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November 21/22nd - Name Game
Origin of names is a hot topic in the General Forum today. Did you know that Reck doesn't really know where his name comes from? I'm sure there is someone out there who can help him to examine his nomenclature. :-) As for my handle...well, it can mean a number of things and that's just the way I like it.

Angel Alexander I

November 20th - Gallery Update
Finally a new screen shot in the Gallery, Cherub JB's haunt. That really is my idea of a fortress Roma! Thanks for the shot Joe D! If you have cool screen shots that you would like to share with us, send them on in to JB!

GODS have been able to maintain a deluge of gaming information despite being the only site in the world granted permission to portray TZAR.

Settlers 3 has some amazing announcements, including a demo and the game being spotted!

Majesty has some news of its own that should make the weekend quite interesting.

Angel Alexander I

November 19th - Of Gods and Boons
caesar1n.jpg (5792 bytes)

The General Discussion forum has an interesting post (Blessings from the Gods) about whether the gods are wrathful or helpful. One of the main points to come out of the debate so far is that Mars only 'blesses' you once, no matter what you do to honour him. Well, here is my little contribution to the discussion: I think every god does you a favour at least twice in the game, including Mars: once when they are good to your town and once when they refrain from letting lose a plague on it!

Angel Alexander I

November 18th - Focus on FAQs
Cherub JB has polished up the Gallery nicely and I do believe that he will be replacing some of those screen shots soon. Nothing like a little pressure to get things rolling. :-)

Well, I see that you have all taken to the new forums like fish to water, keep em comin'! Now is a good time to thank all of your for your kind words in the Guest Book and in all the e-mails we receive. For example, here is Brett expressing his gratitude about Draco:

"Thought I'd overload your doubtless already groaning in tray with a fairly pointless thanks message for compiling the outstanding (and heavily publicised) Caesar III FAQ - my game manual now props up the wobbly leg of the desk this document resides on. You've summarised a number of issues many players would never have the patience to work out for themselves ... . Thanks again." Now I have it on pretty good authority that we will be seeing a new look for the FAQs...so keep watching this spot.

Angel Alexander I

November 17th - ForumS Mania at CIII Heaven!         
Hail great Caesar Angel Mack! Mackster came, saw and divided. We are proud to announce 3 forums, one for each of the III in Caesar! Dash over and spout poetic on Career Path Strategies, scream for attention/aid at the General Wishes and Help Desk and/or lend us your 'ears'pertise at the Scenario/Map Editing forum. But whatever you do, make sure you have fun!

Angel Alexander I

November 16th - Two more Cherubs join Caesar III and: TZAR!         
caesar2c.jpg (3973 bytes)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Allow me to introduce one lady and one gentleman. Cherub Stef has decided to join our Dream Team here at CIII Heaven to give us the benefit of her technical expertise. She and Gentleman Cherub Monty's Monkey will also be bolstering our besieged strategy and forums staff. Of course, you realize that these new Cherubs  were getting along so well in the forum that it didn't feel right to split them up. A welcome to both of you Stef and MM! If you look carefully at the image, you can see that all the team at CIII H is ready to race into the future of the site for this wonderful game.

Our Downloads Guru has been busy making changes to the subsections once again. You will now be able to download the save game files from the Cities subsection...40 of them at the last count. Angel SpineMan, the Download Dude, also points out that he will be posting the latest batch of scenarios that you have kindly submitted a soon as he has a spare moment. Speaking of which, to make Spiney's job a lot easier please use the submission template when you send in your scenario with description and screen shot. Thanks once again for the wonderful contributions.

preview.jpg (8763 bytes)

Last, but by no stretch of the Imperial imagination least, CIII announces the emergence of a royal cousin: TZAR! Hyperlink over to this innovative new game being portrayed exclusively at GODS. Why cousins? Well because TZAR is the Cyrillic equivalent of ...CAESAR (as indeed is the German title Keizer)! Say hello to Caesar's Russian cousin and tell 'em Alex sent ya.

Angel Alexander I