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July 25th — Paint Everywhere
Or almost everywhere. I even managed to put some more on the ceiling and put some finish on more of the woodwork. Tomorrow will see me starting on putting in the new the floors.
Why am I telling you all this? Och, I need to feel I'm not alone in doing all this hard work, and besides, it's quiet in the forums... <G>

What is happening there?

Well, there is a small discussion going on about the C3 Model Text. The Community forum is still busy telling stories and the Game Help forum just can't get enough of Palaces, with an exciting new block design by our own Cherub Baltic, and Phantom Wolves.

Angel Jayhawk

July 24th — Blisters and Sore Fingers
At least I managed to paint most of the walls, the living room ceiling and most of the woodwork got a base coat of paint.
Yes the move is getting closer. A week from now we should be exhausted from moving stacks of books, furniture and several donkey loads of clothing.

I did receive a nice package in the mail this morning. Four booklets filled with Rome's Enemies, Gallic and British Celts, Spanish armies, Sassanids and Parthians and a bunch of Desert raiders. It also seems they have a book on Hannibal's War with Rome.
Now you may be wondering who they are.
Well, they are the Osprey Men-at-Arms series.

Angel Jayhawk

July 23rd — Angel Alone in Heaven..?
With Angel Reckless Rodent off on holiday and Angel Alexander I moving between continents, yours truly has some very big clouds to cover. Luckily it's this one first, with enough going on in the forums to tell you something new.

First of all, I don't seem to be totally alone on this cloud, as Angel Monty's Monkey just informed me we have several new scenarios and cities on the  download pages.
It seems he can see the bottom of his inbox, so if any of you out there have any scenarios or cities for upload, send them to Angel Monty's Monkey.

Tzar Heaven is open for beta signup. Just go to the main gate and ask the gatekeeper where to go.

Apart from that it seems Impressions is looking for a Games Producer. So if you think you know all about the gaming industry and can laugh in the face of certain deadlines, have a look here.

Angel Jayhawk






July 22nd — Summertime Blues
The Beating the Heat thread in the Technical forum is reminiscing about former holidays and trips they used to take before Caesar took over their lives.

There are loads of questions being answered in the Game Help forum, some almost as soon as they are posted. If you haven't finished the game yet, you might want to have a look there and see what you can learn. Some of the answers are very ingenious.

In the Community forum, Peter the Great's Story Time 3 is still alive, although we haven't heard from the man himself recently. The Summer Campaign Story is also still going strong.

Have you signed up for Age of Kings yet? If not, click here

Angel Jayhawk