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July 14th — Dereliction of duty?
What's up with Angel Alexander I at HGS Main news these days?   Potentially not updating today because he worked the graveyard shift last night\this morning?  Hmm...looks like all these months of him not updating here at Caesar III Heaven has made him a wee bit lazy.  Oh well, even if he can't stir himself to write something there today at least you'll see something here ;).  And all this on top of his little slip a couple of days back when he said that Ensemble Studios (developers of Age of Empires and Age of Kings) were the developers of C3 and Pharaoh (unless he knows something the rest of the world doesn't<g>).  Hey, can someone FedEx some strong Colombian coffee over to Holland - I think he's missing it ;).

There you go, Alex, told you I'd get ya!

Anyway, internal HGS matters aside, what's going on in the C3 community today.  As usual, there's a party in the Community forum, this time to celebrate the deification (you have to be careful when you type that at high speed, or it gets to mean something completely different) of one of our forumers.  We also have a couple of birthdays today - click here to check out who'll be blowing the candles out later on.

Other news today, and my other pet project in HGS (apart from Pharaoh Heaven), Tzar Heaven, continues to pull in the exclusives from the designers.  Artificial intelligence has been the in-vogue topic for the past week or so.  Why don't all of you out there who have been having problems with the market lady's seeming lack of intelligence (artificial or not) head over to the Tzar heaven forum and tell the developers what to avoid.  Or, if you want to find out about Pharaoh, then Pharaoh Heaven would be a good place to visit today - the pre-release FAQs have been updated with all the latest information.

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 13th — It's time to RANT!!
Why is it that companies think that they can rip off us UK-based gamers?  Why do they seem to think that we will gladly pay inflated prices for games?  Why do they not trust us sufficiently to give us rebates?

What's set me off on this?  Well, I headed down to my local shopping centre today (Brent Cross, in case anybody's in the area) to have a look at some of the latest games and to pick up some stuff for going on holiday.  I popped into EB, had a quick gander, and then bought Dungeon Keeper 2 (haven't played it yet, and might not for a month or so).  How much?   34.99.  I thought that wasn't too bad a deal until I took my daily look at Gone Gold and saw that you guys and gals in the US can get it for a measly $29.99 - that's 19.32.  So why the discrepancy?  Shipping large quantities of games across the Atlantic wouldn't cost that much.  Do our shops just take a larger cut of the profits or are the prices being kept artificially high by publishers?  We know that this has happened over here with some cars (Volvo, for example).  I'm not going to make any allegations because I don't want to be sued, but it's something we need to look at here in the UK.  Agree or disagree?  Mail me about it or post in the forum.

Ok, enough of my ranting.  Back to C3H.  After I plugged his thread about beating the heat yesterday, Cherub Et Flavius has resurrected his thread about how to prevent your computer melting down.  Worth a look during a heatwave, I'd say;).

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 12th — Beat that heat!
I hear that some areas of the US have been having some pretty hot days recently.  And what better way to beat a heatwave than to sit back with some cold drinks playing C3?  In the tech forum, Cherub Et Flavius has some tips for beating the heat which might be of interest.  But what happens if your computer overheats?  One for you there, EF ;).

It's not only the tech forum that's busy at the moment - Game Help is getting a fair bit of use too.  At the moment there's someone there who's stuck in Tarsus.  So if you've zoomed through there without any great problems, then why not pass on some hints and tips to those less fortunate?  Alternatively, if you're having problems on Tarsus too, take a look at the sage advice that's already been given.

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 11th — What's With Them Donkeys?
An interesting discussion is going on about donkeys in the Game Help forum. For those that are too new to know where donkeys come in to Caesar 3, they are part of the trade caravans. Another of our forumers doesn't seem to be too happy with them, as he wishes them A thousand flies.

Story Time 3 is getting along nicely and approaching it's fifties post. Apart from that High Priestess Wendoolicus is still dealing out blessing and penance for those that stray from the Caesar 3 path.

Tomorrow I'll be off to Pharaoh Heaven and Angel Reckless Rodent will again present you with his view of the world.

Short message for Angel Alexander I, the last time I checked on the scarabs they were still lowly dung-beetles. I wouldn't worry too much about them eating your flesh...

Angel Jayhawk

July 10th — Games People Play
Angel Monty's Monkey has been busy for us again. The other day he uploaded another bunch of scenarios to out download archive. We know have 142 scenarios ready for download! Which means we now have more scenarios to download than we have cities. They include Mark Qian's overkill of Prefects, Cherub Onoculator's Ulaanbaatar, Bob the Lethargic's Portgate and Pontius Pilatus' Peloponessos

As for Caesar 2, I finished my tour in Sardegna and have now moved on to the "boot" part of Italy. Trade is a bit of a bother, which means Prosperity is my biggest challenge.

Angel Alexander I, our HGS news ferret, has gone into hiding again. According to the headline he's hiding from Angel Reckless Rodent's poisonous pen...one wonders what he did to deserve that reaction? Or does one?

Angel Jayhawk

July 9th — Nostalgia Strikes Again
Okay, so Caesar I is for free, but what did I see in my computer game shop the other day? You've guessed it, Caesar II, as a Sierra Original. Packaged in the distinctive white box with the red top. Caesar II weighs in at $14.95, or 9,95, not bad for a nice game like this.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I'm enjoying the Province Map again and am preparing myself for the large scale battles.

Tech Cherub ET Flavius has returned safely from his encounters with (large) fish, glaciers and mountain lakes, so if you have any pending questions the Technical forum is open again.

Angel Jayhawk

July 8th - The Number of the Beast
Our resident number crunchers, among the Cherub Baltic, SIM and RSC, are currently busy with the intricate details of calculating productivity, entertainment and cultural evolution.
Smiley the Canadian Guy's (where are you?) Housing thread remains another popular hangout in the Game Help forum.

In the Community forum the stories have taken over from the other threads, there Story Time 3, which seems to be a hunt for...well, let's not mention that on the front page.
Then we have the Summer Campaign Story Place, where the last time I checked, the fishermen were revolting, helped by a couple of governors and a certain cherub.
The "Heathen" Celebration rescued the Lost Boys and is wondering whether it should disappear into oblivion or find new task.

Angel Jayhawk