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May 7th -  Toga Party!
On Sunday evening, May 9, the Caesar III Olympics will be announcing the winners of the first two games: TIBUR and TERGESTE.  Visit the forum to read all about it.  At the time of the announcement, it's gonna be a party on the Olympic site!  Ladies get free drinks 'till Midnight, don't forget your TOGA!

Needless to say, reception for these two games is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who participated: over 60 games were submittted!   Abelius and Dragon2 have a long weekend ahead of them while they review all of your entries! 

Downloads of the zip files for Week 2 of the games are now available on the Olympic site.   

-- Only 5 Days 'till advance ticket sales for Star Wars Episode I
Angel "Proconsul" Draco

May 5th -  More battlefield tactics
caesar1o.jpg (6075 bytes)
caesar1n.jpg (5792 bytes)

The two armies faced each other across the fields.  The commanders of both sides rode up and down the lines, calming the nerves of the soldiers.   The Celts scowled.  The Romans polished their swords and shields.   Suddenly, a great cry arose from the barbarian army, and thousands of men charged across no-man's-land towards the Romans.  Yet the 12th legion seemed strangely unmoved, despite the fact that they were outnumbered by at least 5 to 1 by the fearsome barbarians.  Their commander barked out an order "Iron Cross on the double!!" and the cohorts of legionaries arranged themselves round the weaker javelin auxiliaries.
The Celt army smashed into the Roman shield wall.  For a split second, all was in the balance.  Would the Roman formation break?  Did the Celtic charge contain enough power?  Then came another order from the Roman commander, "Javelins...THROW!".  Cries of anguish went up from the Celtic army as the Roman javelins struck their targets.  Men went down on both sides, but the Roman formation still held.  The swords slashed, the javelins flew and the clubs, erm...clubbed.   Suddenly, one of the Celtic chariots broke away from the body of the army and fled.   The rest of the army saw their leader fleeing, and themselves broke formation and ran.
The Romans held the field.  The losses had been terrible, but they had saved Roman Britain.  Hundreds of Celts lay dead on the field as the Roman cavalry streamed past the weary legionaries, bent on pursuing the routed enemy.  The Roman commander was well pleased.  "Congratulations, men.  Thanks to your tenacity and Terratheon's formation, we have carried the day!"

Well, the situation might have all been rather far-fetched, but the tactics certainly aren't.  It's one of the battle tactics recommended by Terratheon in the General Forum today.  So, if you want to be a true world-beater, then click here to learn all the military secrets of C3!  As they say over at Age of Empires Heaven..."See you on the battlefield!".

I'll be offline for the rest of the week until Monday,. so Angel Draco will be temporarily taking over the news until then.  If you find something that you think should be mentioned here in the Caesar III Heaven Senate, then let him know!

-- Hmm...run out of things to say today
Angel Reckless Rodent

May 4th -  Olympics update
The Caesar III Olympics will be entering its second week soon, and the deadline for the return of games from week 1 is fast approaching.  Abelius and Dragon2 have been busy getting week 2's events ready for you to have a look at.  So, if you're one of the over 100 people who are taking part in the Olympics, then head over here and take a look at what you'll be doing next week!  Alternatively, if you're just a casual player, have a look and try one of the cities unofficially - they're sure to be a real challenge.

Over at Pharaoh Heaven, there's a bit of a special announcement today.  What is it?  You'll already know if you've been to the Caesar III Heaven forum.  However, if you still don't know, then go to Pharaoh Heaven and find out!

-- Be sure to check out the Britons Showcase
at Age of Kings Heaven!

Angel Reckless Rodent

May 3rd -  Loads of new cities!
caesar1f.jpg (7150 bytes)

Roll up, roll up!  Get your cities here!   'Ere, you...yeah, you.  Want a real deal?  Then come behind my stall and I'll do you 3 for the price of 2.
Well, perhaps not exactly what went on in a Roman market, but Angel Draco has set his stall out today and is offering a real bonanza for you!  He's added 8 new cities to the ever-expanding downloads section.   Of course, that means his inbox is now totally empty, so he's in need of some more great stuff to post.  So, if you've got a saved city that you're particularly proud of, then please send them to him.

But that's not all - forum regular Bob the Lethargic has made 3 new scenarios for you to check out.  Beta-testing is over, and they have been released to the public.  They are Sargentum - Hannibal's Excuse, Palmyra Oasis - The Eastern Border, and Fort Trasimine - A Soldier's Life.  All well worth getting from the man himself, methinks;).

Some people think that Caesar III doesn't have a military element to speak of.  However, that's not always the case, as we're currently discovering in the General Help, Wishes and Comments forum.  There's an interesting exchange of ideas on the best way to defeat an enemy in open battle.  Check it out here, and tell us your winning strategy!

-- So, if you're a cavalry fan, we want to know about it!
Angel Reckless Rodent

May 1st -  What caused Rome's downfall?
caesar1l.jpg (7215 bytes)

Now all that stuff on the left might look real impressive, but we all know that the Roman Empire didn't last forever.  So, just what was the cause of its downfall?  Dodgy plumbing?  A split between the eastern and Western halves?  Incompetent leaders?  Or perhaps something completely different?  Well, now's the chance to have your say, as it's the subject of Abelius's poll this week.  So, if you want to tell the world what you think, pop over to Abelius's page and make your point known.

The new look has had some chance to settle down over in ancient Egypt.  It seems that a huge majority of you like it too, judging by the responses we've had to our poll there.   If you haven't checked it out yet, then please do so now, and you can also find out about a couple of extra Pharaoh screenshots that I unearthed today!

Imperious Rex, Justice T, Ralphedelominius (try writing that when you've had one too many;)) and the rest of the crew over at Gamestats are holding something of a celebration today, since today marks the second anniversary of GS's inception.  Hey, if you remember that far back, you'll also know that Age of Empires Heaven was the very first Gamestats affiliate...sooooo, their birthday can't be too far off either.

-- 2 weeks to AoEH's b'day, if I'm not mistaken...
Angel Reckless Rodent