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June 14th — Masada Revisited
Two more scenarios have been reviewed: Masada II and Sargentum. Both are posted in the Review forum where Private Estate - Old Loyalties is still drawing comments.

The Community forum is a buzz with a Tribute organised by Octavion. If you want to find out who will be "tributed" go and have a look.

The Cleopatra program on Discovery was rather nice. It showed a computer reconstruction of what Cleopatra looked like (definitely not like Liz Taylor) and some interesting character profiles.
A lovely novelisation of this story was written by Judith Tarr, Throne of Isis. The story start shortly after Caesar's death and ends with Cleopatra's suicide.

— Walk like an Egyptian...
Angel Jayhawk

June 13th — Cleopatra on Discovery
For those of us in Europe, Discovery Channel is showing a documentary on Cleopatra tonight at 22:00 CET. Of course our friend Julius Caesar plays a role in this program as well.

The Game Help forum is still one of our busiest, again questions fly on topics such as worker shortages and trade problems.

As usual the Community forum is getting lots of visitors. The most active topics remain the stories and the birthday/party thread. So if you are momentarily tired of ruling an empire, browse over for some light hearted banter.

— Now who came out of that rolled up carpet..?
Angel Jayhawk

June 12th — Heaven News Update
A lot has been happening in Heaven lately. Here are a few of the more noticeable items.

ShirtHeaven has it's own marketplace nowadays where you can get Heaven memorabilia. We still have a few T-Shirts left. They carry Angel Hamlet's HGS log on the front and the one on the left on the back, so if you want one, you'd better hurry on over to the Marketplace.

Mongol CampaignAge of Empires Heaven is holding a Mongolian Campaign Contest. What do you need to do?
Well, in a nutshell, you have to write a camping consisting of 3 scenarios set during the time of the Mongols, from Ghengis Khan to Kublai Khan.
Even if you don't want to compete, go there and check out some of the links on the Mongols that have been put up. If you want to know more click here.

Apart from that Gamestats is running a contest based around some of the favourite Westwood games: Dune2000 and the soon to be released Tiberian Sun. Follow the link if you want to know more.

As for the forums, it seems another party has started in Creaticus Dania's Hippodrome. It was a bit slow to start, but it might get busy tonight

— In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a pleasure dome decree.
Angel Jayhawk

June 11th — Passage to Egypt
Angel Monty's Monkey has been busy for those who've had enough of the career games. He uploaded 10 (!) scenarios and 2 cities to the Download pages.
Included in these scenarios is one by Gordon Farrell with the intriguing title: Marc Anthony in Egypt.

The Game Help forum is moving into the numbers behind it all, prosperity caps, industrial efficiency, worker's percentage and the ever popular, how do I get a palace..?

That's all for today folks, with team-spirit training and a huge dinner, I'm bushed. Way past midnight...time for the hawk to catch a few winks.

— Where do the marketladies live..?
Angel Jayhawk

June 10th — Conquest of Paradise
It seems a group of people discovered the New World career Cherub Dragon2 created early this year. The Review forum is receiving it's fair share of...reviews: Here's Iceland.

The Game Help forum has some interesting thread going on about, what else could it be but, housing. These thread concern themselves with the numbers behind them. The question is: How do I get rid of 1x1 housing?

Too good to be forgotten.
What's that, you might wonder?
Well it's
Cherub Baltic's HTML primer. Triggered by a discussion on HTML links he was kind enough to bring it back to our attention.

Our bedside story time has taken off for the faraway lands of AoE again in Quest for the Bowlsem Flower, the sequel to wacky Rescue on an Angel.

— O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! He chortled in his joy
Angel Jayhawk

June 9th — Tyrant Commits Suicide While Praetorians  Watch
On this day in 68BC Nero, last of the Augustine Dynasty commits suicide while the Praetorian Guards proclaim Sulpicius Galba as Emperor.
Galba, who had promised the return of the Republic, was killed a short time later.

So much for the past, today we have a spirited discussion in the Game Help forum concerning palace building strategies. Want to know more? Just browse to the palace threads one and two.

Angel Reckless Rodent at Pharaoh Heaven has received another batch of screenshots. He put up the first four yesterday an will put up the other four up today.
Here's a preview...

— The Praetorian Guard counted nine cohorts of a thousand men each and included both infantry and cavalry...  
Angel Jayhawk

June 8th — Bath Girl Seen on Desktop...
The Lady Incontinentia, Chair RSPCE, seems to have had some time left besides taking care of Tusky and his friends.
She busied herself making a lovely set of little C3 characters to inhabit your desktop. Check out the Download pages and grab the zip-file file containing such favourites as the bath girl, the gladiator and...the dreaded market lady.


The forums seem to be very much alive, especially the Game Help and Community forums.

— Are you going to Scarborough Fair....?
Angel Jayhawk