan mail and the Forum postings are about is: CHEATS! And so you shall have them. Dash over to the Downloads section and get them at the Miscellaneous subsection that has not only been so kind as to post what is more rightly called a 'trainer' but has also succumbed to the new CIII look. Many thanks are owed to Angel SpineMan your very own download demon extraordinaire, sans parallel!

More action is available in the entertaining FAQs page, yet another guide to this wonderfully challenging game created by Draco of Delphi himself. You can find regular additions to his pages right here at CIII's Game Info.

Last but by no means least two sites have been added to the Links section by our very sharp-eyed Cherub Pengo and the Buildings have received a small update as well. Oh, and of course our art master general couldn't leave us unattended for more than 2 days and gave us a new Senate image. It would have been here much earlier if it were not for some very complicated technical hazards that I had to overcome. Thanks Angel b:real it's been real!

Angel Alexander I

October 26 - Win a Copy of CIII!
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Our GODS site is giving you a chance to win Caesar III and an ATI All In Wonder Pro in its Seven Wonders Contest. All you have to do is name the third wonder, not of the ancient world, but of the PC Gaming World. Lightening strike over to the GODS for the details.

ppl-relig.gif (2130 bytes)

The last section at CIII has finally received content: UNITS. Eight of the most essential unit types are shown along with witty descriptions of their tasks, benefits and disadvantages. Brought to you by Cherub JB. Thanks for getting the section up and flying JB!

Cherub Pengo has been very busy expanding the Buildings section. A wonderfully designed table leads you through the most important ins and outs of the administration buildings in an excellent overview. Look for rapid expansion of this extensive and informative section regularly.

wpe3.jpg (12881 bytes)

It has come to my attention that some of our Angels manage to scrape together enough minutes to actually play Caesar III. Take for example this beautiful riverside town nurtured to fruition by our very own Angel Omnivac Seraph of Age of Kings Heaven. What caught my attention was the name he gave to this image when he sent it to me: beforeciiiwentcrazy. You guessed it, this town bit the dust quick time soon after. Well Omni, that's what happens when you play a thinking man's strategy game. :-)

Of course the news would not be complete if I didn't have to thank Angel b:real for something new about the site. The watermarks have now been reduced to such an extent that they no longer hinder the text written over them. Yes folks it would seem that for the time being, b:real has finalized the new layout and is now eligible for an extra 2 months' rest to recoup from the pains of artistic creation. Don't worry Mr. b, I was only joking.

Angel Alexander I


October 25 - CIII Layout and Archives
As if the total transformation of the site wasn't enough Angel b:real felt the need to revamp the CIII logo on the main page... again. Not that I want to bias you, but I am rather proud of the results. B:real strikes again!

Archives have been added for the news items on this page as it was getting quite full and long. To access news older than 3 days, simply click the CIII News Archives button at the bottom of this page and you are reading history.

Angel Alexander I


October 24/25 - New Look and Feel at CIII
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You may just have noticed that site design has been 'fluctuating' a bit over the weekend. Well, just in time for our 15,000th visitor, here it is: the new CIII look complete with redone logos, navigation bar and authentic watermark. It was a bit like building a colosseum and of course it couldn't have taken place without the help of our man in Scotland: Angel b:real. Despite the calls of footballers, pubs and lasses, this man preferred to stay indoors hunched over his computer labouriously implementing minute changes to all ten of the drafts I made him go through. Here's to your patience and skill lad.

Please do tell us what you think of the layout, especially if we still managed to pass over something after all those drafts.

The rest of the action this weekend is to be enjoyed in the forum which is proving such a fabulous source of gaming information that we will soon be harnessing it and refurbishing it for you in the Game Info section. Let me just point you in the direction of Draco's post which contains lots of info on entertainment value straight from Impressions itself. I believe that if you visit one Heaven site it counts towards your overall entertainment value. :-) Also, some of you have been so kind as to submit points of strategy and they will be appearing quite soon to.

Believe it or not, Heaven's Gaming Sites is opening up yet another new site. This time it is Settlers 3! Yes, we have the betas and the shots for you at this fabulous new site. The Seraph running the site Angel Inferno himself. Also, I do believe a man who makes the very GODS speak had no small part in this. Rush over and see all the game info over there for yourself.

Angel Alexander I


October 23 - Full Careers now Possible!
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The Career subsection of the Downloads section is now complete! Angel SpineMan has been working overtime to bring you the top of the Empirical ladder: Caesar. That's the Massillia map that you are looking at next door here. Look at that tiny road to Rome! Well, now you know which direction Caesar will be coming from. You didn't think he was going to take this lying down, did you? When you play this map you get to saunter over to ole Jules, look him square in the eye and say: "this empire aint big enough for the both of us." (Or you can use the erudite variant: "The coincidence of our presence is mutually exclusive." No matter the path chosen, I do believe his stock reply runs something along the lines of: "Go on punk, make my day!" Click on the map, save it to file and have fun!

Furthermore Cherub Sphinx has added 2 cities to the Scenarios subsection that are really worth your while.

Yet another star twinkles brightly in this part of the Heavens. May I present our latest addition to Caesar III Heaven: Cherub JB. JB will start to fill the Units section with some goodies fairly soon and will eventually move on to other duties as they occur. Welcome JB!

Angel Alexander I


October 22, 9pm- Game Info Section Open!
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This time it's the Game Info section's turn to be opened. It gets off to a raging start with great comments and tips about playing Caesar III from none other than David Lester, the game's designer!

It shouldn't be too long before the last section, Units, opens for business. Caesar III Heaven will then be complete. Of course we will continue to give you daily updates in the sections as soon as our dedicated staff have them ready.

For those of you living in the Netherlands: heads up! Stores will have CIII in stock today (Friday in the CET time zone)! I suspect that most European countries will follow suit if they have not done so already.

Angel Alexander I


October 22, 3am - Full Career Opportunities and My Kingdom for a Palace!
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The Downloads section is the place to be today. There are no less than 3 new cities to download in the Scenarios subsection: "the most notable being by Postapokalyptic who has created a city with contains housing of the highest form, a Luxury Palace.    Don't miss this fabulous download."

They are here! The kiewlest career jumps in a game that is as much fun as it is challenging. Now you can climb the Empire's ladder all the way to Praetor! They come to you through the genius of Angel SpineMan, Cherub Sphinx and...Yourselves! We love it when a site comes together!

Hurry to the downloads section to see all the newly updated subsections. But that's not all. See what's in store for tomorrow! Caesar III Heaven, the site that never sleeps.

Angel Alexander I