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November 30th - Porker Proof and Tech Troubles
If you tried to access the site earlier today, you might have had some trouble. We've been able to sort out the problems and we  apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused.
haylpig.jpg (11110 bytes)

It's final, proof of pigs has been given by 'Mr. Hayler', Epic and by 'Flyingbuzz' (buzzster? try zipping the pic or cutting out the porkers and just sending that).


Angel Alexander I

November 28/29th - Plenty of Porkers and Political Correctness
Action is to be found in the forums again. This time mud-loving mammals who, unlike earlier reports, are to be found just about everywhere in the game, find a safe haven with Silly Sulla who vows to protect all manner of beast in CIII by advocating a strict vegetarian diet.

But what about vegetable rights? Do their silent screams go unheard as they are reaped in the fields and boiled for hours? Does only one webmaster care about their plight?

Don't worry folks, it's just a thanksgiving thing. If you want to have your 'humorous' tickled, just dash over to Silly's post at the top of the General Forum.

Angel Alexander I