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July 29th — Missing Angel?
Well, this Caesar 3 news flash should have been brought to you by Angel Alexander I, but he seems to have gone missing...let's hope it's nothing more serious than a lost connection.

What's happening in the mean time?

For one, I've been busy putting in a new floor in my living room and I still need to do a lot of painting before our move, July 31st. I'll be disconnected as of tomorrow noon (CET) so it might remain very quiet here.

Peter the Great resurrected five of his favourite threads, to enliven summer boredom. Want to know what they were? Click here. He also started a thread telling us why C3 has the best forum on the NET.

Housing blocks remains the topic of choice on the Game Help forum. You can choose between multiple blocks and luxury palaces. Last but not least I seem to have sparked of a lively discussion on the Road to Rome.

Angel Jayhawk