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November 21th — No news from the Game Help front
Is there something I should know? The Game Help forum has been quiet for a day! No new posts, no nothing...
Does this mean everybody has finished the game?
Is this the beginning of the end of this site?

I hope not...

Luckily there is still life in some of the other forums. The Community forum is still going full force and the Test Forum has started a little course in HTML.

Tomorrow will see Angel Reckless Rodent return from his 'shopping spree' in Egypt.

Angel Jayhawk

November 20th — But soft what light through yonder forum breaks,is it a review?
It is true, not one, but two reviews! Metriciens is reviewed by pnut, and Claire has a review for BTL's Numidia.

Down in the Community forum, Incontinetia has reached the exalted heights of the Millenium Club. Congratulations can be posted here.

Angel Jayhawk

November 19th — S.A.D.D.
This is not really a topic for a game forum, but I think it is worth mentioning. Queen Livia's thread can be found here.

Another non-Caesar thing is to mention that Pharaoh seems to have hit the shelves in good old Europe. I picked up my copy yesterday and just read that some of our English friends have gotten their hands on a copy as well.

Caesar Alan's word game, for me the hardest game on this forum, has found it's fourth thread. If you have  away with words, this is where you want to be. If you are good with number you might want to lend a hand on this thread in the Game Help forum. It is all about taxes and how they are calculated.

Angel Jayhawk

November 18th — Pizza parlour
Most of what is going on here seems to be the pizza parlour thread. What once started as the C3 Reunion Recovery has taken on a life of it's and now serves a sort of chat room.

In the Game Help forum there's another request for information on not getting villas. Suggestions are welcome. Coon Dog is still having fun and found some more questions.

Apart from that I'm spending way too much time playing Pharaoh...

Angel Jayhawk

November 17th — Download statistics
Yes, it's that time again.
Scenarios downloaded between 1999.11.08 - 1999.11.14
261 amphipolis.zip City 1999.11.14
152 hadrians-wall.zip City 1999.11.14
117 Numidia.zip Scenario 1999.11.14
110 Siege.zip Scenario 1999.11.14
097 moltisolia.zip Scenario 1999.11.14
094 AlexRome.zip City 1999.11.14
094 Lipari.zip Scenario 1999.11.14
091 Macena.zip Scenario 1999.11.14
090 londinium-100-100.zip City 1999.11.14
087 barbarianactivity.zip Scenario 1999.11.14
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 459

It seems Amphipolis is still the number one favourite, but Hadrian's Wall is not doing bad either.

In case you are wondering just what it is that Angel Reckless Rodent is getting up to in Egypt's lone and level sands, you might want to have a look here. One of our forum regulars over at Pharaoh Heaven, Jim M Rooney, caught our Number One angel red-handed.

Angel Jayhawk

November 16th — Cross-over
I know a lot of us have moved, or are are waiting to move, from Caesar 3 to Pharaoh, but I just found a post in the Game Help forum from Coon Dog, who did it the other way round. He's having a spot of trouble with fires so if you can spare a minute for some advice?
Wheat imports are still a hot item of discussion, one thread discusses this in Tarsus, the other is of a more general nature.

We have a review for Pontius Pilatus' scenario, Marseillaise, done by non other than Bob the Lethargic. It rates a 4.8 so you might want to check it out yourself, you can find it here.

Apart from that, the people on the Community forum are still counting posts and we have a few threads up for people reaching 400, 500 and 700 posts. Rachel, are you keeping notes?

Angel Jayhawk

November 15th — And the threads go on...
Back in Rome...the various game and story threads can't seem to be stopped. In the Test forum Emperor Rachel has been doing her best to make an overview of the post-statistics for the various people that frequent the forums. It's quite an impressive list.

I'll see if I can put up the latest download statistics tomorrow as this has proven to be a very short evening which followed a very busy day.

Angel Jayhawk