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June 30th - Chat tonight
Just wanted to remind those who are interested that the chat with Impressions at Inside Mac Games is tonight.   10pm EST and 7pm Pacific is when you should be there if you want to win a copy of C3 for the Mac and meet the guys responsible.

The forums here at Caesar III Heaven are as alive as ever.  The Game Help forum in particular seems to be a popular destination for people at the moment.   Here's a brief rundown of what's being discussed at the moment.  There's something about building more than 1 barracks, the mystery of employees deserting their towers in times of crisis and taxation.   Meanwhile, the Community forum is carrying on in its usual surreal way.  At the moment, people seem to be having fun with banner ads.  Curious? Then why not take a peek?

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June 29th, 1300 EST - Chat with C3 for the Mac designers
I only post news twice in a day if there's something really special going on.  And this is one of those occasions.

Looks like Impressions got the chat bug after the one a couple of weeks ago about Pharaoh, because they're doing it again.   If you're eagerly awaiting the arrival of C3 for the Mac, then this is your lucky day - Inside Mac Games will be hosting a chat with the guys who designed C3 for the Mac, and there will be some copies given away at the end, so it's well worth a look.

I know about this thanks to our hosts, Gamestats - if I hadn't read it there, then I wouldn't know about it.  Great newsie work guys!

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June 29th - What a load of blocks
The discussion in the Game Help forum about housing blocks which has been going for what seems like decades is going from strength to strength.  Thanks to the glyphs created by Angel Jayhawk, the posts there are being illuminated like never before.  Here's a sample of what people have created so far:
Large Insula Large Insula Large Insula Large Insula
Market Forum Temple
Large Insula Plaza Plaza Plaza Plaza Large Insula Library Barber
Plaza Statue Statue Plaza Road Road Road Road Road Road Clinic
Large Insula Plaza Statue Fountain Plaza Large Insula Bath Road Market Theater road Engineer
Plaza Large Insula Plaza Road Road Prefecture
Large Insula Plaza Plaza Plaza Plaza Plaza Plaza Plaza Amphitheater Granary
Plaza Large Insula Large Insula Large Insula School


This is only one of the great diagrams you'll see there.  So if you're wondering about what the perfect block is, then why not head over there and see what other people think?

Dragon1t.jpg (1695 bytes)

Wondering what that wonderful bit of artwork is on the right?  Well, it's a dragon which appears in Tzar: Burden of the Crown.  What's Tzar, I hear you ask.  It's an RTS game which will be released over the Summer for which there is a Heavengames site (run in part by a certain small golden hamster).  So why not head over to Tzar Heaven and see what it's all about?

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