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January 14th  -  End of an "Air-a" & Reckless Rodent's Countdown to 1000 Posts!

Since I live in Chicago, Illinois, I just can't help but mention this.  Yesterday at the United Center Arena, Michael "Air" Jordan, #23 of the Chicago Bulls, announced his retirement from professional basketball at age 36.  It was a sad, sad day in "the house that Mike built," and I'm sure I speak for millions when I say it was a joy to watch him play and that he will be dearly missed.  He is the best there ever was to play the game.

In other news, my partner in crime, Angel Reckless Rodent, is nearing the lofty goal of 1000 forum posts! At last count he was at 973.  I have had to re-register 3 times on the forum (as "Draco," "Cherub Draco," and "Angel Draco") so my total only says 208, but my grand total is probably only around 600.  Way to go Reck!   More than anyone else, Reck has always been there to answer the questions of New Governors everywhere. 

Thread of the Day: Lion Tamer's "Story Time." At 38 posts, this is the funniest thread I have ever read in my life!  Hop on over to the Forums and add your own line to this on-going saga!

In case you missed it, click here to read my interview with  Jon Payne, a.k.a. "Itchy," of Impressions Software. 

Angel "Bulls Fan" Draco

January 13th  -  Interview with "Itchy" !!

Earlier this week I conducted an interview over ICQ with "Itchy," a.k.a. Jon Payne, of Impressions Software.  Go to the Game Info section to read it right now!  Here's a sample:

<Draco> You have one of the better company-sponsored sites for your game, and a very active forum from day one (I was there religiously getting tips). However, the fans know you're listening, and you've received some pretty harsh criticism from fans regarding what they didn't like. Any thoughts on that?

<Itchy> It can be difficult at times when people have so many different ideas of what they think the game should be and sometimes seem angry at us for that. However, we all believe in this game and want to support and our customers as best as we can. The level of interaction is good though - it never hurts to have people exchanging ideas about something that they are all interested in, even if they don't necessarily agree.
Angel "Proconsul" Draco

January 12th  -  Changed again!

Well well, what do you know?  Yet another change of look for the news page.  In case you didn't notice the change for yesterday, the quicklinks have moved to the top of the page, next to our logo.  I hope you like the new look.  It'll have probably changed again tomorrow in any case, so don't get too attached to the new look.

The winds of change have also blown in the staff department, with the appointment of another Cherub.   All welcome Cherub mouse to the site!  She'll be ferreting in the forums and, with any luck, be doing some scenario reviews too.  I'm sure that she'll be a valuable addition to the team.

After a hiatus yesterday, the history feature is back today <cheers and applause>.

Today in 1945, the German army was in retreat following the Battle of the Bulge (Belgium).  Also, today saw the death in 1976 of the writer Agatha Christie, whose play "The Mousetrap" is currently the longest-running show in the West End of London.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 11th  -  Forum Action

Greetings New Governors!  Your friendly neighborhood Proconsul here.  There's some great threads in the forums right now:

Make a contribution to Kinman's World Wide Caesar thread.  He's creating so many scenarios, we'll be playing them well into the Millenium!

Add a line to Peter the Great's humorous thread: "You know you've been playing c3 too long when..."

And finally, offer your analysis on the National Football League Playoffs!

I will be creating "post-patch" FAQs soon, but will still make a copy of the "pre-patch" FAQs available for download.
Angel "Proconsul" Draco

January 10th 9.00pm GMT   -  Massive site update

Well, I've been busy for most of the afternoon trying to see how I could make the site better for you, our visitors.  As you will notice, this page has been altered to include a table of "quicklinks" which will hopefully complement our navigation bar over on the left of the screen and allow you to get where you want to go quicker.

The more observant amongst you will have noticed that there is a new link - to Cherub MartyParty's Peaceful walkthroughs!  They are very well written and are a valuable resource for anyone seeking to tackle the peaceful career path.

I've also given the Strategy Section a much-needed overhaul, as it was beginning to look a little jaded and long in the tooth.   Head over there to find out what you've been doing wrong (if you're stuck).

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 10th   -  Handing over the baton

This is probably my last news update for a week today, since (if all goes well), Angel Draco should be taking over here for next week.  Barring any problems, you should see me here again on the 18th.
barbarian.jpg (1893 bytes)

More problems of a technical nature over on the General Forum - head over there and see if you can help someone with a ninja PC get C3 to work.  Also, JB had done yet another update, the Units page being the one to receive the treatment today.

I don't know if the "on this day" feature will be continued next week, so I've got a bumper edition today just in case it won't.

In 1645, William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury, was executed as part of the English Civil War.  It's also a popular date for meetings of international bodies too - the ill fated League of Nations met for the first time in 1920, and the General Assembly of the UN met for the first time in London today in 1946.  In the UK in 1957, all the talk was of a political crisis as Anthony Eden resigned as PM in the wake of the Suez Crisis, to be replaced by Harold Macmillan.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 9th 9.00pm GMT  -  Military Walkthrough Web Pages!

Yes, everyone, the moment is finally here!!  I've just uploaded my Military Walkthrough web pages.  They are to be found by clicking here.   I hope you enjoy them, and even find them useful;).

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 9th  -  Another quiet day, or is it?

No news yet from Impressions about the patch, and whether it is any different to the BETA version.  Also no permission as yet to post the patch on this site, so you'll have to be satisfied by getting it here.

Any technically-minded chaps out there who could help out one of our visitors with a sound problem?  If so, head over to the General Forum and lend a hand:).  Alternatively, click here to go straight to the relevant post.

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More site changes today - the ever-diligent JB has updated the Gallery again and I've also added some old news items to the Archives.

I can hear you all asking "All well and good Reck, but why is today so important?".  Well, apart from the birth of Richard Nixon in 1913, today also saw, in 1522, the election of the last non-Italian Pope (until John-Paul II) when Adrian of Utrecht (tutor to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V) became Pope Adrian VI.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 8th  -  PATCH RELEASED!!

Impressions have announced on their website that they have finally released a final version of the BETA patch that they have been testing for the last month or so.  You can go and grab it from their official site.  We've mailed Impressions asking them for permission to post it on this site too - we'll keep you informed.

However, before you all go and snatch the patch, there's a catch - it only works for the US versions of the game at the moment.  I'm sure that Sierra and Impressions are working on it as hard as possible and that a non-US patch will be out soon.  Be assured that you will hear about it as soon as it happens here at C3H.

Back to the usual routine, and the "what happened today" feature:

In 1790, George Washington delivered his first State of the Union address.

Angel Reckless Rodent