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November 13th\14th — Draco's been a busy boy
Not only has Angel Draco been uploading scenarios like there's no tomorrow here at Caesar III Heaven, but he's also been doing what he does best at Pharaoh Heaven.   We now have 19 cities in the Pharaoh Heaven downloads section, and that's only after a week or two of release!

Back in Rome, it seems poor old Cherub Ishaius wants you guys and girls out there to do some of your own scenario reviews.  Read what he has to say here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

November 12th — Downloads update
Another cut and paste job today.  Over to the one and only Angel Draco:

Woo-Hoo!  I beat Monty again!  Added 9 new Cities today.  From these nine, the last 6--and most difficult--cities in the game are represented.  If you're having trouble getting past these last few levels, take a look at what your co-emperors have done!  Many of these cities have 100 prosperity, like Crassus Paupers'.

We also have an update today from Angel Monty's Monkey:

No actual updates right now.  (There will be more coming soon!)  However, there have been a couple of comments in the Reviewer's Corner about the lack of reviews, so I wanted to tell everyone that if you have a review that you want to submit, please feel free to send it in!!!  I will reserve the right to change things like spelling and grammar, but if I have any major questions or comments, I will ask you by e-mail before I actually do anything.  Cherub Caesar Ishaius has been doing his best to get to all of your scens, but there is no way that he can possibly cover all of them by himself, so any help would be appreciated!

There's only 1 place to download the largest number of C3 cities and scens on the Net, or to submit your reviews.  The Caesar III Heaven download section.

An update to my story yesterday about Baldur's Gate II.  The official site has gone live, and can be found here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

November 11th — Rumours from Egypt
I heard it on the grapevine today that we might have hit double figures already in the Pharaoh Heaven downloads section.  Ok, so that's still a fair way away from the numbers we've got over here, but the game's only been out a week;).

As far as I'm concerned, the greatest bit of news today is that Baldur's Gate II has been announced by Interplay.   I was a real fan of the first instalment (still haven't got round to finishing it...though I will do someday), and I hope this second one lives up to the promise of the first.  I noticed this story earlier today on AVault, who also have some pretty cool-looking screenshots (I hope they get the scroll bar sorted out though<G>).  I also noticed that Sid Meier's follow-up to Gettysburg! (which I loved too) has Gone Gold today, so it's a pretty good day all round.

If you're looking to do your good-C3-deed-for-the-day, then we have someone who needs help pacifying Mars.  Can you add to the excellent advice already given?

Angel Reckless Rodent

November 10th — On the road to...
When I played my way through the military career path, everything went pretty smoothly.  There was one glaring exception to this:  Damascus.  I had some real problem with it and only managed to get past it being...creative with the .txt files.  We now have someone in the Game Help forum who's also stuck in Damascus.  Help would be appreciated!

We also have somebody who can't get out of Valencia.   Once again, I'm sure help would be appreciated!

Angel Reckless Rodent

November 9th — More Tarsus problems
Wow, this one's really proving a problem.  After all the posts a couple of weeks ago about it, we have another person in the Game Help forum who's stuck in Tarsus.

One more thing tonight.  There's a debate in Reviewer's Corner about the future of that forum.  If you have views about that, then post them here.

Angel Reckless Rodent

November 8th — What have you been downloading?
It's that time of the week again.  Time to see what you great people have been taking from our download section:
Scenarios downloaded between 1999.10.31 - 1999.11.07
170 amphipolis.zip City 1999.11.07
147 hadrians-wall.zip City 1999.11.07
125 Numidia.zip Scenario 1999.11.07
094 AlexRome.zip City 1999.11.07
094 Siege.zip Scenario 1999.11.07
092 barbarianactivity.zip Scenario 1999.11.07
087 londinium-100-100.zip City 1999.11.07
087 Twohills.zip Scenario 1999.11.07
084 cp-miletus.zip City 1999.11.07
070 Hierosolyma2.zip Scenario 1999.11.07
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4947
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 365

I notice that our number 1 has been the same for the past two weeks.  Congratulations to the designer of Amphipolis - it's clearly something that's well worth taking a look at, if you haven't already done so.

Angel Reckless Rodent

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