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July 21st — Good Gods
The Game Help forum brings us some figures on industry. Figures...figures? Well, figures as in if my trade partner wants 25 loads of weapons, who many iron mines do I need?

Apart from this bit of numerology, the moods of the gods are still under discussion.
When do I throw a party?
How many temples do I need?
Should the be exalted always?
The discussion even give you some information getting yourself "Idolized like a god" <G>

For a bit of good news, Tzar will remain Tzar, so you'd better keep showing up there, or else...

And remember...only one more day till the Age of Kings beta signup!

Angel Jayhawk

July 20th — Beta, Beta, Beta...
It seems to be beta time again. Two days from now the Age of Kings signup starts at...Age of Kings Heaven.
In another corner of Heaven, Tzar Heaven to be precise, preparations are underway for a another beta-test spectacular. Do hop over and check out the news, and while you're there, please add your vote to the Crownguard thread.
Crownguard, I hear you wonder?
Well, Haemimont are thinking of changing the name of the game to Crownguard. Is this really a good idea...?

A questionnaire is doing the rounds in the Game Help forum, it poses a simple question...what was the toughest scenario?

The Technical forum is giving technical advice of a different kind, as the Beating the Heat thread has turned into out very own gardeners advice corner. Maybe some tips on getting more out of the Caesar 3 gardens will show up.
Anyone care for a tomato?

Angel Jayhawk

July 19th — Caesars All Over The Place
Apart from teasing people away from the forum Summer is allowing some other forumers to spend some real quality time chasing Julius' laurels. It looks like we can expect some more newly inaugurated Caesars announcing their joy in the Community forum soon.

Not one but two monuments for Angel Reckless Rodent and Cherub Onnoculator have appeared in the Community forum. One by Octavion in Naples, the other showed up shortly afterwards in Alexandria.

Last but not least...this angel assumes his fellow angel meant Monkey Island in his previous news flash? <G>

Angel Jayhawk

July 18th — Forum frolics
Phew!  Another game bites the dust, as Discworld Noir is finally finished, after 2 weeks of head-scratching, nail-biting playing.  Well recommended if you like games like Grim Fandango and Money Island.

But enough of that, here's a roundup of what's happening in C3H today:

And lots more besides.  So why not take a moment to have a peek?

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 17th — Power outage blues
Apologies for what happened yesterday.  It seems like the Gamestats servers in Toronto went down for 5 hours or so (I was wondering why I couldn't connect...I was beginning to get rather worried) due to some sort of a fire.  Anyway, we're back online now, and GS are working real hard to make sure that anything like that doesn't disrupt our service in the future.  For the official word on what happened, click here.

These are exciting times in HGS - I can't say why, but let me give you a bit of a hint.  Keep checking Age of Kings Heaven and Tzar Heaven every day to make sure you don't miss a boat that many, many people will be wanting to catch.

If AOK and Tzar don't rock your world (why not;)?), then there's a thread which was posted recently in the forum asking about the toughest scenario in C3.  If you've got thoughts on the matter (and you surely will), then let people know what you think.

I hear that some people have been having trouble getting the Mac version of C3 to work.  Well, here's the official word from Impressions on the matter from their Mac-Games.com site:

Notice: We have discovered that 2 game files, damaged during the CD replication process for Caesar III Mac, cannot be copied during the full install. In addition, these 2 files are used during Mission 8 (Lutetia) and will cause a freeze to occur even if you have performed a small or medium install. The 2 game files in question are: /wavs/14b.wav and /wavs/14w.wav. To fix the problem, please go here.

If you have further tech problems with the Mac version of C3, then remember that Cherub Et Flavius is always on hand (when he's not fishing;)) in the technical forum to lend a hand.

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 16th — New contest from GameStats
It's that time of the week again.  It's time for the one and only GameStats contest!  This time, they have one which will doubtless appeal to our US visitors.  This week you have the chance to win one of seven copies of "America's Funniest Home Videos Light's! Camera! Interaction!"   Click the pic to see what it's all about.

Back in Rome, there's another birthday for one of our forum regulars.  Why not find out who and give them your best wishes?

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 15th — Palace glyph from Hawky
Angel Jayhawk has been busy recently cooking up something that will please everyone who delights in participating in housing block discussions - he's come up with a glyph to represent a palace.  Here it is:

palace.gif (1697 bytes)

Neat, huh?  It looks like other people have been busy too - check these out!

Angel Reckless Rodent