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January 28th  -  Scratch on the Patch

It seems as if those who are waiting for the non-US version of the patch need not worry that they're being forgotten - Itchy, aka Jon Payne (QA at Impressions) posted the following message in the forum yesterday:

Let me assure everyone that a localized version of the enhancement is on the way, hopefully very soon. I realize that all of this waiting has made all of you understandably a bit miffed. You can rest assured that this situation will *never* be repeated (i.e the length of time it's taking to get a localized version out).

You'll be the first to know when the patch comes out:).  If you want to see the rest of the thread, then see it here.

On another topic, don't forget that we've got a chat room here, as well as a chat schedule, so that you can see which Angels and Cherubs will be online at what times to field your questions.

Another important day today - in 1457, Henry Tudor (the future Henry VII of England) was born in Pembroke Castle, Wales.  And, in 1547, his son Henry VIII died at the age of 55, to be succeeded by his 9-year old son Edward VI.   Today in 1595, Sir Francis Drake died on an unsuccessful trip to the New World.  Meanwhile, today also saw the death in 1725 of Tzar Peter the Great of Russia.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 27th  -  A New Recruit!

We have an announcement to make this morning - a new Cherub has joined the C3H team!  All welcome Cherub Onoculator to the site!:)  He will be helping out in the forum as well as doing some reviews of fan-created scenarios.  Welcome:)!

A slightly Roman feel to the history section today - the Emperor Nerva died today in 98AD after a reign of a couple of years at the age of about 67.  Meanwhile, moving forward nearly 2 thousand years, today also saw the birth in 1859 of the future Kaiser Wilhelm II in the Hohenzollern palace of Potsdam.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 26th  -  More downloads!

Angel Spineman has yet again updated the downloads section - way to go Spiney!  There is also some action in the Career Path forum to mention today, especially the topic of whether using gatehouses to control your walkers is a cheat.  Head over there now to add your 2d worth:).

Today is the anniversary of many momentous events...here are 3 of them:

In 1340, King Edward III of England formally laid claim to the throne of France, thereby starting the Hundred Years' War.  In 1920 Matthias Erzberger, the ex-German fnance minister and the man who had signed the Treaty of Versailles on behalf of Germany to end the First World War, was assassinated in the Black Forest.   Meanwhile, last year, President Clinton said something he would come to regret, namely that:  "I want to say one thing to the American people, I did not have sexual relations with that woman...Miss Lewinsky."

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 25th  -  Busy Busy Spiney!

caesar1b.jpg (4602 bytes)
caesar1m.jpg (4768 bytes)

Angel Spineman has pushed the boat out again to update the downloads section, this time with 16 new fan-created scenarios and 3 cities - head over there to check out the new stuff.  Also, there should be some exciting news from Spineman later on this week...keep tuned for that:)

Otherwise, a pretty quiet day, so let's turn to the historical events of the 25th January.  Today in 1377 saw the accession of Edward III to the English throne, and Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn today in 1533.  Moving forward a bit, Al Capone died today in 1947 at the age of 47.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 24th  -  The Rodent's Back!

Yes, people, your favourite golden hamster is once again updating the news page:) And he starts with some excellent news from Angel Spineman - he has added 17 new cities to the downloads section.  There are also some "Progressive Cities" there.  Don't understand?  Well, get over there now to find out!

I have now added a chat room schedule to the site - check it out if you want to see when Angels and Cherubs will be online to lend you a hand.  There is also a new story in the stories section - see how useful gladiators and a few lions can be, thanks to Peter the Great.

Pharaoh Heaven is gradually kicking into gear - head over there to check out something which will whet your appetite whilst the site is being prepared.

Back to real life, and the history section, which makes a welcome return today, with something of a Roman theme.  In 41AD, the mad Emperor Caligula (whose horse he made a Senator) was assassinated at the age of 28.  In 76AD, the future Emperor Hadrian (he of the wall) was born.  Moving forward a bit, today also saw the birth of the future King of Prussia, Frederick the Great, in 1712.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 23rd  -  Story Time

RR has opened up the cover of an entirely different story. Have fun reading Gordon Farrell's war story and why not add some of your own? Read the stories here in the Strategy section and send your stories to RR. He will be happy to put them and you up in lights!

Angel Alexander I

January 22nd  -  Admin

The Pharaoh Heaven Site-breaking Team is hard at work getting its material together. They should have a basic information site going live sometime next week or so. Watch this spot for more information.

You may have noticed that due to their lofty cult status, Draco and RR have received the singular distinction of their own heavengames.com e-mail addresses. And they thought they were working hard before. :-) Oh, if you are missing some news, it's just because it's been archived; see below.

As you may remember, in the New Year the hit counter flipped out and showed all zeros--we thought it was an early attack of the Y2K problem. It's been fixed and our true hits are now displayed.

Age of Empires Heaven notes that RoR has just gotten some more press coverage and Age of Kings Heaven presents an amazing Q&A session with one of ES's own! Do not miss this!

Angel Alexander I