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January 31st  -  Forum Overview

Yep, the forums, usually a source of fun and information, can at times also be a source of annoyance. Just read yesterday's posting by RR to find out how. As a result, you will see some locks on some of the very, very long threads we have such as Story Time. The lock doesn't mean you are locked out, it just means that no new replies will be accepted...for that folder.

However, as you can see  in the General Forum, you can simply open a new folder or message thread and call it XXXXXX Part II. This has been done for the Story Time thread and the new folder already has well over 30 postings. Again we stress that this has been done out of necessity. The more active forums at HGS sites, basically all of them, do seem to cause a server slowdown which also means you have to wait longer for your favourite CIII H pages to fully display and your postings to be shown.

Our veteran Tech Team is working on the problem but early indications are that relief will arrive along with a new version of the forum program used.

Well RR has passed on the news baton to me and all I can say is that I am glad to be here and able to update the news as yesterday I went into earthquake-stricken Armenia riding shotgun on a small relief truck. My shotgun was a small can of mace. We were able to distribute food and clothing to quite a few victims personally and I and my wife made it back in one piece. I have only one regret: that we were not able to do more.

Angel Alexander I

January 30th  -  Frolics in the Forum and Activity in the Archives

Those of you who are regular posters in the forum here at C3H will have noticed that there has been a spate of thread closures over the past day or so.  This is because we need to keep the threads to between 20 and 30 posts in order to ease the load on our server.  New threads will be started with a link to the old one so that the discussion can be continued.  We hope this will only be temporary, so please bear with us.

If you think that this page loads quicker, then it's because I've updated the Archives with news from the past 7 days.

Today I've received news that our sister site, Majesty Heaven, has been revived under the command of Angels Spineman and Mack.  Head over there and check out what you'll all be playing come the Autumn!

A big day in history today - in 435, Rome recognised the Vandal lands in North Africa as "federati" in an attempt to stave off an invasion (which was successful for 20 years).  In 1647, the Scots agreed to sell King Charles I of England to the English Parliament for 400.  2 years later, today in 1649, that same King was executed at Whitehall for treason.  Meanwhile, the 32nd President of the US, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was born today in 1882.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 29th  -  Is that a Pyramid or are you pleased to see me?

caesar2f.jpg (4186 bytes)

Hear ye, hear ye!  Caesar is giving out a quick update on the progress of the latest HGS member!  "Pharaoh Heaven is coming on well and looks like it will be ready sometime in February, so keep an eye out for news about that."  Otherwise, it's a pretty quiet day on the news front, so I'll just blitz you with a history bit:)...

On this day in 1820 George III, the British King during whose rule the US became independent,  died.  Seventeen years afterwards, in 1837, the Russian writer Alexander Pushkin was killed in a duel.  Well, silly people meet nasty ends...;)

Angel Reckless Rodent