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May 31st — New Technical Forum Goes Live
Our site has been graced with the addition of a Technical forum. If you have any technical problems with the game or your computer, leave us a message in this forum. We'll do our best to help you.

The most active thread of the month seems to be the Alone again thread that is rapidly approaching 200 post. If our visitors maintain this level of fun the most posted thread record will be broken real soon.
Rumour has it another party will be going on there tonight (CET)

Another post receiving quite a lot of attention concerns the possible use of auxiliary troops in a future version of Caesar.

—What goes up, must come down...
Angel Jayhawk

May 30th — Pharaonic Impressions
Angel Spineman has been busy writing up what he learned about the upcoming Pharaoh game from spending hours on end at the Impressions booth at the E3. You an find his impressions on the Pharaoh site and put in your comment on the Pharaoh forum.

One of our most recent additions to the forum visitors is Brittania who, amongst others started an interesting thread on the historical accuracy of the Caesar III game. Do join him there for your valued input.

The Olympic forum has definitely quieted down, but there is still life in it, as the next Olympic games seem to be getting to the planning stage.

— History never repeats itself, though, it seems to like variations on a theme...
Angel Jayhawk

May 29th — The Parties Are Over
It's weekend and the forum seems the quieter for it. The parties have fizzled out, like a torch guttering in the snow. The thread go on and on woven on the loom of the forum.

So what is going on?

Well, the Scenario Forum has a new thread on how to make military assignments challenging, other than 10 invasions of 360 invaders in the first year. <G>

The design of housing blocks remains an interesting topic on the Career Path forum. jlongstreet want to know if he can save the designs depicted in there. If you're not happy with the suggestions given in the thread, all I can say is stay tuned to the news and you may be in for a surprise...

There's a bit of light entertainment going on in the General forum in a thread that goes by the name of: Have you smiled today?
The wish list for Caesar IV has resurfaced. So, if you want to tell the world what your requests are for a possible sequel, here's your chance.

Last but not least there is a message from up high. Passing the keyboard to Angel Reckless Rodent:

Right, here's the official word on posting pictures here.
1. No pictures above 30kb in size are to be posted here. If you want to post a +30kb picture, then please make a thumbnail c. 120 pixels in width and post that, linking to the full version.
2. Up to 8 thumbnails of the aforementioned size per thread is probably ok.
3. If you are posting 30kb pictures, then no more than 1 per thread please.

Thanks for reading. We need to look after our bandwidth and also yours (i.e. where the pictures have been uploaded).

This applies to both Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven.

That's all folks...

— Is all that we see or seem but a dream within a dream?
Angel Jayhawk