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November 7th — Rugby?
Rugby. Yes, the forum people decided that a coliseum or a hippodrome isn't enough and quite a few of them watched Australia defeat France in Rugby World Cup final.
Go Wallabies?

Wendoolicus started a new competition at Pharaoh Heaven. You can read all about it here.

In the Game Help forum Patty is experiencing the joys of peaceful cities. Too bad nobody warned her that peaceful is a relative thing. While Andrew would like some advise on Sarmizegetusa in the Military path. Beware the thread is named Damascus.

Angel Jayhawk

November 6th — The continuing story of...
Where in the World XXI, C3 Recovery 100,000,000,etc. , Adventures in Celtia, and much much more to keep you entertained in the Community forum.

The Game Help forum takes us back to places like Tarsus and Valentia. It also seems that Mialisa succeeded in having Caesar forgive her.

I had to go back to almost 30 days for something to appear on the Review forum. Doesn't anybody review scenarios anymore? We had a whole bunch added yesterday, so why don't you get creative and review one (or more) of the offered scenarios.

Our sister-site Pharaoh Heaven has got a new addition. Angel Reckless Rodent has put up the building pages. You can find them here.

Angel Jayhawk

November 5th — And more scenarios...
Angel Monty's Monkey has added another 10 scenarios to our download archive. They include two by Titanicus, well known from the story threads and a lovely map by Eric Hubertis. This one is truly a delight to behold.
And as of today, both the scenario and the city pages have more than 200 downloads, so I'd like to extend my congratulations to Angels Draco and Monty's Monkey and all of you that provided them with files to upload.

The Community forum has a new birthday thread, this one is for the month of November. So if you have any birthdays this month you can post them here.

Last but not least, today is the first 'day' of the weekend. As Angel Alexander I will know it is also the day of the First Friday of the Month Borrel. Alexander, we lasted until 20:00!
I hope all of us will have a wonderful weekend...

Angel Jayhawk

November 4th — Connection acting up...
This is going to be a short bit of news as my connection is acting up. I'm not sure when I can find a window to upload.

Titanicus has posted his second interview, this one features our favourite Dane, Proconsul Creaticus Dania.

Apart from that I must be coming down with a bug myself or my job is really getting to me, these last couple of days, I'm just dead-tired. And if that isn't enough I seem to have this last wisdom tooth that has decided to make itself appear...it just gives me this nagging feeling in my right upper jaw...aarrrgggghhhhh!.

Angel Jayhawk

November 3rd — Download Statistics
Here's the latest scenario download statistics. Since we started counting downloads, September 1st, you have downloaded a grand total of 29207 scenarios and cities, some 400 unique files. The latter suggest each file in the library has been downloaded at least once!
Scenarios downloaded between 1999.10.24 - 1999.10.31
133 Amphipolis.zip City 1999.10.30
101 Numidia.zip Scenario 1999.10.30
098 Twohills.zip Scenario 1999.10.30
083 CP-Miletus.zip City 1999.10.30
083 CP-Valentia-100P-11Y.zip City 1999.10.30
079 Hierosolyma2.zip Scenario 1999.10.30
077 Siege.zip Scenario 1999.10.30
075 AlexRome.zip City 1999.10.30
070 ALPS.zip Scenario 1999.10.30
070 BarbarianActivity.zip Scenario 1999.10.30
Number of scenarios downloaded: 4775
Number of different scenarios downloaded: 413

I owe Titanicus an apology for attributing his interview with Wendoolicus to Tim the Great. Sorry Titanicus, all I can plead is exhaustion...

Where in the World has hit it's 20th incarnation, well done, Angel ET.

The people in the Game Help forum a getting to be a bit strange. First there was a post asking how not to get villas. Now we have someone saying Tarsus is easy. Next thing we know, someone pops in wondering what all the fuss about Lugdunum is about.

Angel Jayhawk

November 2nd — Interview with an Ozzie
There a transcription of the interview Titanicus had with Wendoolicus in the Community forum.

Cyber Paladin is posing a question opposite of what we normally have, namely: "How to avoid villas"

Apart from that we have a thread revival going on in the Scenario design forum.

Sorry guys that's all for today, I'm about ready to fall asleep on top of the keyboard...

Angel Jayhawk

November 1st — A whole new month ahead of us...
Last month saw the arrival of Pharaoh and Age of Kings. The number of visitors to the Pharaoh Heaven forums is growing quicker than my mastabas. Yet, even with all these new games coming out people keep coming to Caesar 3 Heaven in large numbers.
So what is it that keeps them coming back?

Could it be Angels Draco and Monty's Monkey's dedication to the download section? The two of them have managed to organise more than 400 cities and scenarios in the past year and Angel Draco just broke the two hundred cities barrier when he added the most recent batch of three.

Could it be the ever changing forums? We still have lots of games in the Community forum and Moquel started a thread on the use of natives in the custom scenarios and has gotten some interesting replies.

Whatever it is I hope you keep on visiting...

Angel Jayhawk