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June 28th - The Rodent's back in town!
Yup, it's bad news for everyone who liked their news in the straight, matter-of-fact way that Angel Jayhawk presented it.  Now you're going to have to put up with little old me, yakking off about God knows what every day.  Never mind though, Angel Jayhawk is just taking a break from news here in Rome for a week, and has moved over to Egypt.

Here's the new news system:

Angel Jayhawk and I will alternate on Caesar III Heaven and Pharaoh Heaven, 1 week I'll be here and he'll be there, and the next week I'll be there and he'll be here.  As for our other news editor, Angel Alexander I, he's returned to his spiritual home at http://www.heavengames.com.   Well worth a look (and let me know if he gets out of line <grin>).

Right, now for some news of what's happening in Rome at the moment.  In the Community forum, a new society has emerged, hoping to deal with all those problems caused by those pesky kids (sounds like something out of Scooby Doo) who should provide school access to your housing.  So, why not check out Romans Against Truancy and make this Empire a better place?

Angel Reckless Rodent

June 27th (Really!) — Days Get Lost in Time Warp
As at least one of you noticed (and reminded me!), I've been making time move even faster than it normally does. I'll stop. So let's get on with the news.

For help with the career games the Game Help forum is still the place to be. Now this might be a superfluous message as it's alive as always with questions and answers.

And, another well known fact, if you want to get a way from the game, but not too far away, browse over to the Community forum for some light entertainment.

— Let's do the time warp agaiain....
Angel Jayhawk

June 26th — GameStats Presents New Age of Empire Contest
Golden AgeGameStats is giving away prizes again! On offer are the Gold Edition of Age of Empires/Rise of Rome, t-shirts and even an audio CD featuring music from the previous two games and Age of Kings.

All you have to do is sign up for the Golden Age contest.

Oh, the were hinting of signing up beta-testers for AoK at a later date.

Homegrown News.

The Scenario Design forum has an interesting thread going on with a wish list for the C3 Map Editor. For those of you that have some wishes, the thread can be found here.

— The computer's alive..., with the Sound of AoE Music....
Angel Jayhawk

June 25th — The Second Little Piggy Built a House of Wood
The Game Help forum is still tangled up in various discussions about housing blocks. There more than enough information here to fill a few books...

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Caesar 3 Forums continues getting fascinating posts, so if you still don't know what it is about, do drop by.

Another bit of alternate reality has reared it's furry head in the Community forum. For the past five days the Midsummer Night's Dream is getting more and more surreal.

— Huffing and a puffing he blew the house down.
Angel Jayhawk

June 24th — Caesar III Did *WHAT* for you?
Inspired by a post from Moquel, Cherub ET Flavius has started a thread, that goes by the name of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of the Caesar 3 Forums, where he asks us the simple question: "How have the Caesar 3 forums made your life better?"
With almost a dozen posts there, it makes an interesting read...

Apart from that the birthday thread meanders on and tells us today is Cherub mouse's birthday, a day she shared with fiona.

The Map Editing forum is once again looking for beta-testers, this time for scenarios from Hadrian's wall to Mongolia and from Londonium to Austria. So if you have a few hours to spare...

— Well, for one thing C3 made an angel out of me....
Angel Jayhawk

June 23rd — All Is Quiet on the Nobel Front...
You might think the Caesar 3 Nobel Prize forum is dead... It's not, not quite dead, yet. To break the monotony, Marcus Dominus has started a thread asking you: What are you doing this summer?
You can give him an answer here.

The people bringing you all these wonderful homemade scenarios are still looking for beta-testers in the Map Making forum.

Cherub Baltic wrote down some of his observations on devolving houses, which you can find here.

— Saw the Matrix tonight...wow's the word..
Angel Jayhawk

June 22nd — Wrath of the Gods? On Video?
The Technical forum has an interesting bit on the various ways in which the Caesar III pantheon shows their wrath. Now I had never seen them in anger, but the thread does make me curious.

The Scenario/Map Making forum has an interesting thread started Gordon Farrell, well known for his scenarios, on the future of military scenarios.
Please point your browser there and add a thought or two (or more) to this discussion.

Funny, I've been checking up on the Game Help forum the last few days, and noticed two things.
Both are incredibly pleasing. On the one hand there's a whole lot of new names asking questions about the career levels, on the other hand, by the time I see the post most of the time the current/previous batch of forum regulars have jumped in to the breach and given solid answers.
A very nice thing to see the Spirit of our forum so very much alive.

— Curiouser and curiouser, said Alice.
Angel Jayhawk