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July 7th — Do You Know Your Classics?
Angel Reckless Rodent is looking for the eight classical tragedies. Now we've suggested that one of them should have been The Lost Marketlady, but other suggestions include Elektra, Antigone and Oedipus.
Please help?
Post your suggestions here.

The selfsame angel is still the object of veneration by many of the forum visitors. There is still talk of raising a tribute for him and cherub Onoculator. Suggestions are welcome in the Tribute thread.

Angel Jayhawk

July 6th — Huge Campaign Under Construction
Forum regulars RSC and James Blond are busy designing the biggest campaign ever. In seven sets of twelve scenarios each they want to take you from the birth of the Roman Empire to it's final hours. A project as large as this needs a bit of help, so if you feel like you want to do some testing, sign up here.

Lugdunum is still on one of the hardest campaign scenarios around. If you have any tips for those struggling to make a living in the hills of Lugdunum visit the Game Help forum and help them out with your favourite tactics.

Angel Jayhawk

July 5th — It's a Lark!
I downloaded all 801KB of it, extracted and installed it...old fashioned pixels the size of a planet. Crude non-anti-aliased lettering, blobby figurines moving across the screen. It is hilarious. I can even make money, now all I need is a better line of defense...
The Technical forum already has a 15+ post thread on Caesar I.

Phantoms are haunting the Game Help forum. Not the Phantom Menace, but phantom wolves...want know more? Just click the link.

Following in Lion Tamer's footsteps Peter the Great has started the third incarnation of Story Time. You can find it in...that's right, the Community forum.
Oh, and people, if we pass the thread horizon (150 posts) we can always start a continuation thread.

Angel Jayhawk

July 4th — Fancy getting all nostalgic?
If you love re-living the past, then you're going to love the news I've got for you today.  Ready?  Ok, here we go.

Impressions have released the game that started it all off, Caesar I, for free download from their site.  It's only 800k or thereabouts, so it's well worth taking a look to see how things have improved.  It's a pretty old program, and I've seen some people complain that it doesn't run in Win98 - remember, if you have a problem like that, then Cherub Et Flavius in the Technical forum would be happy to iron it out.

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 3rd — Books and Confessions
While the Hamster's away, the Hawk will play.

Let's see what's happening in the Forums.
Somebody... at HGS Main hinted I'm claiming to have laid low the Roman Empire in person. If I can find that thread I'll definitely mention it.

The Community forum is running two different stories and a wonderful thread on the addictiveness of Caesar 3. Here Priestess Wendoolicus finds penance for the sinners, i.e. those that stray form the C3 path and comfort for the hopeless.

The Nobel Prize forum's summer thread has turned into a bit of a booklist. So, if you're suffering from not enough to read, have a peek here to see if there are any title you haven't read before.

Well, I think Angel Alexander is still suffering from Traumatic Highschool Movie Disorder, as I could not find a thread even remotely close to what he mentions... <G>

Angel Jayhawk

July 2nd - Having problems with the Java?
The more I think about this news item, the more stupid it seems to get.  Still, see for yourself;).

If you are having problems viewing this page (then how can you see this<g>?) because of the Java bit at the end, then there is now a javaless version of this page at http://caesar3.heavengames.com/indexnojava.shtml.   This might also be better if you are on a slow connection and it takes a while for the java page to load.  You won't miss any news - both will update simultaneously when I upload (clever, eh? :) ).

That concludes today's public service announcement.

Or does it?  If you are partial to a trip over to The Dark Side (ie you play Age of Empires from time to time), then there's a brand new tournament over at Age of Empires Heaven.  It's even Rome-related - if you're interested in participating in the Fall of Rome, then click here to take a look.

Angel Reckless Rodent

July 1st - Oops!
We resume normal service this morning after Angel Abelius made a bit of a mistake yesterday by uploading their news in the wrong place, overwriting my news.  Don't worry, the appropriate punishment has been meted out - I've confiscated their C3 disc<g>.  Believe me, it will not happen again.

And now on to some other news.  If you are still one of those who hasn't bought C3 in the hope of winning it in a contest, then now's your chance - the Empire Earth Trade Center has a competition running where you can do exactly that.  Here's what Stasio (webmaster) has to say:

A news story about a week ago said there would be an upcoming contest at Empire Earth Trade Center. The time for the contest is now, win a free copy of the PC version of Caesar 3, the award winning RTS from Impressions/Sierra Studios. The contest runs from July 1st till July 4th, and you may enter the contest once a day to increase your chances of winning yourself a copy of Caesar 3. So, quit wasting time and get signed up.

Back in Heaven, there are a few things going on in the forums (as always).  I've started a thread in Community asking where the cheapest C3 can be bought.  If you know of somewhere to get C3 really cheap, then let us all know and I'll post the results here.  Also in Community, the Summer Campaign Story is going from strength to strength.  So, if you like stories, then feel free to join in.

Angel Reckless Rodent