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October 21 - Lethargic Industries
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One aspect of CIII that can really be vexing is slow production. Turn to the feisty forum and see what can be done about pumping out more units. Our forum Cherub can help you out in many more areas as well, such as likely points of enemy attacks.

Once again we would like to thank you, our visitors, for your kind comments in the Guest Book. Andre hailing from California felt prompted to say: "I just bought this great game and I decided to surf the web for some fan sites. Yours is definitely the best I've come across. Lots of content is here which is very nice, and it's nicely designed to boot. I really really liked the scenarios section. I hope more people upload their Caesar 3 maps!!"

Angel Alexander I


October 20 - Tall Tale of the Perfect Prefect!
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One of our forum contributors delights with a gripping tale of unrivaled heroship. Gordon Farrells' 'A Cool War Story' posting is well worth the read. Find out how prefects can actually make a difference in a desperate, pitched battle. Gordon starts out fairly safely: "Unlike others here, I do not engage the enemy in the field. I build my forts close to my city and I wait for the enemy to close. Why? So the sentries, ballistas and prefects can contribute to the defense. Of course, due to city sprawl, I've got a lot of fishing villages out there, unprotected, along with warehouses, a granary, etc -- things I'd rather not lose."

Sounds like a good strategy, right? Well it doesn't help much against this onslaught: "Then my worst nightmare comes true. The elephants have one open square between the coastal forest and the wall defending my nearest fishing villages. That's it. No way I can stop them now --." Turn quickly to the forum posting for the rest of this exciting story.

Angel Alexander I


October 19 - See the Mighty Romans Rise!
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Romans rule at all the sites today and at GameStats in particular. Download this wonderful movie of Roman conquest here.

There would also seem to be an amazing piece of information coming from the Dark Angel him/herself. Sierra might just be contemplating expanding the game of all games even more. Stay tuned for more news on this item as it develops.

As if today isn't amazing enough, it is Caesar III Heaven's great pleasure to announce yet another CIII cherub: Cherub Sphinx. I am sure you will recognize his name if you are a regular in the forum section. Sphinx will continue to educate and delight all forum posters and will also be showing us the ups and downs of 8000 population towns soon.

Last but by no means least: Cherub Pengo has modified, updated and expanded his informative series of articles on general gaming strategy with regard to building and maintaining your town. Check it out for some kiewl new insights in the Strategy section.

Angel Alexander I


October 18 - Downloads Section open!
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Yet another new section opens in Caesar III Heaven: Downloads. Want to download a pre-fab city like the little jewel displayed here to play with? Go to the scenarios at this new section and simply download it. Need to see what career opportunities there are for you? Or would you just like to wave goodbye to same .wav files? Angel SpineMan's Downloads section has it all.

caesar1a.jpg (6652 bytes)

It's also the place to come to if you would like to do some new electronic wallpapering. We at CIII Heaven would like to thank Postapokolyptic, Peter Soon and Brian Idoks for sending in material for various pages of the section. If you have some outstanding scenario which you would like to share, send it to SpineMan.

Tomorrow we will be expanding the strategy guide written by Cherub Pengo, well worth a little wait from what I've seen.

Angel Alexander I


October 17 - Links Section open!

A new section opens in Caesar III Heaven: Links. Find out how Cherub Pengo has categorized the links to (semi-)fan sites. He has been a little strict here and there but there is still plenty of time to advance in the section that has all the links.

Forum fever has struck at CIII heaven. There are over 100 postings already. Have a surf through the various topics for excellent tips and solutions to problems encountered. It just might be that the sphinx, and quite a number of others, are kind enough to help along the newbies like you and me. One discussion ongoing is whether the Gods should have the 'power' they do. My vote is yes: in those days people tended to be pretty fanatical about their Gods and, arguably, this devotion/fear had tangible consequences. A good modern-day equivalent would be people believing that the economy is declining. They act on their beliefs by selling stock and, guess what? The economy declines. A belief has become reality.

Angel Alexander I


October 16 - Gamestats Exclusive Video

Just a quick hit of Gamestats news today.  Look for lots and lots of great news in the coming days as many of our sections are filling up with content and we are hiring some more help for the site!

Everyone loves a good movie, don't they? Well we have a great one premiering at Gamestats on Monday. It's a sordid tale of battle and deceit, heroism and cowardice. Yes, it's the 5meg avi of the Rise of Rome and it's an exclusive to Gamestats! It will be ready for download on Monday. While you're over there downloading a sure Academy Award winner, why don't you check out the Rise of Rome Preview by Gamestats very own Imperious Rex.

Rise of Rome Movie

Angel SpineMan & Angel Alexander I


October 15 - Caesar III Heaven Gets off to a Good Start!
Caesar III

Impressions have made some changes to their site that includes this shot off the front of the box. I actually have the box sitting on my cabinet folded open so that all can enjoy the wonderful artwork.

Our Guest Book is starting to fill up. Psychaos, one of our Canadian visitors, had this to say: "You're reading the words of a future C3 owner!" And Walter from Brazil pointed out: "... congratulations! nice job! certainly the first of many visits... ." Thank you for the words of support and appreciation.

The General Discussion forum has a quite amazing thread with Sphinx being the main catalyst there. The man has an informed opinion on just about everything. For example: "Never build walls with towers right on the edge of the map. If the enemy comes from that side they will destroy the towers before they make a shot. Er...sphinx, about those screen shots I made and posted...you know, with long walls along the edges of the map? Well, that is just an old Dutchman trying to conserve what little space he has in a tiny, overcrowded country...really.

Angel Alexander I