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November 27th - Pigs in CIII!
Two visitors immediately pointed out that there are porkers in CIII. Mr. Hayler and Bbelchak state that bacon farms are available on peaceful level 4. Anyone got a snapshot to prove it, or is this going to be another 'Roswell/level 51' sighting (that pig didn't fly here from another dimension and explode, it's just a weather balloon gone bad? :-) 

Some of you may have been experiencing trouble trying to get to this site or any of the other HGS sites, this was due to what our hosts refer to as an 'upstream' problem. Meaning we couldn't do much about it except complain. Some updates have also been delayed as a result and we apologize for any inconvenience.

November 26th - Visitor Response
caesar2d.jpg (4358 bytes)

It's good to know that you, our visitors, are so pleased with the content of this site that you even take the time to sign the guestbook. Some of you, like Anthony in Texas, have decided to nestle in for the duration: "For the last couple of months, I love Caesar III Heaven so much, I go there about twice a day. I practically live there!" The individual sections of the site seem to be pretty popular too like with Alex Lau: "Nice scenarios and cities." David of Sioux Falls who states: "Your FAQ has really helped my game." And Austin of New Orleans who felt prompted to share: "Love the site! Great info on Caesar 3. The best out there!"

Of course on occasion the Guest Book does receive messages that has us scratching behind our ears, like Californian Cliff who seems rather absorbed by the question of whether or not there are any pig farms in CIII. I'll let you know the first oink I hear! Actually, if you do have any questions about any aspect of the game, try posting them in one of the site's three forums. We have quite a lot of staff dedicated to them and you are sure to get a quick grouping of answers from the CIII team and visitors from which you can usually distill the correct answer. Famous guests from Impressions have been known to jump in the fray and, who knows, you may just find your question and its answer featured in the next FAQs.

In any case, thank you all for responding to the site as well as you have, it's really greatly appreciated!

Angel Alexander I

November 25th - Rome can be Destroyed in one Day
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Today a number of new units have been added to the Units section. I'm afraid that they are all bad news. Also, it seems that Cherub JB was out with a bad cold for a while but he was able to post these units with the aid of Desert_Rider. Thanks DR and get well soon JB.

Angel Alexander I

November 24th - Meanwhile, back at the Downloads Section...
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The Downloads section is overloaded again with your contributions. I do believe one of them comes from our own Cherub Reckless Rodent! The scenarios subsection has 15 new scenarios made with the new map editor and six new sizzling cities have been added as well! Thank you for all those submissions and keep 'em comin'.

Please take note of Angel SpineMan's requests regarding scenario descriptions and attaching screen shots.

Angel Alexander I

November 23rd - Caesar's Demographics

Looks like we have another potential record at CIII. A folder in the General forum boasts no less than 100 posts! It's the Age of CIII Players topic that so far has the youngest player at 5 (I know he only gives pointers but I'm counting him in as he will be the next new Cherub :-)) and the oldest at...well about as old as Beowulf himself, right? :-) One of the last posts totes up the demographics but has missed out a few at the lower end of the scale. I still can't help but be amazed at CIII's wide appeal...that's gotta be some kind of record too!

In the Scenario/Map editing forum Cherub Stef has posed some interesting questions for you designers so why give some interesting replies.

Angel Alexander I