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January 7th  -  Guess who!

I'm back - everything's all sorted out and you can all expect to see quite a bit more of me in the next few weeks.  Thanks to Angel Alexander I for stepping in to cover for me again.   Hopefully, I'll soon be able to announce the appearence of my military walkthrough web pages, so keep tuned for that.

And now for the new idea which I mentioned a couple of days ago.  It's a sort on "on this day in history" feature, and I'll try to find something interesting which happened on a particular day in history.

Today in 1558, the French recaptured Calais from the English, thus ending the English presence in France which had lasted for 400 years.

OK - I've still got some things to sort out, so I'd better go and do that - happy surfing:)

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 5th  -  Patch Patience again!

Well, I've been surfing the Impressions' Site for any news on the Beta Patch...but no luck. Patience is the key here as you watch your Prefect ignore a fire leveling his own office, the market matron do all but deliver the goods and balista turn tail as the enemy continues to drill holes in your defenses.

I must admit that some of those bugs are fun though. Like the one where you build a set of two walls well away from your town to 'confuse the AI cat'. One is at the bottom of the far steps leading to a plateau and the other at the top. The enemy closes on them, seems to understand it has been duped and then decides to head north to the only other open spot to your real town walls. About halfway they figure they are getting too far away from any form of built up area, decide to ignore that they were on a roundabout route to your town and turn back and head for the nearest structure. Yep, the 'chew toy' walls again. They repeat this indecisive behaviour until you dispatch a legion to put them out of their AI-loop generated misery. When you are good and ready of course. :-) Even if the dummy walls are as far away as 15 hexes from your town's furthest extension and there are no roads or houses for miles, an occasional sentry will appear on those isolated ramparts!

While you're waiting for the patch (judging from above, I think I know why it's taking so long :-)) why not contribute to our ever active forums? The matter of Caesar's age is a live wire again in the General Forum as it heads to the 100+ posts number! Learn from Angel Draco's learned discourse on how farms and markets work (I'll be darned if I know) and stare in wonder at those naughty bath maidens.

Angel Alexander I

January 4th  -  Quizzical

OK, who spotted the deliberate mistake in yesterday's news?  Of course Twelfth Night isn't today - it's tomorrow (never was any good at Maths anyway, you know).

Pretty quiet day as far as news is concerned - it's the last I'll be doing for a couple of days, as I'm getting ready to move back across the country to uni, so there's plenty of packing to be done.  Hopefully, Angel Alexander I will stand in for me:).  When I get back, I might try a little idea that I've been playing with in my head for the last few days - keep popping back regularly to see what it is;).

Have a nice time everyone, and I'll see you again at the end of the week.

Angel Reckless Rodent

January 3rd  -  Back To Normal At C3H

Now that the festive season is well and truly over, and Twelfth Night (the time when one is supposed to take all the Christmas decorations down) is tomorrow, I thought that I'd steal a march on it and remove them today.  I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year break, and that you're ready to face work\school\university or whatever again.

Just before you go back to work, though, relish the free time and post something on the forum - there are many interesting and useful topics there, as well as some rather amusing ones.

Angel Reckless Rodent

christmas.jpg (3594 bytes)
christmas.jpg (3594 bytes)

January 2nd

Loadsa' People!

Unless the hit counter we use here at C3H (see bottom of page) has had an early attack of the Millenium bug, it seems that it has reset itself because we have had our 100,000th visitor:):).

Thanks to all you visitors who have helped this site to become what it is today, and keep on coming - let's see if we can get another 100k in the next couple of months (here's hoping).

On a sadder note, Cherub Desert Rider has informed me that GODS is closing down imminently, following the departure of Seraph Gold a couple of months ago:(.  C3H and the rest of HGS will, however, carry on as normal.

Angel Reckless Rodent

christmas.jpg (3594 bytes)
christmas.jpg (3594 bytes)

January 1st

A Brand New Year!

Well, here we are.  Another year has started, and we await to see what good fortune it will bring us.  The first thing it brought us seems to be a very long news item for yesterday, so I've moved last week's news to the Archives again in the hope that the page might load a bit quicker.  Since last week's news included the Christmas Day update, and some people who got C3 for Xmas might only just have found C3H, then I'll just repeat a little of what I said then...  Veterans out there might want to hop straight to the forums to miss this bit out:)

If you are new around here, then check the whole site out for some very useful information about C3 - we've got FAQs if you've got a gameplay problem, walkthroughs if you're stuck on a particular level of the career path, and technical FAQs to help you solve any problems which you might be having in that department.  I hope you'll find what we have to offer useful and that you'll contrbute to the forum for the benefit of other players.:)

OK, Science bit over...time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Angel Reckless Rodent