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June 7th — New Cherub Joins the Ranks of Caesar III Heaven
Just who might that be, I can hear you wondering..?
Well, you know him. He's taken to the forums as a fish to the water. He even set a new record.

Yes, it's Caesar Ishaius. He will assist us in doing reviews for the Download section, filling in the empty spots there.

Did you ever wonder what the real Forum Romanum looks like? Well, here's you're chance. One of our Italian friend, a real Roman by the name of Roberto Riccitelli sent us the following link. Don't forget to browse the rest of the site.

— Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ear...
Angel Jayhawk

June 6th — Several "Essays" Added to the Strategy Page
A couple of tidbits by our very own Bob the Lethargic have been added to the Strategy page.
The first is a spreadsheet that can be used to calculate prosperity, the second is a Word document containing the statistics for the 40 cities on the Empire map.
Both were mentioned and discussed in various threads in the Scenario/Map Maker forum.

The Technical forum seems to be great success. Posts keep rolling in and most of our visitors apparently enjoy giving Cherub ET Flavius a helping hand.

— Now why did I put that magnet? On my motherboard...!?
Angel Jayhawk

June 5th — Tzar Finds Publisher
Tzar, the game many of us are waiting for, has found a publisher. If you want to know more, just browse over to Tzar Heaven and read the news, that's brought to you by our very own Angel Reckless Rodent, who just doesn't seem to get enough of Heaven.

It seems we have a whole new batch of people that recently started playing Caesar III, as the Game Help Forum is overflowing with questions on the Career levels.
Either that or the new layout is pointing everybody in the right direction

Not to be outdone by the June-set, RSC started a new thread  for all the July-people. This forum will be filled with celebrations from no until...well, whenever...

— Tzararaboomdia...?.
Angel Jayhawk

June 4th — Need a Challenge?
Angel Monty's Monkey has added another seven scenarios to the Download page, two of which were recently reviewed by Bob the Lethargic in the Reviewer's Corner.
It is obvious the Olympics are finished as more and more scenario reviews are rolling in.

The forum layout seems to have stabilised itself and threads are growing again.
The winning Alone Again thread has been restarted and seems to be drawing as much posts as the original. Apart from that the birthday review thread has expanded to take in anniversaries too. Looks like June is going to be one long party in the forums.

Last but not least the Abelius Caesar 3 pages have a new poll. This one concerns the fate of the modern world if those pesky Romans wouldn't have build their city next to the river Tiber.

— ...legions advance, slowly, testudo formation...charge!.
Angel Jayhawk

June 3rd — Caesar III Heaven Has Facelift
No, last nights changes weren't enough. We had to change more.
The forum now has numbered topics. For all new visitors, the
No.1 Forum is for game help, the
No.2 Forum is to get to know each other.
The rest of the numbers were more or less randomly assigned.

Our sister site Pharaoh had a small facelift as well. There's a cute little drop down combo box (can you tell I'm a software developer? ) with links to some of the other hot items on the site.
A little golden hamster whispered in my ear that we might get one too...on our main page.

The Strategy Page already received it's drop list, to quickly find the topic you are looking for.

Apart from that there are two game competitions going on. One concerns Civilization: Call to Power and is hosted by GameStats affiliate Apolyton. The other is held by GameStats themselves and concerns TriBond.
Just follow the links and see if you can be one of the lucky winners.

— ...and the forums they are-a changing.
Angel Jayhawk

June 2nd — Hurricane Hits Forum: Thousand Go Into Hiding
Some of you may have spotted the Topics thread, others may have looked in vain or some familiar forums. Thousands of mails may have already been send to the webmasters.
Here's the story of what happened.

In order to make the forum a bit more clear to newbies the Career Forum has been renamed to the Game Help forum. This is the place to ask all your questions about the normal Caesar 3 game and the careers.

The General Forum has been renamed to the Community Forum. This is where we put everything not directly connected to gameplay, such as wish lists, trivia, stories and anything that tickles your fancy (preferably it has a link to Caesar 3 somewhere...)

The Olympic Forum has been renamed the Abelius' Forum. Why do we need an Abelius forum? Well, this is the place to comment on Angel Abelius Caesar 3 pages. Of course comments on the Olympics can still be posted here as well.

It can be seen that the Olympics have finished, because it seems people have time to play and talk about scenarios again. The number of recent posts in the Scenario Review forum has increased dramatically.

Last but not least we had a few tragedies on the Community forum. After reaching an all time high of 267 posts the Alone Again thread reached critical mass and created a little black hole on the forum. Sadly it dragged the Did you smile today thread with it and both are irrevocably lost in the depths of cyberspace.
As a result of this
Angel Reckless Rodent is forced to yet another new policy.

Any thread that reaches 150 posts will be closed and a new thread should be started to continue whatever was going on in the aforementioned thread.

Sad but true, this new policy means that the current record of 267 posts will never be broken.

—Captain, the engines, they'll never stand it
Angel Jayhawk

June 1st — We Have a Winner!
Well, with another 30 posts or so added today, the Alone again thread is definitely a winner. Last time I checked there were 217 posts, beating the previous record of 215.

A strange story of captured angels and well willing rescuers has snuck into the Greek or Roma thread. It seems like every thread is turning into a story thread.

Today I visited the Scenario Review forum for the first time and was treated on a wonderful introduction to Private Estate — Old Loyalties by Bob the Lethargic. A second review for Israel was added this morning (CT)
Boys and girls, if the scenarios are half as good as the review, they deserve our undivided attention.

Other than that it seems the Caesar 3 Nobel Prize event has been postponed to next Fall, if you want more details browse to Cherub Onoculator's thread.

—Have I escaped from death by AoE yet..?
Angel Jayhawk