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October 14 (7pm) - CIII Free Give Away!
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Still haven't bought a copy of Caesar III? Well, maybe you can win one if you follow this link. Computer Games Online Magazine  and Sierra have teamed up to give away no less than 12 copies of the game. You have till November 10th to enter and the contest is of the straight entry type requiring only registration. Please note that only 2 entries per household per day will be accepted and that the winners will be announced November 12th. Apparently the offer is only valid in the USA. Click the link above for more details and to enter. Good luck!

Angel Alexander I


October 14 (1am) - A Preview from the other Side!
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A wonderfully loose and up-close-and-personal review has been posted at GODS. Here is a little sample of what I mean: "Anybody wanna smack those annoying little kids running around? If I didn’t have to educate these dummies I wouldn’t build schools. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to those brats. Just why do I have to build all those schools, libraries, and academies? Obviously, my citizens have no use for them. And then to top it off they want entertainment? Why waste good money on theaters? These people are entertaining enough themselves." The only thing I hesitate to endorse in the review is the opinion shared by some that there is no wargame element. If that were true, then what is it that keeps kicking my six? Well, besides the GODS and the economy that is. Head on over and enjoy the full review.

Cherub Pengo has been busy indeed measuring lots and plotting gardens to get just the right combination of snooty citizenry. Did you know that patricians don't work? Now we know what caused Rome's downfall.

Angel Alexander I


October 13 - Screenshots!
wpe7.jpg (11460 bytes)

The first screenshots of Caesar 3 have been added to the Gallery section. For those of you who haven't found out already, they represent a lesson in how things can look so right but yet go so wrong very quickly.

Later today we will be posting game information for your reading pleasure. Some information which I can share with you now is that in the first weekend of its release, Caesar 3 sold over 4,000 units from a single national outlet. Now that is an impressive vital statistic for a game just out.

Angel Alexander I


October 12 - Caesar 3 Heaven has gone Live!
Welcome to Caesar 3 Heaven!  The site that keeps you updated on all the latest news being generated about this amazing game. This site is still under massive construction as we try to play through this challenging game ourselves, so please bear with us.

We do have a couple areas open for business, however.  If you haven't tried out Caesar 3 yet and are wondering why we are doing a Heaven site for it, first, read the great preview in our Strategy section, and then head over to our Download area. Download the fab demo and see for yourself how much fun it is to rule an ancient Roman city.

While you are visiting the Download area, read what our download expert, Angel SpineMan has in store for the future of the Caesar 3 download section.

Our Buildings area has a quick and dirty spreadsheet style information table that is basically a reorganization of the manual's appendix.  The page has the buildings arranged by what civic service they perform so you can see more easily the interactions between the various buildings.  Look for some pictures of the buildings to be up soon.

While you are here, don't forget to visit the forum where you can chat with other Caesar 3 players, give input on the game or tell us what you would like to see us do with Caesar 3 Heaven to make it a better place.

Finally, if you are having some trouble with the demo or the full game, drop by the Strategy section to read Angel Alexander I's excellent strategy article on how to complete the demo.  The article contains some great tips that apply to Caesar 3 as a whole and not just the demo.

Please also welcome Cherub Pengo to the site. Among other things, he will be assisting Alexander I with the news and SpineMan. with the downloads.

If you have some good strategies and good writing skills, we would welcome your contributions to our strategy section.  We would love to fill in that area with quality contributions from our visitors.  Feel free to write us!

Angel SpineMan & Angel Alexander I