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May 14th - In flies the hawk!
Angel Jayhawk from Pharaoh Heaven has been working really hard on getting some radical graphics done to illustrate the battle tactics which have been discussed of late in the forum.  Well, he's not only done that, but he's also done some cool pages to go with them!  I've put them in the Strategy section, which I've also given a bit of an overhaul to make it easier for you to navigate your way around.  He's done such a great job that I've made him a Caesar III Heaven Angel.   Welcome to C3H, Angel Jayhawk.  For the moment, he's in charge of the Game Info and Links sections.  So, if you've got anything which should go in either of those, then let him know!

Something which has been puzzling C3ers for a while now is the mystery of the disappearing ballistas.  Thanks to Ironrod of Impressions, we now have the official word:

This is a known bug in the game. It's caused by rotating the map. When you rotate, the program has to re-check for labor access, and it sometimes fails to find workers for the towers. The ballistas gradually reappear as labor access is restored. Unfortunately there's no fix for it, but you can avoid it by not rotating your map when you know combat will begin soon

Any reactions to that can be posted here.

Here's a bit of an Olympics newsflash...Everyone particpating in the Games please take note that the deadline for Rome, Massilia and Byzantium has been put back to Monday 17th May.  For an explanation and more details, check out the Olympics site.

-- Phew!   Quite a day!
Angel Reckless Rodent

May 13th - He's just monkeying around...

Angel Monty's Monkey has been watering his scenario plants for the last 20 days, waiting for another bumper crop.  Yesterday, his trees bore some fine fruit, in the shape of 13 excellent scenarios, which MM has added to the downloads section.   This takes the total number of scens there to 107!  He's got some more lying around which will be uploaded soon, but he still wants to hear from you if you've got some you'd like posting.  On a similar note, Angel Draco has finished his finals, and will therefore be able to do some serious uploading in the next couple of days.  However, he can't do anything if he hasn't got any cities.  So, if you've got some that you're proud of, then send them to him!

Game Tropics have done a quick review of C3 (yeah, I know it's a bit late, but better late than never, eh;)?).  They give it a 4.5 out of 5 - pretty good, I'd say.  Check out the real deal here.

Check out Pharaoh Heaven later on for some updates of the E3 section over there!

-- E3 finally starts today!!!
Angel Reckless Rodent

May 12th - Getting board?

Road building and the like isn't merely limited to Caesar III, you know.  According to one of our forum regulars, Innovandora, you can get board games which do very much the same thing.  Check out the full story here.

It's the British Isles!

Speaking of the forums, this is a topic that's been around for a while.  It's also something that, as a Brit, I'm particularly pleased to see.   Dave's Caesar III Downloads, run by none other  than our own Cherub Onoculator, has a map of the British Isles created by Sven Lapointe (Onoculator's brother), a screenshot of which you can see on the left.  The forum thread about it can be found here.

Angel Abelius has a new poll on his site this week.  If you know what Romulus and Remus's wolf signified to the Romans, then he wants to hear from you!

-- What's all this fuss about Star Wars;)?
Angel Reckless Rodent

May 11th - A great day in the Roman Empire!

Last week, Abelius's poll asked what the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire was.  One of the options which you could choose was the East\West split.  Well, that split started on this day in 330AD, when Emperor Constantine founded Constantinople, which became the capital of the Eastern Empire and remained in Roman hands until 1453.

Slightly closer to home, I can report that there's a brand new poll over at Pharaoh Heaven asking what you would like to see included in the game.  So, head over there and tell us what you think!   Also, check out the GS Box for a brand new contest from our great hosts.

-- Come on UK, get a move on
in the relay event!

Angel Reckless Rodent

May 9/10th - Australia Gets the Gold!
Congratulations to Cherub Marty Party, representing Australia, for taking home double Gold medals in the first  round of the Caesar III Olympics!  Marty finished Tibur on April AD 1, and Tergesti on April AD 0 (pop 315).   Downloads of the zip files for Week 2 of the games are now available on the Olympic site.

Other medalists for Tibur were: Zack Caophil (Silver) & Cherub Baltic (Bronze).  For Tergesti: Governor Cornelius (Silver) & Elizrs (Bronze).  Great job everyone!   Good luck in the upcoming games!

Sorry for the late update, but I was somewhat late in waking today; last night I was at my own togo party--my bachelor party!  A "tasteful" time was had by all (yeah, that's the ticket), otherwise my finacee would never have let me forget it!   

-- Only 20 days until Draco & Draconette tie the knot.
Angel "Proconsul" Draco