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June 21st — Summer Solstice Anyone?
Summer will begin today at 7:49 GMT, with the solstice. Now does that sounds like time for a (heathen) party? Wasn't this one of the Celtic festivals the Romans tried to abolish.
Maybe I'll browse over to the Community forum and start another little celebration...

The Scenario Design forum is happily busy with gathering information and designing more scenarios. Give them all the help you can and they will make sure we won't be bored this summer.
Judging from the Reviews, some of the scenario's give the career ones a serious run for their money...and these are free!

— Beltane, celebrating the longest day of the year, if my memory still works....
Angel Jayhawk

June 20th — Rule Britannia and Kick Out All the Celts...
Our friend Bradius put up some words of advice for those that are having troubles with that wonderful British Isles map by Marcus Dominus. You can find it here.
A few people are looking for ideas on planning a campaign, among the James Blond and Duke Leto. Their questions can be found in the Scenario/Map Editing forum here and here.
Also, a bunch of answers has rolled in for Knight of Glory's question on Hard Military scenarios.
So there's no reason to be bored even during the holidays.

As Queen Livia remarks in the Community forum, it is awfully quiet. This may have something to do with "summer" approaching on beach slippers and a breath of fresh air.
Could it be people are actually enjoying the weather more than the game?
Tell us that ain't so here, please...

— Summer: The season when the weather is warmest.
Angel Jayhawk

June 19th — Mac Attack?
Cherub ET Flavius tells us he's getting ready for the Macintosh version on the Technical forum. So any Mac players out there with technical questions...do post them on the forum.

Apart from this the forum seems to be pretty quiet. Probably half the world is watching the Royal Wedding. There even is a post about it in the Community forum!

— That was a stupid move...now suffering from sunburn, a headache and still have lots to do in the garden...
Angel Jayhawk

June 18th — The New Challenges
Just a quick note on the scenarios that were uploaded yesterday, they include the recently reviewed Massada: The Roman View, Gerainus, Jihad and Abergeveny.
So read the Reviews and Download the scenarios. Play as if your life depends on it and tell us about it in the aforementioned Reviews forum.

In the Game Help forum Mark Qian summarises a few of the tricks of the trade for us.

— No time for games, just getting ready for another weekend of working on the house, or more precise, the garden.
Angel Jayhawk

June 17th — The Tiny Screen
Far away, and yet so close, on Pharaoh Heaven Angel Reckless Rodent tells us about a trio of Pharaoh teaser movies.
So I went, I downloaded and I watched, which, I'm told makes me one of the happy few as the movies are in QuickTime format, which seems to give a lot of people a lot of trouble. Do yourself and Reck a favour video and head over to have a look.
If it doesn't work, do say so on the video thread, thank you.

More Pharaoh news.
Tonight, there will be a Pharaoh online press and fan conference hosted by Sierra. So point your browser to the Sierra Chat Room if you want to know what it is all about.
It starts at 7PM/19:00 EST, which means midnight for us poor Europeans.
Please tell us about it on the Pharaoh forum?

Is there anything happening in Rome, you might wonder?
Well, actually, there is a few things happening...

Angel Monty's Monkey has uploaded another couple of scenarios today. They can be found on the Download pages

Cherub Dragon2 treats us to an in depth review of Bob the Lethargic's Crete scenario (click to download).

The Scenario/Map Making forum is still alive with people looking for ideas. So if you're thinking, now this would be a great idea for a scenario, but have to left hands when it comes to the Map Editor, why not post it here and see if somebody takes you up on it?

— If you ever visit Crete, don't forget to go to Knossos and Kato Zakros, and...
Angel Jayhawk

June 16th — Lights. Camels. Action!
Time for another Heavengames spectacular. Brought to you by the guys from Tzar Heaven, it's the Tzar Movie.
And there is more, it seems that the game will actually record your gameplay, so you can sit back and relax and have some popcorn while your strategies unfold.

As for the home front the Technical forum is buzzing happily along and really seems to have filled a niche in our little Caesar 3 world.

For those of you that are really bored, have a look at the Anagram thread started by Angel Reckless Rodent.
Oh well, the times when I still had summer holidays....

Apart from that the fiber optic that supplies my work browser with the net was torn out by an errant construction worker, so I'm suffering from AFWS (Acute Forum Withdrawal Symptoms). I think I now know what Incontinentia must have been going through...

— It's a small step from Caesar to Tzar, just a few centuries....
Angel Jayhawk

June 15th — Mystery Buildings Unveiled
Angel Reckless Rodent, together with the guys from Impressions, was holding a little Guess the Building competition over on Pharaoh Heaven.
Using one of the screenshots sent to him he asked the forum regulars to "Name the building." Impressions had a look at the answers and confirmed the correct ones.One of the answers told us Seth the Destroyer will be part of the Pharaoh pantheon.
Now, aren't you sad you weren't there when this happened?

RSC started an interesting little thread in the Game Help forum on the relative hardness of the three map types: desert, central and northern.

In the Community forum Grumpus the Elder suggests an interesting contest: Can you build a "real" city? Apart from that Angel Draco's Caesar IV Wish List has resurfaced again.

— This is the house that Seth build...
Angel Jayhawk

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