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March 31st -  Yet another new Cherub!!

Following the appointment of Cherub Abelius last week, we at C3H got the appointment bug and decided to go on the lookout for another Cherub to help us out.  Also, following the sad departure of Angel Stef a couple of weeks back, we decided that we should really see to the techy side of the site.  And so, will everyone please welcome Cherub Et Flavius to Caesar III Heaven!  He's been active in our forums helping people out with their technical difficulties, and that is the reason we have decided to make him part of the C3H Dream Team (one for Angel Alexander I there, if he's reading this;)).  So, if you've got a technical problem running the game, then let Cherub EF know;).

EF, you'll be on the navbar list on the left as soon as I get an email address from you;)

That concludes the current round of appointments - we're not on the lookout for anyone at the moment, so please don't flood my inbox with applications.   We'll appoint any future Cherubs and Angels from the forums:).

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- Robbie Williams

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March 30th -  Caesar III Heaven wins an award!

ggaward.gif (2853 bytes)

Yes, folks, it's true!  Caesar III Heaven has won its first award thanks to the cool guys at GoneGold.  You'll now see this sexy little pic on the left hand side, just down below the navbar.  On behalf of all the team here at C3H, let me say that we're over the moon to receive this award, and hope that it may allow us to provide our visitors with an even better service than before.  If you've just got here from GoneGold, then take some time to have a look around.  Check out the download section, with the biggest selection of saved games and scenarios on the Internet, updated regularly by Angels Monty's Monkey and Draco.  Also, follow the navbar link on the left to our forums, and let us know how we could improve the service we provide:).

For now, goodbye and happy surfing!

Over the moon at winning C3H's first award:)
Angel Reckless Rodent

March 29th -  Last .mp3 file from Impressions

Well, all good things must come to an end, and such is the case here.  Over the last several weeks, Impressions have been releasing the music which can be found in C3 as .mp3 files on their website.  Last week they released the last one of these files, a little ditty entitled simply "Hail".  Get it from their download section.

How do you get to this site?  My statistics suggest that most of you have bookmarked it and access it that way.  However, there's another way to do it.  Why not use our HGS Gateway as an...erm...gateway to Caesar III Heaven?  It's the place to go to find all the latest news from all the HGS family of sites (we are more than merely C3H and Pharaoh Heaven, you know).  Check it out here.

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as well as Angel Washizu;)

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