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May 28th — Olympic Winners Celebrated
Okay, I admit it, everyone who has been playing in the Games knows this already, but I though I'd tell the world.
So who won?
Well, the runners up were: 
elizrs (34 pts) Australia
Cherub Baltic (37 pts) Czech Republic
Mark Qian(51 pts) China
In third place:
Zack Caophil 4 Gold/6 Silver/1 Bronze (91 pts) Austria
In second place:
Emperor Tomek 5 Gold/3 Silver/6 Bronze (95 pts) Hungary
And the winner is:
Cherub MartyParty 7 Gold/3 Silver/4 Bronze (104 pts) Australia
Impressions is offering these six foolhardy people a copy of Pharaoh when it comes out.
I am not jealous...definitely not...

What else is going on?

Well, I'm told there's a couple of parties starting on the General Forum. One hosted by Incontinentia, celebrating her 16th year in Ole Blighty, a.k.a. the United Kingdom.
The other's hosted by MRed in celebration of her new shop.
The parties will last until the wee, small hours of the morning...

— No links today, my browsers gone away....
Angel Jayhawk

May 27th — What Makes a Good Scenario?
There's a spirited discussion going on in the Scenario/Map Editing forum about what makes a good scenario. Just click on the link...

For history buffs there's a post that goes by the name Who was first...Greek or Roma it contains a discussion on which civilisation discovered what first. It includes a lengthy post by Terratheon with lots of civilisation achievements.

Angel Reckless Rodent found even more screenshots for Pharaoh and wild guesses fly over what is on the shots. A little Golden Hamster told me one of them shows a pyramid!

— Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war.
Angel Jayhawk

May 26th — Where in the World Is...
So you are wondering why people post at these insane times, like 3:00 AM?
Have a look at the Time Zone thread and you'll see that when you're asleep in Nebraska some of us are wide awake in Oz and others are busy getting up in Europe and the UK.
You might even spend a minute to tell every one "Where in the World" you are.

The Alone again thread has moved to discuss the merits of beer, Monty Python and Black Adder. Confused?
Browse to this thread and it will get worse <G>

Anyone remember Bob the Lethargic's Massada scenario? Our friend Chunky visited the real thing and was kind enough to put up some photos...here.

Angel Reckless Rodent will have some wonderful new screen shots from the game we (and especially this angel) have all been waiting for: Pharaoh

— No, not another cunning plan
Angel Jayhawk

May 25th - NEWSFLASH   C3 for the Mac goes gold!
I just got a mail from Ironrod from Impressions letting me know that Caesar III for the Mac went gold today (ie was sent off to be pressed and packaged).  This is a C3 Heaven Exclusive (<g>), and is good news for all you Mac C3 fans out there, as it means that, according to Ironrod, the game will hit the shelves sometime in mid-June.  That's a couple of weeks earlier than planned.   Great news, eh?

If you're on a Mac and don't know what all the fuss is about, then remember that you can get the demo to try before you buy!

-- Ok, back to Egypt
Angel Reckless Rodent

May 25th - C3 Intro Wins Prize!
A prize! A prize indeed. The following bit of news was just posted on Sierra's very own Caesar 3 site.

The Caesar III introduction has won 3D Design Magazine's Big Kahuna award in the interactive 3D category, recognizing Impressions' innovative creative vision. With awards like this, Impressions' reputation for top-notch graphics will continue to grow. Accolades and plaudits to the Impressions Art Department for a job well done!

What's going on in the forums?

Well, if you are feeling lonely, go to the General Forum and look for the "Alone, again" post. This thread started out with a lonely forumer crying out in the wilderness and has developed in to some brilliant conversation about the weather.
Would this have anything to do with the many Brits posting? :) 

So if your feeling lonely, are afraid of ICQ and Chat Rooms why not head over to this post, which may become one of the longest on the forum.

One of our faithful has started a shop in the forum and is ready to provide you with sheep armour, herbals and cloud fixes. (Angel Reckless, are you listening?)
Nobody visited her yesterday, so why not drop by at "Ye Red Shoppe" and order something indispensable.

The Olympics are still going strong, with our Cherub Marty Party and Zack Caophil battling for supremacy. There's also a discussion going on about the origins of the Olympics, none of us seem to know, so maybe somebody can shine a light on this question.

— "As the people here grow colder, I switch on my computer and spend my evenings with it, like a friend" - Kate Bush
Angel Jayhawk

May 24th - Angel Draco Clips Wings
Most of you will have probably read it in the forum, but Angel "Proconsul" Draco has left us an important message:

"After much deliberation and consultation with the Webmaster Triumvirate, we have decided that it would be best if your very own Proconsul "clip his wings" and step down as co-webmaster of Caesar III and Pharaoh Heaven. It was dedication to the site that got me here, and it was an honor just being asked. Being a webmaster for HGS, the best darn nonprofit web team on the net, requires serious commitment, and in the interest of the sites, I simply cannot offer that commitment any longer (that, and I hate being a "newsie" no offense boys! You work harder than anyone else in HGS, and I speak from experience!)."

You can give him a post here in the forum to tell him just how much he'll be missed.

So what else is in the news?

Well, visitors to the forum are joining the various societies that have sprung up in the last few weeks. No longer confined to pachyderms and wool producers, you now can join the spear casters and Howlers at the Moon too.

Pharaoh Heaven is presenting a new poll asking you how important historical accuracy in a game is to you. So go and give us your vote.

Anything else?

Oh, just a tid-bit: This news flash was brought to you by Angel Jayhawk, who will try to keep you updated for the near future.

— Wishing Angel Draco a wonderful honeymoon
Angel Jayhawk